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One Command Creations

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't uploaded for a while. I was on a many trips. Today, I'd like to talk about one command creations. I think you'll find them very interesting.

First, let me explain what they are. One command creations are like mods, but in vanilla Minecraft. (Vanilla Minecraft means regular, unmodded Minecraft, for any of those who are inexperienced minecrafters.) If you didn't know, a mod, short for modification, modifies minecraft in a certain way. For example, a better tools mod would give you access to better tools that are not in a standard version of minecraft. A one command creation is just like that. These creations make incredible changes to Minecraft, just with commands! Let me tell you a little more.

There are a few advantages that one command creations have over mods. First of all, these creations are way easier to get than mods are. All you have to do is give yourself a command block, (the command to get a command block is /give <your name> command_block) copy and paste the command for the creation you want and then power it with a redstone torch or block. Voila! Mods are very hard to get, especially your first time. (If you're trying to get a mod for your first time on an Apple computer, check out one of my other blogs: How to Download Mods (For MacBook/Apple Computer Users).) Another advantage that one command creations have is that you can do this in your favorite vanilla minecraft world, and then get rid of it if you don't want it in that world anymore. You can also mix and match these creations. The only restriction I can think of is if two creations use the same item for something. For mods, you can add mods to a world, but you can't take them away (the only exceptions being mods like TMI, since they don't actually affect the world). Also, mixing and matching can be dangerous with mods, as if you go into a world with a new mod, but not the old one that was already there, you will not have a happy day (although it will warn you about what you're doing).

Now one way that mods are superior to one command creations are the items. The items in the creations are renamed, and usually enchanted to make it glow, but there are no new items. Since it is not a mod, no new items can be added. Commands can rename or enchant items, but not add items. But mods can add new items.

All in all, these creations are amazing. You should try them for yourself. You'd never believe what commands can do in Minecraft.

Here's a link to get you started: One Command Creations
Here's a link to the Hulk creation: The Hulk One Command Creation   

Thanks for reading this article! If you liked this, or if it was helpful, please diamond. Have an awesome day! :D
CreditPicture from dailymotion.com The Hulk Creation was not made by me, I am only using it as an example for one command creations

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