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Poem - Unseen

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Angelgames731 avatar Angelgames731
Level 26 : Expert Cake
While I cry,
You stay,
Until I cry harder as I die.
You strut around, like its a Summer day.

I knew inside this wouldn't last forever,
You acted strange, a different way.
Because nothing lasts forever.
Because I know that terrible day.

And the next day, it was that day.
I sat on a bench sighing.
I stared at you play.
And I slowly started crying.

Because only a true friend would come help me up in my darkest days,
The days that tore me apart.
When I cried in dismay.
But I'm just a poison dart.

Crying in a place.
Very unseen.
I know one day I'll get to a trace.
But for now I'll just cry unseen.

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