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The world is going to end! From... Minecraft?[Pop-Reel!]

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Hi Person.

The world will come to a gruesome and miserable end one day from... Minecraft? Wait that can't be right?

Oh but it is! And through this Blog, I shall explain not just one way this could all 'go down' but several! So buckle your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy road!

The reason it says "reverse gif.com" in the bottom right corner is because I actually found the pic as a reversed image, reversed it back to normal, then it took a while to "un-corrupt" it and put it on Imgur.com only to have Imgur say it's still corrupt c.c so yeah

DISCLAIMER: These are all a mix from EXTREMELY far f'etched and in no way shape or form do I believe any of them will occur... except maybe a few...


The mimicking apocalypse, I've sort of covered this in my last blog, the way humans like to mimic other things but I'll go over it again for the sake of explaining this and for those who don't care to read any of my other blogs(Talking to you... whoever I'm talking to... meh). The mimicking apocalypse goes on the principle that people will copy Minecraft almost too much. It can all start in multiple ways.

The world is going to end! From... Minecraft?[Pop-Reel!] The first is that the government allows Iron Swords in public and suddenly people break into riots and fights and even old time dueling is a thing!(With swords not guns, this is not a western). Cars are flipped, kids are holding Wooden swords! The planet becomes a hostile place where only a few survive and upon our population growing extremely small, another species takes over.

The world is going to end! From... Minecraft?[Pop-Reel!] The second is that everyone starts wanting to be Steve. People get plastic surgery, everyone even babies get the option of becoming "blocky" this trend goes out of control and suddenly everyone is blocky on the planet and those who aren't are social outcasts, yet this new "blocky" way of life causes us to have many weaknesses and we are taken over by another species.

 The Lego take over! Yes, people re-do all the roads and and cars with Lego for fun until; someone sues a big company for putting it there because stepping on Legos hurts. The corporation crumbles, stock markets crash, people get violent and rioting and destruction kills off our species(wow a lot of these so far contain rioting!)


Scientific creations! Modifications of humans or even the creation of other things, this comes under mimicking too, but I thought I'd give its own section because there are SO many.
(These ones aren't all CAUSED by Minecraft itself, but have relevance to the game, so I thought I'd add them)
Yeah science!


 The first, a scientist mixes gun powder and some life making stuff and creates a couple of Creepers that procreate and reproduce like Rats but faster! Spreading across the world and destroying landscapes! And we're all basically dead... #CreeperApocalypse

 The second, a scientist is trying to find a cure for a disease, instead of curing the people it is given to, it instead has a Zombie virus that is given to 10,000 patients worldwide that spread the disease further. #ZombieApocalypse (Hollywood will totally steal this idea).

 The third, a scientist or crazy person... nothing against scientists really... just sounds cooler... mad scientist sounds more sophisticated than drunkered spreads apocalypse... although the latter makes a cooler sounding news story... hmm. Anyway, that was a bit of a mind swivel. Someone mixes bones with an atomic fluid that causes the bones to come to life, the moving body of bones is auctioned off into The museum of natural history, it spreads to other skeletons in the establishment(Night at the museum style!) and the Skeletons come to life, from Tyrannosaurus Rexes, to Diplodocuses and more, these spread spell havoc on the streets of London(or wherever this is) and it even goes to graveyards, it's a Skeleton army! #SkeletonApocalypse.

 The fourth, a standard civilian buys his with a Silver watch, the watch drops into a fish tank, the fish is electrocuted but by some miracle transmutes living cells to little pieces of Silver, the pieces of Silver start off as small organisms but quickly grow into "Silver-fish" and start populating and go to land by using the water molecules in the air, they infect whole cities and villages, adapting to every part of the globe like Cockroaches! #SilverfishApocalypse. Note, I have been told that Silverfish are actually insects so... sorry that this one is inaccurate

 The fifth, an Endermen teleports out of the screen. Impossible huh? Well virtual reality has come a long way, it all goes from an engine that actually creates temporary entities that attack you(but with pain reduced). All that has to happen is one of the entities isn't temporary and that's an Endermen, that glitches out, spawns more friends, takes apart a part of the world no one spies on, makes a giant spawning pad for the Enderdragon and life generators on pillars, then suddenly the Endradragon releases itself onto the public and completely devastates the lands! Possibly armies tying to bomb it down with nuclear bombs may cause even more harm! #EnderApocalypse.

