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No Signal - The Last of Humanity

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This is a real project, please apply by sending a PM to NASH0XX, or viewing the following information:

 In the midst of a June summer night, an astronomer spotted a large object in the sky. The second he laid his eyes on it, he knew this was no star, for the light was reflecting off of it. The following morning the astronomer had shown the object to a few friends, they insisted that he were to make a report to NORAD and NASA, for the object was suspected to be of enormous size. The following morning, he reported his sighting to both federal agencies, who have not yet seen the object. The astronomer directed them where he found the object, and within the following hour he was given a phone call instructing him and his family to pack up for a car was arriving within the hour. The operator informed the family to not let anyone know this call took place, that they were leaving, or of the object the astronomer had recently discovered. Soon, two black SUV's arrived in their country driveway. A woman and a man stepped out and greeted the family asking the them to get in the vehicles and that all their questions would be answered. The family did as told, without the slightest clue of what was going on.

 The windows in the vehicles were tinted so dark you couldn't see the outside, nor the inside. The drivers and what seemed to be escorts never spoke a word no matter what went on in the vehicles. Silence and a long car ride was all that could be sustained. Eventually the cars came to a sudden halt. The family was escorted out of the vehicles and taken into a large building. Once leaving the cars the astronomer first noticed that the building was filled with people; it must've been some sort of Federal Agency or corporation he had thought to himself. They realized they were actually at NASA's headquarters. The man and woman led them to an elevator, the woman pulled out a simple key and jammed it into a hole which the family was certain, had not been there the second before. A number pad appeared and the man stepped in front of the woman entering the a code "4082", The elevator doors abruptly shut, and the elevator lurched downward with a jolt. The time in the elevator started to climb by minutes even as it kept moving downward. After about seven minutes the elevator stopped, sending a shock through its occupants. The doors slid open as two new escorts met them. The family followed the two new escorts to a large conference room, the guards took the children and the astronomer's wife leaving him in the room. The astronomer realized he was not alone. A woman at the far end of the room sitting at a small table opened her mouth to address the astronomer, "Sit down, we have a lot to talk about."

 "Excuse me, why am I here? Why have my family and I been stripped from our homes and taken here? What is the meaning of all of this.", the astronomer almost shouted, completely ignoring the command to take a seat. 

 "Sir, please sit down, so we can continue and inform you properly, do not have us make you." The woman said as two guards stepped forward to back-up her statement. "Now please listen, recently you have discovered a large object just outside our solar system, correct?"

 "Yes, ma'am, that would be correct." he said with worry.

 "Our scientists, here at NASA have been monitoring the object. We have defined it as an abnormally large asteroid capable of planetary destruction, we have classified it as Asteroid 285, or A285 for short. However, we have begun to call it Enyo, after the Greek goddess of devastation and destruction, particularly - of cities and civilizations."

 "What are you saying?" the astronomer spoke with great hesitation.

 "The world is coming to an end John, all we can do is save what we can. Your report of the sighting on the asteroid only gave us a warning that the object's trajectory has changed, right to the path of Earth. Our scans have found that the asteroid's velocity has been rising."

 "Wait, you're saying you can't stop it? That we're all going to die?"

 "Sir, the asteroid is larger than the size of Texas, moving faster than a Nascar convention, we can't even get up there in time to meet the asteroid before it passes Mars."

 "Oh my god...so we're all done for?" the astronomer simply sat there, trying to digest what he had just heard.

 "The United Nations has been planning for a situation like this for years, we have lists of those who we deem necessary for the survival of the human race. Engineers, architects, historians, poets, technicians, plumbers, doctors - all occupations we need in the future and among them are a few astronomers, we need you are your family for our future. Our organization has created three plans to save mankind. A ship known as Exodus, has been built and fitted with what is necessary to continue life. The ship is filled with over a thousand cryogenic chambers to last it's occupants a three-hundred year deep sleep to wait for Earth to become habitable again." 

 "I'm sorry, but how is a ship supposed to survive the blast in the ocean?" 

 "Exodus, is a highly advanced spaceship, sir. Anyway, once the cryogenic sleep has commenced the occupants will go through a necessary process to prevent the body from, well dying, after cryogenic sleep. The occupants will then be directed to descend into Earth's atmosphere eventually arriving here, at Last Hope."

 "Why here? I thought you said this was some sort of bunker?" 

 "It is, but it also contains everything to bring back life to Earth, plants, DNA from certain species, bacteria, seeds, and even animals in cryogenic sleep. The scientists will need to revive these species in order to bring back Earth." 

"From there, a small group of people in which we have designated will need to find, "Anthropia" an underground city built to withstand thousands of years with a reactor like Last Hope's. There, both must work together to rebuild society and bring back humanity, step by step."  The woman sat back in her chair with ease, letting it soak into the astronomer.

"I don't know what to say." 

"It's normal." the woman exclaimed. "You and your family will stay here for the next few days, prepping for departure to space."

"Why us, though? Why are we going?"

"It is thanks to you that the human race has a shot to continue, not to mention, you have skills that we need."

She sensed his uneasy feelings. "You should be happy, not everyone has this chance as you do." She looked to the floor trying to shrug off that last comment.

