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my new quarantine art blog :)

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nostalgia_ avatar nostalgia_
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
hi it's been three years since i was here and i am cringing very hard at all this "art" lmao BUT quarantine has me revisiting my old life so i'm gonna add stuff i've made since quarantine here because why not :)
i also don't really wanna get rid of the stuff i had here before even though it's bad so i'm just gonna leave them at the end if anyone actually sees this and decides they wanna look at them for some reason

HUGE PSA: most of my current sketches are influenced by DrawingWiffWaffles on youtube so i can't take full credit for them all ALSO go watch her videos because she's adorable and amazing :)
another psa: these are all from my sketchbook and the pages are pure chaos because i tend to write notes to myself about the sketches and drawings run into each other, this is just how my mind works i'm sorry lmao
a third psa: this sketchbook is my learning process, this blog is not to show off my "skills", it's to show what i sketch as im learning different aspects of drawing so please keep that in mind when judging me :')

stuff i've made since quarantine
tangled has my heart

my new quarantine art blog :)
my new quarantine art blog :)

this is a redraw of a character i made 3 years ago, if you're for some reason interested, i made a skin of her and there's also the original drawing down in the cursed section

my new quarantine art blog :)

here are some messy sketches of a character i came up with as i drew her lmao

parks and rec is life (LEGS ARE HARD MY GOSH)

based off me i guess (the feet tho lmao)

based off a picture of me. i don't like drawing realism i can't get faces right

this one was drawn from a picture of me (i swear i don't regularly draw pictures of myself)

i was reading a book and this image came to my head and i think it came out pretty much how i wanted it to

her name is penelope pickett and she's adorable

me & my boyfriend <3

michonne because she's cool

babies are squishy and smol and fun to draw

i drew this as a response to something a friend said and i will continue to use it in the future

i sketched this pretty quickly idk where it came from but it's pretty groovy
also she needs a name

this girl is heavily inspired by lara jean

her name is tatters she's a clown and she's super sweet or is she

here's whole page bc there was nothing specific

i made a tiny flower crown and wished i could put it on a little birb so i decided to draw my own flower crown birb & i love him <3

her face is wider than i intended but i really like how her eyes match the background
she also needs a name :)

i know the lines definitely take away from this sketch but the words are super personal to me and im not prepared to be that vulnerable :')
i drew this on a bad day but i do like how it came out with the head up and the dress filling the bottom of the page

everything from 3+ years ago (enter at your own risk)

idk why i said these were art but...wallpapers, maybe? :')

if i actually stay this time, i may update this in the weeks to come as i draw more because what else am i gonna do stuck at home :')
if anyone sees this, hi, i hope you're doing okay and i think you're great for getting through all that stuff up there and i hope you have an amazing day :)


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Update #13 : by nostalgia_ 06/24/2020 2:56:58 amJun 24th, 2020

added more sketches :)

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06/24/2020 1:36 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Nxstalgia avatar
similar username *shakes ur hand* ur art is very cute :]
07/01/2020 3:42 am
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
nostalgia_ avatar
username buddies! thank you! c:
11/09/2017 12:45 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pirate
SuperLuigi77 avatar
This is great matey. Keep it up. :D
11/09/2017 1:32 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
nostalgia_ avatar
Thanks! c:
11/09/2017 12:19 am
Level 48 : Master Fox
Orbiter avatar

Everything here looks amazing! And so professional, too! c: ♥
11/09/2017 12:22 am
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
nostalgia_ avatar
Pfft.. Thanks a bunch! c: ♥
11/09/2017 12:25 am
Level 48 : Master Fox
Orbiter avatar
You're very welcome! I can't wait for more. ♥♥
11/09/2017 12:29 am
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
nostalgia_ avatar
I'm hoping to update it more soon, so you can be looking for that! ♥♥
11/08/2017 8:27 pm
Level 43 : Master Artist
Keeks avatar
11/08/2017 9:16 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Vampire
nostalgia_ avatar
Ahh, thank yoouuu!!
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