 The sixth, in a lab filled with green goo oozing from the sides, cut wires still live, making sparks fly across the room and lights dim. The center of the room lays a creature forming from the sparks and goo, it's a big cube of slime and it grows and grows over the months, until it becomes so big that after every hop, it causes a small tremor in the ground, with ever jump forward it gets bigger and more of a problem, it starts engulfing vehicles, eating people whole and devouring planes like TicTacs, the world eventually becomes a huge cube of slime that rots over with grass and other cubic lands... and there's Minecraft(eh maybe...). #SlimeApocalypse.

 The last(that I can currently think of), a radioactive soft drink is given to a teenage boy who lives most of his life in his room with 6,000 pet spiders, he spills the soft drink all over the floor, in the attempt to grab some towels and tissues from downstairs some of the spiders sip it and start to grow faster, some are just bigger and some are poisonous, they leave the house and spread havoc on New York, this spreads and eventually takes over the world because people are extremely scared of spiders(I say people because... well... IT'S GIANT SPIDERS WHO'S NOT GONNA RUN OR TRY SET THEM ON FIRE! I found one in my shoe and now the shoes are OUT of my house!!!). #SpiderApocalypse.


Fan related thingies. Yes, the process of fans doing something, not making it as that is in the first section, but here I go. For all you fans out there, moderation please :P

Before I start, for those of you who say "I'm just a fan", your argument is just spinning on itself.

 The first, Minecraft fans start wearing the Steve heads and form a secret organization called "BlockZ". They begin committing crimes whilst as Steves and are without identity, this spreads to other countries and communities and as the government tries to fight back the economy crashes, everyone goes nuts and the world perils.

 The second... well I couldn't think of much so I entered the Chatroom and asked this question:
"If you were to destroy the world in the name of Minecraft, what would you do?"
and well... I got some very amusing reactions, some dark, some hilarious and some just logical. Here are the first 10 I gathered:

 A very logical answer *applauds* Link to Snowy's page.

 Bahhhh, because sheep are awesome. Link to Eliya's page

 "Some men, just want to watch the world burn" -Dark Night quote. Link to Gerenzoo's page

 This seems... fun? Link to Paint's page

 Probably the funniest answer ever and extremely relevant gg Ludi. Link to Ludi's page

 Super... dark answer c.c. Link to Spheal's page

 Well she just wants to join the dark side I guess. Link to Lola's page

 Evil side of XDInsanity. Link to my bestie's page

 Another very dark answer.... Link to Bland's page

 The world destroying twin of Snowy. Link to Charlotte's page

Thank you for reading and thank you to all of those who took part in answering my question.This blog took quite a while to write, your opinion in the comments will be appreciated and any typos made should be pointed out(I have went over this twice, if I missed one... I'm blind but mep).

Ooh also I made a forum post minutes before uploading this, it's asking the question I asked all those in Chat, but for those who weren't in chat at the time:


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06/20/2015 3:07 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Archer
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the forums are locked so...

id delete the world.
10/27/2014 5:43 am
Level 29 : Expert Ninja
Gobul's Avatar
Cool blog x) I enjoyed. Btw live chat decided to die for me? Idk what happened ;_;
10/27/2014 5:44 am
Level 48 : Master Blockhead
Happs's Avatar
*cough* you should totally read my competition blog *cough* Also glad you enjoyed this blog, took a long time to produce :P

RIP Binikie in chat o;
10/27/2014 5:48 am
Level 29 : Expert Ninja
Gobul's Avatar
The actual option for me to go into chat has disappeared too :O ideekkkk what happened :O
10/11/2014 12:29 pm
Level 27 : Expert Fish
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09/12/2014 3:10 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
DragonClaw12321's Avatar
Hmmm, no objection. Supposedly some really famous people are playing MC! Maybe Obama in his spare time -.- . Almost 70% Of the USA has MC on PC, IPad, or anyother platform that they can play on.
09/10/2014 8:01 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Princess
WhiteLexie's Avatar
:lol: I know another reason for apocalypse.Internet.When I got to the part of page with the fan - my fan really started to work loll
08/13/2014 7:37 pm
Level 27 : Expert Toast
ghost246s's Avatar
0-0 Time to start building my underground dirt bunker.
08/05/2014 6:48 pm
Level 33 : Artisan uwu
Ashfur4ever's Avatar
*World is destroyed*
08/05/2014 6:56 pm
Level 48 : Master Blockhead
Happs's Avatar
sucks man o.o
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