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One Night at Freddy's 3

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Δ If I make any kind of grammar/spelling error(s), PLEASE TELL ME! I'll be sure to fix said error(s) as soon as possible! Δ

He will come back. He always does. We have a place for him... in One Night at Freddy's 3! Yep, the third One Night at Freddy's has come! Just in case if you hadn't read the first two (which I kind of guarentee), here's a link to the first one and the second one. Anyways, since I'm too lazy to provide an actual description of some parts, here's what you need to know; I will be the main character along with Scott F. (because for the 500th time I'm terrible with OCs >.<) The only other characters are Christian and the FNaF 3 animatronics. Well I think that's just about it, hope you enjoy the story ^-^


1:39 AM January 25, 1993; two months after the closing of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

     I waited patiently outside of the boarded up, abandoned place that was once Freddy Fazbear's Pizza for Scott. I tried looking for him, but it was too foggy to see anything five feet in front of me. I sighed and continued waiting. I moved my jacket cuff back a bit to see what time it was on my watch. It was currently 1:40 AM. He was supposed to be here around midnight, but I guess something is either holding him back or he's just being a coward and not coming. When I was just about to give up, I finally caught sight of him riding his bicycle from the right. He caught sight of me as well and parked his bike against a boarded window. "Aren't you going to find a bike rack or anything like that?" I asked Scott.
"I know, but it's late at night, and I'm really tired. Besides, most people mock my bike, so I wouldn't mind if it was stolen anyways." He replied in a deep mumble.
"Okay... so are you ready to go inside?" That question made Scott's eyes wide open with surprise.
"Wait... what? I thought we were just going to have a conversation or something like that, why are we going inside?"
"Because, you and I have gotten automatonophobia ever since we were locked in, so, I thought It'd be a good idea to conquer our fears by-"
"ARE YOU CRAZY?!" Scott shouted at me.
"I'm sorry, but-"
"Ugh... you know what, you're right. I need to get over this fear as well do you, BUT I REFUSE TO DO THAT LIKE THIS!"
"Yeah, because last time we went to Chuck E. Cheese's you had lots of fun throwing up."
"HMMMMMMMMMM... FINE! But if anyone's dying first, it won't be me!"
"That's fine by me." I shrugged and we walked to the back of the pizzeria, where there was an open back door.
"I think someone's been here before-"
"Oh relax, I kicked it down earlier since there wasn't any other way in." I answered.

     When we walked into the pizzeria, we were surprised to see that everything was still where it was when the place was open; the tables had party hats lined up on them, there were posters hung across the place, even the aroma of pizza was still here. The only thing was that the place was a bit dark. I was about to pull out a flashlight I brought with me, but Scott pulled out his own. The sudden light blinded me for a bit, but I adjusted to the light. We looked around for a little until I caught notice of the main stage. When Scott's light shined on the stage, we saw that it was empty. I looked back and saw Scott holding the flashlight closer to his chest. I could tell he was scared. We continued anyways until we got to the hallway which led to the bathrooms. When I made a turn to the right, I accidentally tripped over something. Luckily I shot my arms out quick enough so I caught myself, but my hands now ached. "Are you alright?" Scott asked me.
"Yeah, I'm fine." I said as I got back onto my feet. He then shined the light on what I tripped on. It appeared to be the animatronic Foxy the Pirate Fox's hook. The fear on Scott's face grew as he stared at the hook.
"C-can we just g-go already?" Scott impatiently asked.
"No way, this is actually pretty relaxing, I have no idea why I was so terrified before!"
"What color is the sky on your planet???"
I suddenly got distracted by something behind Scott. I squinted to see what it was. "Scott watch out! Behind you!!"
He quickly turned around as Freddy ran closer to us! He immediately dropped the flashlight and ran to the end of the hall, where he curled up into a ball and began to sob. I couldn't control myself anymore, I laughed as well did Freddy. Scott looked up and realized that we were laughing at him and that Freddy wasn't really Freddy.
"Christian?!" Scott shouted. "Why would you two do this you jerks!" I was about to reply something, but my laughter prevented me from doing so...

