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EXCLUSIVE STORY - Queen Bee and the Ravaged One

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CassandraStudios avatar CassandraStudios
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Another short story. Part of Legacy of Prometheus Universe and the Bees Knee Spring Community Event.
Bees knees were actually a phrase, but why not make it literal.
It tells about the Queen Bee in the aftermath of the burning of Opium Forest and Aisleen's counterpart, the Ravaged One.

Yeah, what was spring in the Opium Forest then? It was, well, at least until it...
Forvisat transformed the forest into a blasphemous landscape. Vast swathes of trees were converted into opium farms.
The scent of opium influenced everything around. Even one certain bee species was by none an exception.
Driven by the hallucination-inducing effect, the bees turned on each other one by one. Those which developed a resistance to these effects had to face catastrophic prospects to their survival.
The opium also enabled the Queen Bee to look deeper into the reality itself. And one deep-down prophecy was vowed, that one shall cleanse the forest of opium, one way or another.
And such person was Cassandra. Being on a mission to restore the fractured Artificial Sun, they put down the remnants of opium-ridden inhabitants and razed their settlement to the ground. Without enough lifeform, the haze would eventually dissipate. And Opium Forest was once safe again... without the former.
Grateful by the way Cassandra lifted the haze, the Queen Bee agreed to send him some of her finest honey with healing properties. The one accompanying him, Parla Jade also got the aid of several of her bees in battle.
A new beginning comes to the once-loomy corners of Opium Forest.
Meanwhile, Aisleen was disappointed by how her husband got himself into the Draconians' trap.
Even when, they executed him without even letting her see him for the last time.
Pissed by the, an undying hatred is lighting inside her. The once wise, patient Aisleen is no longer more.
And the tree underwent an transformation...
Once a symbol of eternal life and harmony, the tree accumulates negative energy time after time. Its leaves bear scorching marks, and branches withering anything in its promixity.
The bees inside were also burned alive. Only the queen survive, but it no longer upholds its duty.
Being named the Ravaged One, there was only a purpose. Revenge on those who caused the imbalance in the first place.

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