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Roleplay, annoying or fun? *Pop Reel O_O*

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MetalystyXx's Avatar MetalystyXx
Level 37 : Artisan Zombie
Not all can say roleplays are awesome, OMG I love roleplay :/ Most people think its annoying, ignore and don't care about it, or love it...and here are some reasonings why people will say/think that about roleplay :33

Me and my BFF's all love roleplay, although I used to always hate it...I hate hosting it, mostly cause you have to keep advertising in chat, then you have make all the roles which I find annoying...another thing I hate about hosting, is the fact that the server I roleplay on I have a rank, so everyone asks me to do stuff rather than one of my co-owners...like my chat will be terribly spammed with people requesting the roles they want in msg, people asking for things against the rules, accepting TPA's (lol I don't use warps) and advertising...I find it really hard, other than that, when roleplay starts I let all that go and it's just really fun :3 So, here are some reasons why OTHER people do/not like it 

Why people don't like it:
1) The advertising, in chat...some people keep it to a limit, while others arem just crazy spamming "Come to my Rp! Awesome Rp! Hurry! Roles are running out!" and its just a running description on the rp...some may find this very annoying while others just think they're trying to advertise like anyone else would...

2) The drama and the constant fake names popping up in chat, some people just absolutely hate it because people act like it's realer than it actually is, while they are just having fun...

3) Roleplay seems for guys, stupid...not being sexist or anything, but most men just simply don't like roleplay because they think it's stupid, while most women like it

4) The people in it can be really weird, I've had experiences with roleplay that were really weird and you can't simply forget them o-o

Why people do like it:

1) It can be fun to just play around as a random character with life, even if it is through a game, it is still fun to play around with...you can do whatever you want, and no matter what people won't judge you because it's just roleplay, none of it is real :3

2) Some people like just watching it because it's like watching TV, yet most roleplay owners don't allow people to watch lol...still, some people just like it for the entertainment, while others like to participate in it

3) Somebody else influenced them into liking it, like how I used to absolutely HATE roleplay, I thought it was so annoying, the constant fake actions, and everything...but then I got convinced by my bff to like it, and try it, and I was like "omg u awesome"

That's it for this blog...hope ya liked eht! If you liked it, give it one of dem diamonds, and leave a comment on what you think of roleplay ;3 That's it for now *disapears* ~Metalysty

P.S. The blog pic is a pic of me and my friends, we all love roleplay and we don't do it that often but still :P

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06/07/2016 10:12 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
_Sapphire_'s Avatar
my opinion on rp is 2 things:
1. annoying crap that 8 year old girls do when they are bored
2. fun stuff to do with friends

the reason i hate it is because of how much annoying crap there is compared to actual good quality stuff, 50% of it is annoying high school rp were everyone has a "secret" or has "powers" or is secretly a devil or an angel or stupid crap like that, and it kills me when these stupid people are like " *hides wings* (talks to self) i hope they don't find out i'm an ANGEL!!!!" (meanwhile everyone sees it and thinks they are stupid and annoying for making them self an angel, and i also hate when people overuse there powers and turn it into stupid frozen crap, and make the entire rp about them! and they never actually do anything school related!! AND THAT WAS THE ENTIRE PREMAS OF THE FREEKIN RP!, the other 40% is camping rp's that have the exact same problem (- the teacher thing), the other 5% is stupid undertale and fnaf crap that doesnt make any sense. the other 5% is actual good creative stuff, rather then making the 4,000,000,000th highschool rp why not make a mermaid rp or a nether rp or a space rp or something besides a hihschool rp!!!!! FOR ONCE!

the thing i like about rp is that its a fun way to hang out and make new friends in a creative way, also by making characters, its pretty fun when it isnt another dumb high school rp.
04/25/2016 1:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JonNotJon's Avatar
my problem is drama. that is all.
Goddess Of Light
11/01/2014 10:14 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Goddess Of Light's Avatar
Oh, do I ever like love to roleplay and just sit there reading chat because there is a roleplay but, the advertising is very very VERY VERY annoying, and sometimes the girls are so dramatic like, it's a supernatural rp or whatever and they're just like "I'm just here to be a human and hope I date a vampire!" And when they do they're just like "I am so in loooooove..." then they think that they can date the person in MC and the boy says no and the girls like "But we dated in the rp!!" and the boys like "Uh.. that was just a part of an rp.. we never actually dated.." Then the girl is crying and is all like "HE DUMPED ME!!" and she goes crying to everyone and they all get annoyed and leave. This happens everytime there is a supernatural rp.. some girls are so desperate.. cx
11/01/2014 10:59 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Zombie
MetalystyXx's Avatar
I've never witnessed this but I feel your pain with the drama, and I'm so sorry you had to see that ;_;
08/12/2014 2:21 am
Level 43 : Master Artist
knuckles5577's Avatar
I love roleplaying and I'm very good. that being said sometimes I'm too lazy to do it. (mainly because can't walk-chat but I haven't played in awhile so that may have changed.)
08/10/2014 3:05 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Network
irritatedCat's Avatar
Does that girl in the back not have pants.
08/10/2014 5:39 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Zombie
MetalystyXx's Avatar
Lmao, yes, I think they're shorts or a bikini bottom xD You just can't see them from the way shes positioned
08/10/2014 2:24 pm
Level 26 : Expert Hunter
BaconEater512's Avatar
Never heard of roleplay..... Seems nerdy
08/10/2014 4:04 pm
Level 45 : Master Pixel Painter
CapitalistCow's Avatar
than your life was much better off until now! Hope you enjoyed it, because you were in a state of enlightenment and bliss untill today.
08/10/2014 1:53 pm
Level 25 : Expert Scribe
MissWriter's Avatar
I think this is a good topic with an interesting discussion, thanks for posting.

Advertising? I've played on a server where there was a separate channel in the chat just FOR people who wanted to roleplay, so they wouldn't have to advertise and such. I can see how "not getting enough people to come play" is a thing on other servers though. 

It is sexist to say "men don't like X." I've seen a lot of male players role-play, just as much as females. I think that perhaps you may play on servers where there is either more female players than males or perhaps the type of role-playing scenarios favour one gender over another. 

You are totally right about the drama and weirdness of them as a turn-off for most people. I think this arises from the mentality that it's "not real" and thus "not to be taken seriously" so people assume that anything goes. Real--by which I mean just "non-minecraft"--role-playing online ranges from casual to rather intense and detailed, something I think probably would be very hard to execute on a typical minecraft server.
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