     After about five minutes of laughter, I finally managed to cough up an apology to Scott, but Christian just made an excuse to check something in the backstage area. "Why doesn't he apologize to me anymore?" Scott asked me.
"I don't know, maybe it has something to do with what happened in 1985, remember?" I replied.
"Oh come on, that was years ago, besides, I bet Ashley and Kendall forgot about the whole thing by now."
"You never know." Suddenly I heard metal squeaking from the bathroom hall. I started to walk towards the sound, but Scott stopped me.
"It's just Christian." He told me.
"He's in the backstage, remember? Besides, Christian didn't wear anything that would cause a noise like that." This seemed to impact Scott pretty hard, as his fear face had returned. When I went closer, a horrid smell entered my nostrils. I immediately started coughing and covered my mouth and nose with my t-shirt.
"What's wrong? Wait... DID THEY POISON YOU WITH GAS?!"
"Of course not, but it does smell really bad, like a huge group of rodents bundled up here and died all at-"
"Please don't be descriptive." Scott's face began to go pale.
"I think it's best for you if we just leave, now." I suggested, but Scott refused and wanted to stay.

     I got a bit more closer towards the sounds, but the smell was growing worse. I managed to get to the bathroom hall, and peeked down the right. Nothing. It was pointless to peek down the left since there was nothing there but a wall, but I decided to check anyways, and I saw an arcade machine flashing a blue screen at a very fast rate. "Scott, come check this out." I begged him. He plugged his nostrils with his right hand and went to where I was. He looked at the arcade machine and just gave me a confused look.
"It's an arcade machine, so what?"
"I've never seen that room before. I've been to this pizzeria plenty of times and never once did I see arcades here."
"Odd. Let's not check it out."
"You're no fun." I grabbed Scott's arm and held it as tight as I could, pulling him into the unknown room with me. The smell inside of the room was still horrible, but my nose had somewhat gotten used to the smell, so I let go of my t-shirt, but Scott still blocked it with his hand.

     "What do you think this room is?" I nervously asked Scott.
"Who cares?! It reeks, maybe that's why it was 'blocked off.'" Scott said in a sarcastic tone. I was just about to reply, but a mysterious voice stopped me.
The place went quiet except for the slight static-like noise one of the arcade machines was making. "What was that? One of the animatronics?" Scott asked, looking at me with his fear face once more.
"I've never heard any animatronic say that..." After that I noticed a glow coming from behind us. I quickly turned around and saw a yellow animatronic rabbit that was covered in holes. I noticed bits of red covering the animatronic as well.
"He-elp meeee..." the animatronic said in a hoarse whisper.
"Forget this, I'm out of here!!!" Scott shouted, immediately running away.
"Wait for me!" I called out to him.

     We headed out the back door, and made sure the door was closed and locked. We ran out front for Scott to get his bike and we decided to walk up to our school together and go from there. When we were in the middle of our path, I felt like I had forgotten something. "Hey Scott?"
"Did we forget something?"
"I don't think so, I still have my flashlight, you still have your watch, etc etc."
"So... why does it feel like we did then?"
"Maybe because when you and Christian-" He stopped at the middle of his sentence. We then realized what we had forgotten...


12:43 PM November 13, 2022; thirty years after the closing of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza

     "...and then he said, 'a salt.'" Scott then laughed as loud as he could at his own jokes like usual. I just moaned in boredom, but Dylan on the other hand, was squeezing his stress ball even faster now. We were in a foodcourt waiting for someone to come (Scott didn't tell me who though, since he wants to play the 'pronoun game' with me) and we hadn't had a bite to eat yet. "Where is he?" Scott sighed.
"Who???" I questioned.
"Christian, didn't he tell you that?" Dylan joined in.
"No." Dylan then gave Scott a stare. "Anywho, you guys are aware he's taking care of something at his job, right?"
"What kind of job would he have?"
"I said last week that he took the spot for the nightwatchman at the-"
"NIGHTWATCHMAN?!?!" I could tell that what I said made him snap. "You mean to tell me, he's taking care of something, three quarters past noon, WHEN HE CAN JUST TAKE CARE OF IT DURING THE NIGHT AT HIS OWN TIME?!" He was about to say something else, but he looked around and saw that most of the people in the foodcourt were staring at him. He quickly calmed down and returned to his regular self. "Sorry." He apologized.

1:02 PM

     Sometime later, Christian finally showed up, however, unlike the three of us, he was still wearing his work clothes. He was about to sit down to my left, by Dylan shot up from his chair and walked over to Christian. He then grabbed his purple dress-shirt and told him, "Next time you call us to meet somewhere, especially in a foodcourt! Don't make us wait a hour just because-"
"Actually, we were waiting here for 47 minutes and 35 seconds. Well, Jordan and I were anyways, you came in around 6 minutes and 32 seconds later, meaning you were only waiting for 41 minutes and 3 seconds for Christian." Scott corrected him. Dylan then turned his head around and gave Scott the same stare from earlier. "What?"
"Y'know what Scott, just for once do me a favor, and just be quiet. Please. I REALLY don't want to recreate 1985." Dylan warned him. Scott neverously nodded his head. "Thank you."

