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Realistic Texture packs? Seriously.

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MozCat's Avatar MozCat
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
I am a veteran at pmc, I have been here along time. Being here that long, I have taken time to notice a few things that are just annoying. There are many things that annoy me on pmc, but this gets no.1. Realistic Texture Packs. People try to make minecraft look more lifelike, by making these 256x256 texture packs. Thats 16 dots for one pixel! Although the packs look beautiful, we have to understand that this is minecraft. No amount of texturing will ever make this game more realistic. We live in a world of squares, with magical redstone and potions. We can break trees with our bare hands. If you want to make a good-looking texture pack, then call it good-looking or amazing textures. Unless you want to annoy me. Which I understand that after this post, even more "realistic texture packs" will spring out. However I hope that I have opened the eyes of some minecrafters.

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10/22/2012 3:48 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Farmer
vonzwietracht's Avatar
What about packs that try to aim for literally more realism? For example, my own pack is 16x (MC kinda looks ridiculous above 32x IMO), but consitering materials sciences and a few other things, I replaced diamond and stone "swords" with a macuhuitl and spear respectively and re made iron ore to look more like hematite nodules rather than rusty bog iron (which doesn't occur in deep subterrainian deposits like in MC).

Dunno...things like that tended to bother me. I dunno really know what I'm getting at, because I totally agree with you...even packs like Misa's and LB PhotoRealism ignore simple things like what ores really look like...or how materials handle under stress...
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