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Rope Stuctures

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Rope Structures

My idea is rope structures. They would consist of Ropes, Rope-ladders and Rope Bridges. They would allow fun creation in the jungle, be useful in caves and also be useful for decoration.


Ropes would be climbable (Like vines can be attached to a block and trailed down) you would be able to make traps by placing the horizontally and whatever floats the users boat. Ropes would be destroyable in two ways: take a pair of shears and cut of individual blocks or destroy one block with your fists to make the entire rope come down into a nice friendly stack (Could work the opposite way round if desired). To craft rope, it would be as simple as 3 blocks of string going down vertically (Figure A).


Rope-ladders would work much the same way as ladders but as you would expect can be hung down similar to vines and the aforementioned ropes. They would be especially useful in the jungle for tree houses. The destroying of blocks would work the same way as the ropes. Crafting would be equally as simple, would either consist of 3 sticks along the middle and string/rope (depending on the creators choice) in each corner.

Rope Bridges:

Rope Bridges would be rows of basically wooden slabs connected by string and would sag in the middle like a rope bride does in real life. When destroying a rope bridge, for instance in the middle, the two halves would hang down still connected to the non rope bridge block at the end (like you see in cartoons when the bridge snaps and they hang on the one end). Crafting would be a wooden slab in the middle, a fence on both sides and string in the corners.

Nether protected items:

These would simply be the same recipes but with a nether twist for example, rope would be made with nether warts down both sides of the string.

Rope ladders would use blaze rods instead of sticks.

And rope brides would use Nether-brick fences and a stone slab. (Was unable to make image as mc broke).

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