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Planet Zaria - A DiamondBlog Server Review


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Hello girls and boys, welcome to DiamondBlog. This is the segment that hasn't been done for quite some time now (4 months ago). So I thought that I would bring it back.

Planet Zaria is a server I have been playing on for a while now. They recently updated to Bukkit and are still gathering plugins. This server is very much a work in progress. The funny thing about this server is how I found it. I have this online paper (DiamondBlog Max) and I was looking through it (I don't actually make the paper. Paper.li does), and I found this headline about Planet Zaria. I checked it out and now this, along with AR87, is one of my main servers.

Enough about me let's get with the actual review.

Pros and Cons

1. Recently Switched to Bukkit
2. Great Staff
3. Minimal lag
4. Knowledgeable Owner
5. Great Builders

1. Tons of World Holes
2. Some Server Lag
3. Some Staff Refuses to Play Legit
4. Some Major Plugins Are Needed
5. Not 24/7

Overall Rating:
This is the part of the server reviews where I give it a rating out of 10 for plugins, staff, and builds.

Plugins: 2/10
All though this server is great, like I said, they just recently got Bukkit. So all they have for now is World Edit.

Staff: 10/10
The Planet Zaria staff is great! I never have any problems with them and they are great crowd. They are always nice to you and, if they like you, give you free stuff!

Builds: 8.5/10
They have great builders and I love what they do. Currently a group of people, including me, are working on a city. It's really great.

Final Rating: 7/10
This server gets an overall rating of 7. This is the actual rating I get when I calculate it. Great job chopsockmonkey.

Some General Facts:
Server IP:
Server Owner: chopsockmonkey
Member of the Year: Diamonddozen (Just Kidding).

Thank you for reading. Once again I am Diamonddozen and you can check me out at my social pages: DiamondBlog (Twitter), DiamondBlog (Facebook), and TheDace0123 (Youtube). If you would like your server reviews just drop the ip in the comments. If you liked this blog to any capacity a like would be greatly appreciated.

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