     After five minutes of just sitting down, awkwardly not saying anything, Christian finally broke the silence. "So um... did you guys hear about the party Jordan's cousin is having?"
"Which one? I have two of them." I replied.
"Oh, of course I heard about it, everyone within a 10-mile area of his house is going there."
"That's impossible, not everyone within that area would've actually heard of Maverick's party. Not only that, but even of though I must say, his mansion is HUGE, I don't think everybody would be able to fit all together withouht people being left out in the cold." Scott once again corrected.
"...Anyways," Christian said, ignoring Scott's response, "the amusement park will only have around three employees still working there, and if I'm able to, I can find a way to sneak you three in for free to see the attraction I work at before it opens tomorrow."
"Sure, what kind of attarction do you work at?" Scott asked.
"I work at 'Fazbear's Fright: The Horror Attraction, it's supposed to be a haunted house sort-of-thing dedicated to the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, you remember that place, right?"
Hearing this, Scott's face began to go pale. "A bucket... I need a bucket! NOW!" Scott demanded. I knew what was about to happen. I quickly shot from my spot and lifted Scott from his chair, carrying him over to the nearest trash bin.

     When we got back, Scott was still wiping his face, making sure all of his breakfast was no longer on the outside. "Sorry about that, it's just that I never got over my phobia of animatronics, I almost did at one point, but then 1993 came up, and now I'm even more terrified of those things." Scott confessed.
"Oh yeah, I remember 1993." Christian tried to mumble. "So uh, Jordan, do you want to come?"
"Well you did take my spot, so I kind of deserve this." I have no idea how, but that for some reason made Christian laugh. "Did I say something?"
"Oh, sorry, I just uh... noticed a bit of cereal in Scott's hair."
"WHAT?!" Scott, surprised by what he heard, immediately grabbed some fresh napkins and rubbed it all over his hair, making it a huge mess. That only made Christian laugh harder.
"You are one crazy person, I'm surprised you're not a tour guide for that one attraction up in Oregon." Dylan told Christian.
"Yeah, and I can move up to Elmore with my dog Jake and I can have a good life there." Christian sarcastically replied.
Dylan was about to reply, but his phone began to ring. He answered it and chatted with someone for a minute or two, and by sounds of it, it sounded like someone he worked with was giving him good news. He excitedly put down the phone and left, saying that Cartoon Network had accepted his show idea, and he had to stay there for a while, so he wasn't able to come to the attraction. After that, Christian, Scott, and I agreed to meet at 11:30 that night and we went our seperate ways out of the foodcourt.

11:27 PM

     I was about ten minutes away from the amusement park, driving in my Lancia Delta Integrale Evo III with Scott in the passenger seat, looking up through the window at the clear and starry night. "Hey Jordan." He called.
"Have you wondered how those animatronics were alive?"
"Um... not really. Maybe you were just hallucinating back in 1987."
"Hey! I know what's real and what's not." Scott replied, offended by what I said. "I mean... if I was hallucinating, that would mean that the present the Puppet gave me wasn't real, but it is!"
"Maybe you just earned it and your mind tricked you into remembering the event like that."
"I never got a present before that. I looked into it and the puppet only gave presents to those with tickets. I didn't get a single ticket that day, in fact, the only thing I would've gotten was another free desert for life coupon or something. Wait, why are you even arguing with me about this, you went through this kind of stuff as well in 1992, right?"
"Yeah, but at least I can put that stuff in the past-"
"In the past?! Your room is STILL filled with news articles, posters, photographs, and whatever else there was relating to that pizzeria! You're more obsessed about the animatronics than I am."
After that I decided to stay quiet. It was a bit of an awkward ride, but thankfully it was only for about two minutes. I parked my car close to the entrance, and got out. I stared at the dark amusement park, and not going to lie, my stomach dropped in fear. I held it back as best as I could, but it was hard knowing that I was going to a place filled with stuff that could potentionally help me solve the mysteries, or cause me to fear the animatronics as much as Scott did...


