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avatar GummyBear_301
Level 9 : Apprentice Cake
Why must we live in sorrow? Why can’t we be ourselves? What drove us into this never ending pit of despair? None of these questions had answers, the human race just simply started as a form of military camp with soldiers marching around. But as Arius was wondering this her mother came and put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Why must we do this to them, mother?” she said aloud, this was the first time she had talked to her mother after the two painful weeks of her dad being forced to work as he begged for his life. “It’s not fair” she continued, “not everything is” she could see her mother crying now, “and not everything will be” this last sentence her mother said broke her heart and Arius broke into tears. “This isn’t right!” Arius complained, but her mother wouldn’t budge.

The next day was the hardest of all because no one, not even her mother, could help her now.

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