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OC skin bios

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avatar Wildcard_Gamer
Level 23 : Expert Ninja
Woo been planning to make this for a while, It's a place for me to kinda give my skins backstory, these will be in order from newest to oldest.
Aqua & Moltin

Two of my most recent skins, Moltin and Aqua, so um. Ones based on water, the other on lava. The idea is they are two elementals who fell in love and they hang out together a lot. Moltin got Aqua the two golden bracelets and aqua got her a jacket made of water, which turned into obsidian. They met during a war of elements when both of their armies had to ally to fight the wind elementals. The world they live in is one of multiple areas of the world devoted to different elementals.
Binary & Python

Ok so these two are some of my OLDEST skins, but they have a nice story behind them, the two of them are brother and sister, so they kind of share this story, and warning, although it's written terribly, it's still sad kinda. Their names are Eliza and Cobra, and as kids, they grew up in a wealthy family in the big city, they always loved playing games and coding. One day around the time Eliza was 8 and Cobra was about 15, their parents were killed by a bounty hunter, who was part of a gang called Codename. The two of them didn't have any relatives and were orphans for a few years when Cobra grew up, he ended up joining codename and was plotting to get revenge on the man who killed their parents, getting the name Python. His sister eventually joined after one of Pythons friends convinced her, and over time they learned the truth, their parents were killed by a member who started doing personal missions for side money, who eventually was outcasted for his misdeeds. Codename slowly became their family, so they never ended up leaving.

So! negative! Ok so negatives name used to be Adrian was only like 7 when one night he was walking home and was hit by a car, he lost his eyesight and one of his arms in the accident. In an attempt to regain his eyesight around 6 years later, he agreed to do experiments with electronic nerves, allowing him to see with pieces of technology using a new alloy that was made to connect to his nerves. Basically a working cyborg eye attachment, he later started having weird dreams and later found the alloy had lasting effects on his body, allowing him to travel to a negative dimension in his sleep, turning him into negative.
Sunset & Midnight

OK so sunset is a referee (if it wasn't quite obvious) for soccer/football, she's a really athletic girl. So basically, Midnight is an alien who one night found herself lost in the area around sunset's town, sunset found her and they kind of became best friends. Midnight is supposed to be very shy and nice, yet really opened up to Sunset. They kinda are just BFFs. Not too much story there.
CreditStuffles for Binary skin 2

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