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One Night at Freddy's [PART 2]

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avatar Jordanw5432
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Fox
Oh hey! Welcome back to the story! So, if you didn't read part one, I recommend doing that so you're caught up with everyone else. Click here to go to part one. Now, if you had continued reading, you either read part one and want to know how the story continues, or you're just ignorant -_-. So, where did I leave off last part... OH that's right! I was abandoned by my friends, locked in the supply closet of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and I had just fallen asleep. Yeah, I had lots of fun! Especially the part in which I was just starving away because it apparently takes two hours to cook some pizza... Now, back to the actual story.


I had just been awoken by the most loudest scream I've ever heard in my life. My heart was racing at that sudden, horrifying sound. I had noticed that the pizzeria was a lot more darker than usual, I knew I had slept through the closing of the pizzeria. "Crud." I muttered to myself, as I got up, fully awake now. "Hey! Is anybody out there?" I shouted at the door. I then realized I was being an idiot, considering I just heard someone scream for an unknown reason, but in stories, there's always a person who makes a completely stupid choice which could've been easily avoided. I then decided to kick the door a couple times, hoping it would just open. I kicked the door once, and the door swung open. I did a bit of a silent cheer, and walked out of the supply closet into the empty hall. The place was much more darker than I hoped for, however, I could still see where I was going. I ran over to the dining area and to the door leading to the horrid smelling lobby. I tried opening the door, but it was locked, obviously. I moaned in defeat, at the same time I began to realize I was hungry. I looked at the tables and at the floor (desperate times call for desperate measures, okay?!) hoping that someone had forgotten to throw away any extra food in the trash. I searched for about five minutes, and of course, there was no food leftover. I ran over to the kitchen door, but it was as well locked. I went back down the hall I was at before, and noticed a window and a doorway at the other end. "Bingo." I had ran into the room, and I straight away noticed four slices of leftover pizza on the desk at my left. I gracefully ran over to the pizza and began eating away, curing my starvation.

Once I was finished, I realized that I was locked in the pizzeria (took me long enough) and I had nothing to do until the pizzeria opened at 7, or whenever an employee showed up, which ever one comes first. I noticed a swivel chair on the other end of the office with what appeared to be a tablet on it. I sat myself down on the surprsingly comfy chair, and looked at the tablet. I turned it on and it showed the security camera footage. I was looking through the camera at the "Show Stage." On the stage was the three animatronics; Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica. I decided to go through some of the other cameras as well. Let's see, "Dining Area," "Restrooms," "West Hall," "Supply Closet," "West Hall Cor- wait... Supply Closet... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! THEY COULD'VE NOTICED ME AND LET ME OUT HOURS AGO! Ugh... no wonder a little amount of people go to Freddy's anymore. So I then decided to look at the camera labled "Pirate Cove" and I almost jumped out of my seat, as I saw the animatronic known as Foxy peeking out from the curtains. "Huh, I almost forgot about you," I mummered to myself, "I remember back then you were practically everybody's favorite, but you don't appear to be working properly anymore, I guess. Well at least you're back to this way, that last pizzeria's Foxy was absolutely horrifying." Then I switched over to the "Backstage" camera, and I noticed Freddy was sitting on the table. Well, a Freddy suit anyways, however I rememberd peeking into the room earlier and seeing an endoskeleton on the table. "Hmm... a bit odd." Thinking I saw something (probably a bug), I squinted at the screen and then I realized that the Freddy suit wasn't empty, but it wasn't filled by an endoskeleton. I saw eyeballs, popped right out of their sockets deep within the suit's own, and there was human teeth, hidden beneath the suit's. I knew where that scream from earlier came from, and why. I almost threw up my own pizza, but I managed to keep it down. I was curious though, why was that person stuffed in that suit, how, who did it, and am I next? That question sent a chill down my spine. I didn't want to look at the camera feed anymore.

I looked over at the clock hanging over my head at the back of the office. This clock, however, didn't exactly work like most; It only told the time by hours. It was currently 3AM. I was extremely bored and was ready to go back to sleep, but then I heard heavy footsteps down the West Hall. I would've checked the cameras, but I left it on the Backstage feed, and no way was I looking at that again. I peered down the darkened hall and saw no one. "I'm going paranoid." I suggested. I went back to the office, and again I heard footsteps from the West Hall. I checked once more, again nothing. I was really getting scared at this point. Whoever stuffed that guy could still be in the building, but I didn't want to think about it. I was forced to look at the camera to make sure no one was in the West Hall, so as soon as the tablet was on, I quickly tapped at the West Hall camera feed. There wasn't anyone there. West Hall Corner, no one there. Then I checked the supply closet and saw Bonnie standing there. I was probably more paranoid than I thought, there's no way Bonnie could be active, especially at night. I checked the Show Stage, and not only was Bonnie missing, but Chica as well. The worst part was that Freddy was staring directly into the camera, and his eyes were replaced with white, glowing dots. I put down the tablet and started to panic. The animatronics are alive, somehow, they killed probably a gurad earlier, and now they're coming for me. I don't know how I didn't see this earlier, but there was apparently two buttons next to the doorway to the East Hall labled LIGHT and DOOR. There was the same thing to the other doorway. I pressed the door button and a giant metal door slammed down, blocking the office from the East Hall. I did the same thing to the other side. "There, if I keep the doors shut, no one can get me." I said. I started doing a bit of a cheer before I heard someone knocking on the glass to the left. I stopped. I pressed the light button and I saw Bonnie standing at the window.
"Yeah! What are you going to do now, huh? HUH?!?! Nothing! Because I'm the king of this place! Booyah!" I did a bit of a dance, but I heard a voice coming from Bonnie. Not his regular, cartoon-like voice, but it sounded like a child. A sad one.
"S- s- save... me..."
I was back into panic mode. I stared at Bonnie, and he stared back at me. How could he have said that? Animatronics like Bonnie shouldn't have the capability of saying stuff such as that. Then I heard heavy footsteps again, this time at a much more faster pace, and then Foxy came up to the door and banged on it.
"Save... m- me..." Foxy said, in the same child voice Bonnie made.
I was just about to lose it, I was backing away from the west door, and I accidentally hit the light button to the east door (because if I didn't, it would effect the entire plot). I looked out the window and Chica and Freddy were standing on the other side.
"Sa- save me..."
I hid underneath the desk. "Go away!" I shouted at the animatronics. "Please! Just leave me alone! I did nothing to deserve this!" I started sobing. "Please... go away..." Then, the power went out...

PART 3 - http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/one-night-at-freddys-finale/

4 replies

06/16/2015 10:59 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Button Pusher
spelling mistake Whoever stuffed that guy could still be building. we in minecraft or somethin?
06/16/2015 11:04 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Fox
Thanks for pointing that out. I usually make mistakes in my blogs, but I've made a lot less overtime
06/15/2015 8:26 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Mage
06/15/2015 9:17 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Fox

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