11:35 PM

     Scott and I walked over to front gate, in which Christian was already there, holding the bars like a prisoner in a jail cell. "Sorry, you guys are five minutes late, I'm afraid your time has passed." Christian said, trying to do his best impression of Scott.
"Haha very funny." Scott mumbled.
Christian got out some keys from his back pocket and unlocked the entrance to the amusement park. We walked in and a sense of fear suddenly struck me. My stomach felt queasy as we walked furthur into the surprisingly dimly lit park. However, remembering what I learned after 1992, I managed to find a way to hide it away, however, Scott was having a more difficult time. His face returned to its pale-like state, he entire body was shaking, and sweat stains started to show on his gray dress-shirt. 

     We arrived at the back entrance of Fazbear's Fright shortly, and Scott was starting to have second thoughts about coming here. "Are- are you sure there isn't a Chuck E. Cheese nearby?"
"Dude, you got nothing to worry about," Christian said, trying to comfort Scott, "all the animatronics that you see here are all just props now, they don't even have an endo-whatever-you-call-it to function! The closest thing to that is the poles which hold up parts of two of the animatronics."
The thought of that seemed to calm down Scott a bit. Christian, who was still the holding the keys, unlocked the door and led us inside. "Welcome, to Fazbear's Fright." Christian said in the voice of John Hammond.
"Gah!" Scott said, surprised by Freddy, who was nothing more than a head and a body on a pole. Christian snickered.
"Okay then, so you guys can just explore the place a bit, I'm going to the bathroom." Christian told us.
I nodded and he left the attraction. Sort of. A short moment later Christian called for me. I looked behind me and saw Christian with his hand against the edge of the door. "Do you by any chance remember 1993?"
"Um... sort of-"
"Oh, well then let me remind you of what you did to me." Then without a moment to react, Christian slammed the door shut. I ran over there, but the lock had already made a clicking noise.
"What happened?" Scott nervously asked.
"Christian just locked the back entrance; we're trapped in here!" Hearing this, Scott immediately walked over to the door and pounded on it as hard as he could.
"What did I do to you?!" Scott shouted.
"The both of you really don't remember what happened in 1993?" Christian replied in a bit of a muffled voice, "You left me, alone and cold, inside of the pizzeria, and I was trapped there for hours, until someone managed to hear my cries. The worst part; you left me with that thing! Well... I think it's time things change for the better."
"When I get out of here, I'm going to file a MAJOR lawsuit against you!" Scott threatened.
"Good luck with that!" Christian said playfully. The last thing we heard of him was the sound of his footsteps going farther and farther away from the horror attraction...

11:52 PM

     "I can't believe him... he locked us in here for an accident that happened thirty years ago!" I complained.
"Actually, since today is still November 13, and-"
"Do you really think, that of all times, NOW is a necessary time to be smart?!" I shouted at him.
"Er... I think it depends on-"
"Sorry." He quickly replied.
"Alright, we just need to think of a way out of here, but how? Both exits are locked, there aren't any air vents we can-"
"Wait, are you telling me that you couldn't see the clear, perfect rectangle hole over there." Scott then pointed to his left, in which he was right; there was in a fact a hole with that description in the wall. "I peeked in there and saw that it was an air vent, maybe since this isn't the pizzeria from 1987, the vents will more than likely take us outside of this place."
"Maybe, but that is a risky thing we're doing, especially since we don't have a light of any kind"
"Don't worry about that, I brought my extra flashlight, like I have for the past 35 years, remember? And hey, it's better than being trapped with nothing for... however long it takes for a person to find us." Shortly after, we then agreed to go into the air vent, with me in the lead.
     When I crawled in, I was almost instantly greeted by cobwebs, and thankfully no spiders. I held Scott's flashlight in my right hand, and with it, I pressed a button on the side, which made the flashlight spew light as bright as the full moon on a clear night. I crawled a bit ahead. When I crawled deep enough, I saw that I was stuck between choosing two paths; One of which continued straight ahead, whereas the other one made a left turn. Not knowing what decision to make, I continued heading straight. "What was that hold-up about?" Scott asked.
"Nothing." I lied. Then I finally reached the end of the vent, however, when I got out, I saw that we weren't outside, we were still inside, however, in an area which surprisingly felt familiar; arcade machines filled the hall from left to right. I looked to my left and jumped in surprise, for one of the machines was still on. It was a bit hard to see what image it was displaying, since the image that was displaying was in a style I wasn't too fimiliar with, but I could tell that it was Chica. I heard Scott trying to get out of the air vent, so I quickly turned around and helped Scott out, when I looked back at the machine, however, the Chica image was gone.
"Hey Jordan, are you alright, you look like me when I'm around my brother's toys of the pizzeria." Scott questioned.
"I'm fine, just... gah nevermind, lets just get back to the... um..." I realized I had somehow managed to lose Scott's flashlight.
"Is everything alright?"
"Nothing, lets just walk our way back to the back entrance."
"But why don't we-"
"Because I want to, okay?" I said, giving Scott the same stare Dylan gave from earlier.
"Ugh... fine!" Scott agreed. We then made our way back to where we started.
 12:07 AM November 14, 2022
     We were walking to the back entrance when I stopped in front of a large, glass window.
"Hey Scott, did you notice this here before?" I asked.
"Yeah," he replied, "of course I did. I think the room that you're seeing on the other side is the main office of the attraction." 
"Y'know, just looking around at all this stuff, I realize that the people who developed this place put a lot of effort into making this feel like I was a kid again, heck they even have a working Chica." 
"Wait, what Chica?" Scott got closer to the glass to see what I was looking at. After about five seconds, he immediately backs off and runs away.
"Scott, wait! Come back! Great... hmm... well since he's off my back, I guess I can finally-" 
I looked behind me and saw Chica. She stood before me, as the aroma of burning wood filled the air, she appeared to have a burnt texture as well in which I didn't notice from the office window. My heart pounded faster, my thoughts began to swirl in confusion; fear had taken control of me. She had somehow managed to get to me at not only a quick pace, but without any noise either. She then moved her beak and spoke the words that I thought I had gotten out of my head forever, in a child-like voice she said, "Do you remember me?"...


