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Tired | The Render I May Never Complete.

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AutoGear avatar AutoGear
Level 24 : Expert Artist
Context Story:
I don't know if you do, but I remember the times when there was no recipe book, when it was an achievement to find diamonds, when it was an achievement to just simply survive to the next day.
Having come and gone, the updates that many seem to enjoy, I constantly tarnish in both speech and mind.
Features come and go, same with knowledge and acknowledgement.
To me, Minecraft is, and always will be Minecraft; though the difference being that with every coming update, it becomes less and less recognizable.

This Image is made to symbolize my many projects and achievements within the game, and how tired I've become over my years of play.
Tired of Microsoft desecrating this world I loved, and breaking apart the dream like realities of my past.
To me, this image is like an hourglass.
I add one thing to this render every time I think of leaving it behind, and I hope that one day, when it's finished, I'll finally be able to sit back and rest; acknowledging through tears of happiness and grief that the community I once knew and loved is nothing like it once was.
To be able to look back at the works that I've completed with amazed yet sagged eyes.
To be able to appreciate that this community no longer needs us, and will continue on all until their hourglass same as mine, finally runs dry.

Render Issues:
I'll leave that for you to decide.

Other Info:
Flooded with tiny detail even I as it's artist can't fully explain.
I'm getting tired; Having this hourglass of a render in the works for almost a full year, let's see how long both it and I last here...
Shall we?
CreditRender: AutoGear | Memories: Minecraft

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Update #1 : by AutoGear 10/24/2022 2:35:50 amOct 24th, 2022

Added a video of me reading it so you guys can just listen instead.

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