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Pixelmon for Noobs (outdated)

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Level 38 : Artisan Pokemon
Tips to help you in pixelmon (if you didnt know)

  • The best starter type overall is Charmader with the best hp attack and speed
  • Best water starter: Totodile
  • Best grass starter: Chikorita
  • They all  start out with a spimple attack ant a status effect move

Leveling Up
  • The leveling up of pixelmon happens when you defeat another pixelmon and gain enough experience to level up to the next level.
  • As you level up you will learn new moves.
  • If a pixelmon gets to a certain level, it will evolve into a larger, stronger pixelmon.
  • If you don't level up the pixelmon it will learn moves faster. (ex blastois hydropump: 60 squirtle hydropump: 40)
  • If you throw out a pixelmon and kill the pixelmon with a different pixelmon the original pixelmon will still get xp.
  • A great way to help your pokemon train when they are anywere from level 5-25 are training on magicarps which dont learn tackle till level 15

Legendary, Shiny & Bosses
  • Legendaries, shinnies and bosses are rare and spawn less frequently than normal pokemon.
  • Shinnies are the same as a regular pixelmon but a different color.
  • Bosses come in 4 colors; red, greenyellow and Blue.
  • Green bosses are 5 levels higher than your highest level pokemon and drop 1-3 items.
  • Blue are 10 levels higher than your highest level pokemon and drop 2-4 items.
  • Red are 20 levels higher than your highest level pokemon and drop 3-5 items.
  • Yellow are 40 levels higher than your highest level pokemon and drop 5-7 items.
  • The higher the boss the better the drops.
  • Legendaries are very rare so if you find one, CATCH IT!
  • There are curently 8 legendaries.
  • Articuno spawns in ice mountains at a Frozen Shrine.
  • Zapdos spawns in forest hills at a Static Shrine.
  • Moltres spawns in extreme hills at a Fiery Shrine
  • Mew spawns in jungle trees during the daytime.
  • Mewtwo is created in the cloning machine now.
  • Kyogre spawns in the deap ocean at night.
  • Groudon spawns in the deasert hill during the day
  • Reyquaza spawns in the sunflower plains at dusk.
  • Legendaries have a more than 1 in 1000 chance of spawning so keep a master ball at all times if you can.
  • If a legendary spawns, from 2.5.7 and up, it will tell you what biome.

Keep playing and craft all the recipes at: http://pixelmon.wikia.com/wiki/Recipes

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Don't give hate in the comments because most of the info is basic. and may be outdated

1 Update Logs

First update : by cooldood10 07/08/2014 7:39:29 amJul 8th, 2014

Huge update from 2.5.7-3.1.2


  • Bosses: colors drops and levels
  • Legendaries and where they spawn
  • Picture for the cover
  • little grammarical tweeks
  • and more

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07/25/2014 5:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
thestumpymonkey avatar
I've played this mod since 2.0 kinda time so I'm not a noob but I just looked at it for the best starter type and found some of the other info quite useful even though I knew most of it anyway. Great guide and you've earnt yourself a sub and a diamond!!!
07/26/2014 7:24 am
Level 38 : Artisan Pokemon
cooldood10 avatar
thx a lot
01/19/2014 12:55 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Pokemon
cooldood10 avatar
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