12:08 AM

     Chica stood there, staring at me, with her empty eye sockets containing nothing more that white dots glowing deep inside, waiting for me to speak. I was barely able to choke out my own words. "How... how... are you... real?"
Chica just made a bit of a robotic snarl and walked towards me, each step louder than the last. She appeared to speed up her pace, and as she was about a foot or two away from me, she screamed a sound that no creature on Earth could have ever made.
I closed my eyes tight and covered myself with my arms, not knowing what was going to happen next. I heard nor felt anything for few seconds, so I opened up my eyes, and saw that Chica had disappeared. The smell of burnt wood had vanished as well. I looked around myself to make sure she was completely gone. She was. I let out a sigh, but quickly realized that Scott wasn't here. He ran off somewhere in the horror attraction. I peeked down the hall that was behind me, I saw Bonnie on the other side, like Freddy, he was just a head and a body, however, his head seemed to have a flickering lightbulb inside. I was about to go out and look for Scott, but the child voice of Chica echoed from the hall to the far left. "Jordan... come play with us..."
"Nope." I went back and into the office, where I then hid underneath the desk, the same desk from which I had hidden underneath before...
12:36 AM
     I was no longer hiding underneath the desk, I was messing around with a tablet and a panel I found in the office. One was a security monitor, which showed me all the areas (surprisingly including the air vents) of the attraction. I tried finding Scott, but it was no use; the guy is a master at hiding. Even though I didn't find Scott, I did manage to find a second Bonnie. However, unlike the one that I saw in the hall outside the office area, this Bonnie had a yellow-green color and was covered in holes. It also appeared to be active, but I wasn't certain...
     The panel appeared to be used as some kind of rebooting system for the place in case anything. It had four options; audio devices, camera system, ventilation, and reboot all. Nothing was in need of rebooting yet, which was good. I put the security monitor and panel down, and sighed in boredom. I turned to my right in the office chair, with my back against the office and faced an open air vent. I thought about going through there a couple times, but I'd either end up at the hall with Bonnie, or at the exit on the opposite side of the building. I almost turned back, but I smelt burning wood. I immediately froze, not daring to turn back. I heard metal footsteps wander around the office, some were near, but most were far. I heart pounded fast, sweat dripped down my face. "Oh lad! I know yer hidin' around here somewhere!" A deep, robotic pirate voice called out. It was Foxy. I then heard him knock over something. Without thinking, I slowly crawled off the chair and towards the air vent. I almost made it, but then I heard the wheels of the chair sqeak across the room. I froze once again. I slowly turned my head, and I stared at Foxy. He stared back with his burnt face giving me an angry glare. I examined him a bit and saw that he wasn't quite how I remembered; He had a bit more of a different structure, he appeared to have more holes than ever, and he was missing his hook. "Remember me, lad?" Foxy asked in the same child voice Chica had. Not willing to answer, I turned my head back and tried to crawl into the vent, but when I managed to get halfway through, his hand hold of my black pants, and he forcefully pulled me back into the office.
     I flipped myself around, and gasped for breath. "You... you were always my favorite." I pleaded, hoping Foxy would re-consider if he was going to do something horrible to me. Foxy then crouched, and leaped towards me. I was too scared to shed myself, but when Foxy was only an inch or so away, he made the same scream Chica had and the world flashed negative. Blinded for a bit, I bawled onto the floor, rubbing my eyes as fast and hard as I could, hoping for the worst to end. I opened up my eyes and saw Foxy had disappeared. "Weird..." I muttered to myself.
     I looked at the monitor and panel to see if Foxy had somehow damaged them. Thankfully, they were still in perfect condition. However, I noticed something on the panel. To the right of where the word 'ventilation' was, 'error' flashed red onscreen. I then heard an alarm. I looked up fromt he panel and saw the office flashing a red light. Not knowing what to do, I searched the office, hoping to find some kind of manual to help me figure out how to fix this. I searched through the desk, but there was nothing except for papers from 1992 and cobwebs. I began to see the world around me go black, I shot up from the desk and my eyes opened in surprise. The yellow, torn up rabbit animatronic stood there, glaring at me from the other side of the window. "It'll be all over soon, child!" The animatronic boomed. I began to feel dizzy, I fell back onto the chair and was ready to pass out, as the rabbit stood there with a smile spread across its face...

