Overview of Minecraft Shopkeepers - What They Are and How to Set One Up!

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What is a Shopkeeper Plugin?
Some servers, including the PMC SMP Server, have a Shopkeeper Plugin that allows players to set up a shop and sell or trade goods! You'll find several sites and tutorials on this, however, they can be long and cumbersome so we've condensed all of the information into this simple tutorial. If you're a server owner and you'd like to install the Shopkeeper Plugin, please refer to the official plugin site.

There are 4 types of shops you can have! These include a Selling Shop, Buying Shop, a Trading Shop, and a Book Shop. Your shop set up will be different depending on which type of shop you want!

A Selling Shop sells items to players
A Buying Shop buys items from players
A Trading Shop trades items with players
A Book Shop sells book copies

Before we start, here are some important notes:
  • Selling shops will only allow you to sell your items for emeralds. If you want to "sell" your items for diamonds, gold, or anything other than emeralds, you'll have to set up a trading shop.
  • Book shops allow you to sell copies of written books only. You cannot sell enchanted books. You'll have to set up a trading shop if you want to sell enchanted books.
  • Shopkeeper mobs are based on server preferences. The PMC SMP Server uses villagers, however, some servers might use a different mob.

What you need:
A chest (or two, depending on the number of different items)
Spawn Egg (we will tell you how to get one below)
Items you want to buy, sell, or trade
If you're setting up a book shop, you'll want your books as well as an abundance of book and quills.

Let's Get Started
Gather your items and make sure you have a chest or two. Travel to the place you want to set up shop. Place your chest down.

Type /shopkeeper give. You'll receive a spawn egg!

Choose your Shop Type!
That brown egg is your villager waiting to hatch!

This part is very important - after you've decided on what shop type you'd like, you need to make sure you have the correct shop type selected. To change your shop type, put your spawn egg in your right hand, and look in the air and right-click. By right-clicking, you'll see your shop options change in chat. Watch below:

Setting up your shop will be slightly different, depending on what shop you want. Follow the steps under your chosen shop type:

Selling Shop

Buying Shop

Trading Shop

Book Shop


If you need further clarification on how to set up a Player Shop, please refer to this video by CreepercraftMC.

Q: "Why can I only set my shop with emerald"
A: Because Emeralds have no other purpose in the game. They are the only official "currency" in Minecraft.

Questions? Comments? Let us know below.

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like it! I didn’t try it
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Bahamut cat
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pretty cool!
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how do you get that video? How do you upload it on a submission?
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I use a software to record my screen, it's called Kazam. And then upload it to imgur and copy video location link. Then click the picture icon in the text editor and paste the link in the first field :)
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