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Overgrown Betrayal | Minecraft Render

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Level 24 : Expert Artist
Context Story:
Fallen in a small chasm, centuries dead, a lone knight sits.
His body overgrown, and his armor long having started to decay along with him.
A sword driven through his back by one only he bore thought.
Just before his death he wondered what his life would amount to; if it had meant anything.
Experiencing the gentle yet terrifying feeling of the warmth that made him who he was being slowly extinguished.
All while his pulse weakens it's grasp on his life.
Falling to his knees, he takes one desperate breath after the next, holding onto some hope that perhaps he could protect her one moment longer.
"Did I do alright kiddo?" The knight mutters.
A teen girl releases her grasp on the sword in her guardians chest.
Whimpering, "You were far from the perfect soldier".
The knight starts to sag his head, then jerking it up, fighting, no, craving to hear every word she dared to share.
Until finally.
"But you were an good man".
Now, limp on the ground, similar to his thoughts, the world around him became at peace with subtle silence.
There was nothing more he could do for her anyways.
His time was up, but hers was just beginning.

Render Issues:
I feel like it's a little too dark

Other Stuff:
I made this image based off some art I stumbled across.
Was fun to make, and I finally got to use a ton of volumetrics again! ^-^
Let me know what you think.
CreditRender: AutoGear

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by AutoGear 09/10/2022 11:38:22 pmSep 10th, 2022

Story Updates :)

I added and changed a little bit, I think its way better now.

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