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Overcast Network - Server Review

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cels46 avatar cels46
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
server IP: us.oc.tc

Overcast Network is a very fun PvP servers with tons of different gamemodes to choose from! Gamemodes from Project Ares, Ghost Squadron and Blitz! These are all creative gamemodes that were not created by popular demand. Let me explain some of these gamemodes.

Project Ares

Project Ares is one gamemode that has 4 different gamemodes included in it! Things such as Capture the Wool, Destroy the Monument, Destroy the Core and TeamDeathMatch! Project Ares is for people who want to compete in intense games to win.

Ghost Squadron

Ghost Squadron (as featured in SethBling's Video) is a gamemode filled with tons of classes to choose from! You're invisible to the naked eye, unless you start hitting people with your weapon!


Blitz is a one life (or YOLO) gamemode where you have to kill as many people as you can without dying! You only get one life, so you better use it wisely!

Want more information on the server? Go to oc.tc in your URL bar for more.

My personal opinion

I personally think oc.tc is a great server to be around! Alot of people go on it as I'm posting this. It enhances your PvP with very fun gamemodes to choose from! They also have stats in the game. Just type in the URL bar oc.tc/{IGN} to find out your stats in Overcast. My IGN for minecraft is cels43, so I would type in oc.tc/cels43. There are so many fun gamemodes, there is even a fourth one coming out in the future! Stay tuned to that!

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