PART 5   = soon =
You're going to have 3 S's as a bit of a spoiler to what PART 5 will have when I finish it

Scott, Stick, Springtrap

= Q&A =
This is the Q&A spot for the One Night at Freddy's series. If you have any questions, be sure to ask, and I'll have it answered here!

Q: How smart is Scott in real life? And how did you come up with ONaF? (asked by Havingfun_ISKEY)
A: I know that Scott would definitely still be smarter than me in real life, however, he's not smart like in ONaF in which he graduates high school at the age of 6 'n such. I came up with ONaF because I just wanted to throw myself into the FNaF universe because I was bored, and I apparently dragged down Scott, Dylan, and Christian with me.

Q: ONaF 4? (asked by The Inquisitor)
A: I've been thinking really hard now as of whether or not I should make ONaF 4. The only reasons why I wouldn't make it though is because I guarentee that someone will try to debate with me about certain topics, such as whether FNaF 4 takes place in 1987 or 1983, when the events in-game occur, blah blah blah. Also, I don't really know how I could fit it in with the series itself. I thought about making Dylan the main character time to time, but it just doesn't appear to be possible in any way. The only reasons why I should make it is because, well, 4 FNaF games, so 4 ONaF stories. Also, I just love typing these things ^^

(I've officially made the decision to make ONaF 4! I'm keeping the answer above though because I might not publish it, but I've defenitely gotten an idea of how ONaF 4 will go, well the beginning and end anyways, the middle is the part I'm still trying to figure out, but I'm still working on the ONaF 3, so this shouldn't matter that much for now)

Q: Will Tom (an OC of mine) co-operate with Purple Guy? (asked by The Inquisitor)
A: Firstly, Tom will not appear in the ONaF series in any way, shape or form, mostly because Tom is a character that's just too dark for the story, besides, if he even met Purple Guy, he'd just kill him... again.
Secondly, what would they co-operate about?

Q: Why are you and Scott in the cover younger, when in the story you are adults? (asked by Luke Weakliest Lake)
A: I really should update the cover, shouldn't I? To be clear though, I just chose a random part of the story to draw, and that part was near the end of PART 1, in which Scott and I encounter Springtrap

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by Jordanw5432 11/08/2015 9:36:00 amNov 8th, 2015

-Added some questions to the Q&A
-Provided a small spoiler for PART 5

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Indeed I am! I’ve actually been working on some skins as of late just to get back into the practice now that I’m accepting commissions for skins and art over on Twitter
03/03/2016 9:31 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
st4325's Avatar
why can't I be in part 5?
03/02/2016 11:24 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
st4325's Avatar
can I be in part 5?
03/02/2016 11:45 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Fox
Jordanw5432's Avatar
I'm sorry, but no
02/29/2016 1:34 pm
Level 27 : Expert Blacksmith
Nebulabeee's Avatar
So what happened to this? Will it continue?
02/29/2016 2:52 pm
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Fox
Jordanw5432's Avatar
Iskey and I were working on continuing this before but... We just kind of stopped
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