"Come on" she continued, "let us get you and your family ready, you aren't the only ones."

John was led by the woman and taken to his family, where they discussed what will happen within the next week, including the precautions and prepartions that must be taken underway for the family's safety.

 Throughout the next nine days, John, his family and hundreds of others were taken to the Exodus and sent into cryogenic sleep while orbiting the Earth on its outer orbit. At the same time, thousands were taken to the underground city, half were set to sleep for about two weeks and to then dwell in the city for the future, others were set in cryogenic sleep for three-hundred years until the members of the "Exodus" were awakened and had arrived to Earth.

 Before impact, "Last Hope" was finished and sealed with Earth's final thread of life entombed inside.

 The impact of the asteroid undoubtedly destroyed the Earth, taking almost all life with it. Billions of innocent lives were lost, all animal life in the wild considered extinct, and most forms of plant life killed within months of the impact do to a large cloud of dust in which shrouded the sun from the Earth for more than three years. 
 For the three-hundred year duration they all slept, the entire Earth was lifeless. The only plants that managed to survive were spores released from fungi causing moss and slime to inhabit what remained of Earth. 

  Billions of people died from the blast, most were killed instantly, others died of starvation, or a lack of oxygen do to the cloud of dust overhead. Those who were not disintegrated by the blast, however, were then affected by a biohazard weapon that was released do to the destruction of a government facility. The biohazard then mutated with the DNA of humans and changed the corpses of the dead. The bodies began to reanimate themselves, wandering Earth's surface as its only humanoid inhabitants, but nevertheless, they were not human. 

 The members of the Exodus woke up with a chilling feeling, for it had not felt like three-centuries, maybe just a simple nap. Many experienced normal symptoms such as vomiting or aching which was expected when coming out of cryogenic sleep. Upon awakening, however, they were met by several A.I. units guiding them through the process to fully overcome the after effects of cryogenic sleep. Once getting their bearings, they were all informed by the A.I. units that they will need to descend to Earth and to inform Anthropia of their arrival. Exodus's crew were given their assignments and were led away to prepare the ship for re-entry. Before their arrival at Last Hope, they were all given their instructions for re-entry and once on the ground. 

 Entering the Earth's atmosphere was even more nerve-racking than leaving, no one knew what to expect. 

 Once on the ground, the worst had come to life, the world was a barren wasteland, filled with deep crevaces, no trees, no animals, not even grass. The world had changed so much. Many of them broke down crying, murmuring their thoughts, "It's all gone...everything is gone..." They were now all survivors of the now endangered human race. Most, picked themselves up and continued on their journey to find Last Hope. The coordinates previously set had seemed as if they were wrong, the place was such a mess. However, a thermal signature giveen off by the dim reactor showed this was Last Hope, it was home.

  The inside was a ghost town, dark and void of life. Its as if Last Hope was a joke.

 However, two technicians still managed to break free of the group and rushed down a tunnel labeled: "Reactor".

 Within the following minutes, light had emerged all over the central bunker. The place was as grim as ever though, papers and various office supplies were littered all across the floor, stale air filled the room, and dust covered every inch of the complex. A woman left the group turning to face the group. Those who didn't know were eventually consulted that this woman was in charge.

"Okay, you all have your jobs, please direct yourself to your quarters and make yourself at home, this is your home now. In three hours I expect everyone to be in the mess hall, for afternoon announcements and of course, lunch. Let's get this plac in tip-top shape. A know its a shock but this is our life now, and we need to make the best of it." The woman turned away and motioned for everyone to begin their assignments.

Within the next three hours, the place had begun to be as busy as Grand Central Station, if there still was a Grand Central Station that is. Technicians worked to restore power to the entire bunker. Engineers worked to evaluate the condition of the structure and repair what they could. Architects began to make plans for walls surrounding the exposed complex and to have it accessible to the survivors. Pipeworkers and the leader of utilities struggled to allow the water from the reservoir below to connect with water pipes again, as the shock of the blast must've disrupted the flow of water throughout the bunker. Other's tried to make living quarter's their new home, for they knew their place in this large scale restoration project will come much later. However, one particular group of people could not make any progress - the communication department.

When arriving at the head of communications room, they found all the equipment intact. Once power was restored they immediately tried to contact Anthropia, but there was a problem.

 At lunch rumors had begun to spread about Anthropia's condition. The same woman, our leader, kept trying to settle them, with little luck until she could gain enough attention to straighten the facts. "Excuse me, please settle down and listen. I have spoke with the communication officers...in the attempt, of trying to contact Anthropia, we have found no progress. Unfortunately, our systems are fully functional. Recently, we initiated an analysis of our connection. The results were tested several times and at all times, they have been the same. Ever since approximately, one-hundred twenty four years ago, there has been a beacon coming from Anthropia. A distress beacon, for we now, have no signal. We are, alone.

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09/19/2014 1:07 pm
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Good :3

I'm lovin it :D
06/30/2014 9:35 pm
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Nice piece of work there. I don't read sci-fi books, but this was really interesting.
06/30/2014 4:14 pm
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06/30/2014 8:07 am
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Wow....You really could become a writer one day!
06/30/2014 1:28 pm
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Thanks :D
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