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Reducing Unnecessary Lag In Minecraft 1.10 Update

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jcjc23's Avatar jcjc23
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
Hello there if you clicked on this blog you probably encounter frequent lag while playing Minecraft, I too used to get lag that is why I created this tutorial.

1: Reduce the video settings in your Minecraft client

I suggest reducing your video settings while in minecraft to somewhere within these settings:
Graphics: Fast
Smooth Lighting: Off
3D Anaglyph: Off
Gui Scale: Auto
Clouds: Off
Fullscreen: Off
Mipmap level: 4
Render Distance: 2-4 Chunks
Max Framerate: Unlimited
View Bobbing: Off
Brightness: Any
Use Vsync: Off

2: Allocating more ram to your Minecraft - ONLY WORKS WITH 64 BIT

>First open the Minecraft launcher
>Go to edit profile
>Go to JVM Arguments
>Change the amount of ram you want allocated
Examples: -Xmx1G, -Xmx2G, -Xmx4G

My other blog explains this in more detail: http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/how-to-allocate-ram-to-minecraft/

3: Cleaning your computer

Cleaning your computer of junkfiles and programs is simple and easy to do, and it can go a long way. There are many programs that can remove junk files, but most of them cant get rid of all of them. The one I use to clean mines is called "Wisecare 365". It cleans out most of the old files and logs that are making the performance of your computer bad. You may not notice the difference at first, but it just a little clean up can help a lot.

Link: http://www.wisecleaner.com/wisecare365.html

4: Removing Malware/Viruses

Viruses and malware get into your computer without you even knowing it, when they get in they also lower your performance and stability. This is a good reason to always use a program to get rid of the malware and viruses on you computer. I like to use a program called "Malware byte" which is anti-malware program that is very useful for getting rid of any malware or viruses.

Link: http://www.malwarebytes.org

5: Using Optifine

Optifine is a popular mod that can help your Minecraft framerate. After you install optifine to your minecraft you should go to the video settings. It has many options that will help you make your game run faster. I use it occasionally.

Link: http://optifine.net/downloads

6: Razer Game Booster

We all know Razer for making computers, mouse, and headsets, but they also make the Razer Game Booster. This is essentially what the name says. It helps with performance when you are playing a game by closing any unneeded processes that are using too much CPU. It also has some tools that let you clean or tune up your computer, it is very reliable and I use it everyday. When I use it I see a noticable increase in the framerate.

Link: http://www.razerzone.com/ca-en/gamebooster

7: Updating

This one helps a lot and not many people know to do this. If you do update your drivers don't do it manually, I use a trustworthy program. The name of that program is "Driver Max". It basically checks all of your drivers and tells you which need updating, after that you can download and install the drivers. ALWAYS BACKUP DRIVERS BEFORE UPDATING.

Link: [url=www.drivermax.com/download.htm ]www.drivermax.com/download.htm [/url]

8: Making sure you have the newest version of Java

This one is simple, everytime you turn on your computer Java will ask to update. Normally I would close it until I found out when you update your framerate increases.

Thanks for reading hoped it helped you :)


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12/16/2014 8:23 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
FrankieHolden09's Avatar
I did most of your options and still get some lag...   But that is ok because i am going to build a gaming desktop (:
08/24/2014 2:46 am
Level 36 : Artisan Procrastinator
p05's Avatar
see i looked at the picture and figured you where talking about internet lag [ping] and i was gona come in here and say
*get better internet is the easy way*

but no. its about fps lag.... o well

~~- get better pc -~~

/(o_o)/ [Had to] \(o_o)\
08/24/2014 10:11 am
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
jcjc23's Avatar
Yeah I know I just couldn't find a good pic.
Many people cant afford better computers.
08/24/2014 1:40 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Procrastinator
p05's Avatar
you could of just showed txt of [FPS - 10] and that would of worked... ping vs fps is entirely different and may give people the wrong idea if they know the diff between the two.
08/23/2014 9:52 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Afsjdiif's Avatar
Much wow! This will help me in making videos. :)
08/23/2014 8:50 pm
Level 26 : Expert Hunter
BaconEater512's Avatar
How is there 100 views when there are 7 people in the world? Also like the blog it helped.
Endermonarch Durbius
08/23/2014 3:31 pm
Level 22 : Expert Nerd
Endermonarch Durbius's Avatar
Very helpful! I'm gonna use this, definitely! Bookmarked, and diamond to you! Subscribing...
Endermonarch Durbius
08/23/2014 3:32 pm
Level 22 : Expert Nerd
Endermonarch Durbius's Avatar
And, the links aren't working.
08/23/2014 3:32 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Architect
jcjc23's Avatar
Oh just try later I still have to update, but thanks!
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