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NBT Tutorial #1 - level.dat

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AkirAssasin's Avatar AkirAssasin
Level 34 : Artisan Ninja
Hello Minecrafters!

Today I am going to explain 'level.dat' and how to modify it.

Things you'll need:
 - a NBT editor (I use NBTExplorer)

What is level.dat?
'The level.dat file contains global information about the world such as the time of day, the singleplayer player, the level generator used, and the seed.' - Minecraft Wiki

How to modify level.dat?
Remember to save and quit from the world first!
1. Expand your world file using your prefered NBT editor.
2. Expand level.dat.
3. Expand Data. (This might vary between editors.)

You should see something like the thumbnail above.

I don't understand a single thing!
That's why you're here!
If it's green in colour then the input should be 0 (false) or 1 (true).

allowCommands: if true, you can use cheats.
hardcore: if true, the game ends once you die.
initialized: if set to false, Minecraft will simulate the world on next load. Try not to tamper with this.
MapFeatures: if true, Minecraft will generate structures.
raining: if true, the game will have rain.
thundering: if true, the game will have thunderstorms.
GameType: the game mode for first-time-join players.
generatorVersion: effects of changing this are unknown.
rainTime: how many ticks until the rain starts/stops.
SpawnX, SpawnY and SpawnZ: coordinates of the world spawn.
thunderTime: how many ticks until the thunderstorm starts/stops.
version: The version of the NBT file. Do not tamper with this or your game might get corrupted.
DayTime: time of day.
LastPlayed: In unix time, when the level was last loaded.
RandomSeed: the seed used to generate the terrain.
SizeOnDisk: No longer used and modified.
Time: How many ticks have passed since start of level.
generatorName: the name of the generator; "default", "flat", "largeBiomes", "amplified", or "customized".
generatorOptions: more information here.
LevelName: name of the level.

If you have any suggestions, share it to everyone!

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02/06/2019 1:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Mandalore_the_Explorer's Avatar
Is it possible to use NBT editing to spawn monoliths https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CjW4pPwtaQ in worlds generated with versions of Minecraft that no longer have custom world settings? If so what settings do I modify to affect only this change?
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