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New website for uploading/downloading Minecraft Mods - ModForest

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Hey Community,

me and other Minecraft Modders created a new website for uploading and downloading Minecraft Mods: https://www.modforest.com/minecraft-mods/.

Why this new website for Minecraft Mods?
We wanted to create a website that is more community related and that also is just focused on Minecraft Mods, nothing else i.e. CurseForge and Planet Minecraft got multiple sections of topics. Our goal is just to focus our website on MC-Mods. Another reason is we want to get of websites like 9minecraft, which are just reuploading mods from CurseForge, the problem with 9minecraft is that they are reuploading the files on their own servers, so the modder can't earn any donations, reputations or feedback. Another important aspect of our website is the focus on design and on the presentation of mods.

You can join our discord-server to write us your ideas or feedback for the website. https://discord.gg/uY6N5vU.

There are also some functions, that we are missing on other Minecraft Mod websites like Curse. For example mods that are uploaded on ModForest are having a nice looking preview on social networks like discord, twitter, telegram and so on:
New website for uploading/downloading Minecraft Mods - ModForest

Coming back to our design, we are focused on the presentation of mods. So we got a modern card style design on our homepage for uploaded mods and we got a darkmode and like a lightmode for our website, that is easy to enable:
That's our card design on our homepage in lightmode, it's also available in darkmode.

There are also a lot of things you can add to your mod-upload:

  • Title: Title of your Mod.

  • Description: Short description of your Mod, shown on the homepage.

  • Content: A detailed view with text, that you can edit and where you can add images.

  • Thumbnail: The image that represents you mod on the homepage.

  • Category: Sets the category of your mod like food, armor and more.

  • Version: Sets the version of your mod, this is the Minecraft version.

  • Download: Add your download-link here, it is connected to the given version.

  • Mod Wiki: Link to the wiki of your mod.

  • Mod Source: Link to the source code of your mod.

  • Mod Issues: Link to your issues page, where users can report issues.

  • Mod Version: The mod version, not the Minecraft version. Example: 0.4.2.

  • Tags: Keywords to find your mod. Example: minimap,map,cool,swords

  • Website: Link to your website.

  • Donation: Link for donations.

  • Views: Views of your mod.

  • Likes: Likes of your mod.

  • Downloads: Downloads of your mod.

  • Comments: Comments from users related to your mod.

We also created a short tutorial on how to upload your minecraft mods: https://www.modforest.com/how-to-upload-minecraft-mods/.
There are also tutorials for users like how to install forge mods and more: https://www.modforest.com/how-to-install-minecraft-mods/

There are also nice images and designs for the different mod categories:

Our editor also got a lot of more features to represent your mod than CurseForge or Planet Minecraft:

We would be very thankful, if you are going to check out our new mod website. :)
And if you have any ideas how to improve the website or things that you are missing on
other mod websites, just join our ModForest Discord.

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