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OreSpawn Mod Helpful Glitch

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DJZAwesomeness's Avatar DJZAwesomeness
Level 24 : Expert Architect
This is a tutorial on how to get this helpful glitch in the OreSpawn mod.

Tired of having all of those girlfriends bunched into one and when u tame one, they fight? Or, do u just want one girl in your world and not have a bunch roaming around for your girlfriend to attack? Well, I found an awesome glitch that will help u out. And it's easy to do!
All you need to do is create a world (if u haven't already). Let it load up and find the girls. Once u have done that, save and quit and close Minecraft. Now, go into your mods folder in your .minecraft and drag the OreSpawn mod out onto your desktop. Load up Minecraft and your world. Notice that the girls and others are gone. Save and quit and exit again. Drag the mod back into your mods folder. Reload your world. They are still gone but the creatures are there or starting to show up. Go into creative mode, press 'E', go into search, type in 'girl', grab the girlfriend spawn egg and spawn yourself a girlfriend. U still need to tame her though. Now, go back into survival mode (or whatever mode u had it in) and you only have one girlfriend in your world. Note: When you removed the mod and loaded up your world, if you got something that asked if you want to continue, press yes. It's just saying the mod is gone. "DUH Minecraft. We did it on purpose."
Pretty epic, right? If you like this little tutorial, then please diamond. And if you already knew about this glitch, don't type a mean or sarcastic comment. And this is a link to the mod that I was talking about. I didn't make this mod. It's somebody else's. (Obviously) So diamond his mod if you haven't already.
CreditTheyCallMeDanger for this awesome mod!

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11/15/2013 12:10 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Miner
Sweddy409's Avatar
It's not a glitch, when you take the mod out of the folder everything from that mod will be gone, IN EVERY LOADED CHUNK, that means that if you go to a new chuck there will be ''girlfriends'' there.
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