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Level 37 : Artisan Procrastinator
Im putting every screenshot I have in just one blog. No joke they're worth a few gigabite in just one folder and like there's no way Im going to delete all these, they're basically memories now and for some reason some images wont show up anymore. I think I broke its code.

There's a total of 313 screenshots containing in this blog. It took some time to have these. Enjoy looking at them.😁👍

🏙 || Personal Server Multiplayer || 📷

First Screenshot
Group Shot
Shield Bug
Depressed Zombies
Game Design
Netherite Mining
1 Month Later
Livin' the Life
Market Street Project
Super Cheap Villager Breeder
Dumb Looking Witch Encounter
"Spam Door"
Max Librarian
3D Sun
Useless Mob Grinder
Neji's COC Looking Base
Strange Looking Church
HexNated's Epic Mountain Base
HexNated's Big Storage Room
Mansion (Landscape View)
World Creation GlitchCommunity Base
Trading Hall
Trading Hall 2
Snow Golem Turret (Modified)
Creeper Picnic
Strange Looking Generation
Sakura Tree (Attempt 1)
Sakura Tree (Attempt 2)
Preparing to fight
End Fight
Who's the Egg Owner?
First Void Death
Huge End City
Glitched Shulker
Glitched Shulker (Ghost Block)
Someone's Zigzag Bridge
Small End City
Ender Dragon Costume
A Hacker Joined
Axolotl Collection
Bucket of Cuteness
Creeper Farm Materials
Creeper Farm
AFK Person
Box O' Fireworks
Mansion (Birds Eye View)
J Shaped Pool
Second Floor
Second Floor 2
Second Floor 3
Back of the Mansion
Magmamusen's Vending Machine Design
Community Base (Bird's Eye View)
Abandoned Player Base
ExponentCell's Base Area
HexNated's Epic Mountain Base (Bird's Eye View)
Ground Floor
Server Map
Terrible Nether Hub
Lab's Ocean Monument
Interrupted Screenshot
Neji's Shop
WHAT meme
WHAT meme
Creeper Hole
Very Organized Chest
Second Enderdragon Egg
Mob Head Farming
My 15th Birthday
Path Fixed
Halloween Picture

The server was only "experimental" but until I invited Nejirockstar he suddenly advertised the server and kinda forced me to make a discord server. Right now the discord server is dead because of inactivity idk why what stopped them playing.

List of players I remember entering =
  • HexagonType360 (Me obviously)
  • HexNated
  • ExponentCell12
  • Nejirockstar
  • Lab125303
  • FlixxyPotato
  • Pikachugirl5083
  • Lilkatyagel
  • GreenyReeny
  • Chichoy
  • Astron771foxxy
  • Yumi5882
You can add friend them idrc.
World Download = Server World Download

🏜 || Desert World Survival || 🌊

Village is now Home
Rare Block Found
Sink Hole / Death Trap
Sink Hole / Death Trap 2
Modification's Simple Configurations
First Golden Apple
Mineshaft Exploring
Bad Loot
First Vain of Diamonds Found
Inventory Check
Two Minecart w/ Chest
Desert Temple / Ruined Portal
Clock Item
"Clock Man"
3 Golden Apples in One Chest
Getting Prepared
Water Bottles / Inventory Check
Bastion 2
"War Pigs"
Sand Castle :)
Gun Point Lol
Rare Sheep
"What a Deal!"
The Only Sugarcanes
Zombie Siege
Fell to death while fighting a hundred of Zombies
The Only Sugarcane Farm
Crafting a Canteen
Water for Days
Sharpness 3 Sword
First Enchanted Golden Apple
Worthless Diamond Armor
Rare Cows
Stealing their Only Livestock
Inclined Farm
3 Diamonds in One Chest
Pillager Outpost
75% Done with the Inclined Farm
Crafting an Enchanting Table
Enchanting Room
Silk Touch Enchantment
First Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe
My Small Livestock
Sand Base / Sand Castle

This was my idea about surviving on a desert with a thirst bar in the discord server and everyone liked the idea. This lasted only 6 weeks but it was really fun to do. I planned to make a video about this but I already had a video surviving in the desert.

World Download = The World with Conditions

🏟 || Mob Arena Project || 🗺

Outside of the map 1
Outside of the map 2
Lobby Room
Equipment Room
Plain Circle Arena
Training Ground
Training Ground (Ground View)
Sumo Arena
Cool Looking Armor Stands
Spider Eyes Banner
The Undeads are Rising
War Zone
Spooky Forest
Epic Signs
Ominous Rooms
Pig Heads
Better Dungeons
Summoning Ritual

My first ever world map I ever made. The idea just appeared over my head and I suddenly agreed the idea right away. This took a few months to make before uploading this to PMC, after that I slowly updating the map until its finally done. I learned a lot while making this map like custom spawners, armor stands, and commands.

This is a PvE map that has 8 Different themes, different mobs and different environment on a fitting theme.

World Download = Just a Mob Arena

⛏ || One Block Skyblock || 🔨

"Break the block below you!"
Endlessly Mining
Aquarium / Pool
50% House
My Island (Bird's Eye View)

I heard about this a few years ago and Youtube was full of One Block videos. When I saw Wadzee's one block series I was intrigued. Downloaded the map and started to make a few videos about it. It was really exciting.

You can mine the same block over and over, and it gives you basic materials that slowly become better and better.

World Download = OneBlock by IJAMinecraft

🏔 || Creative Test Worlds || 📷

Cool Looking Sword
Farmer is farming in the snow
Villager greeting
Frozen River
Hard Working Villager
Starter House Sample
Underwater with the squids
Sky Islands
Lazy Looking Armor Stand Art
IslandUgliest House I made
No AI Hoglin
Connection Error
Me and My brother playing together
Micro Biomes
Messing around with Blockzappers
New Lush Caves Biome
Summoning Ritual
Cute Cabin in the Rain
Epic Wind Mill

A few minute play. Flying around, build things, make redstone stuff, mess around with weird mechanics, turn on shaders, make commands, take screenshots for backgrounds.

⌨ || Parkour Project || 🖱

Theme 1
Ugly Redstone Skills
Theme 3
Theme 5
Secret Painting?
Theme 7
Specs Check

This map took forever because I don't know any commands back then and I have to learn them. I might copied some commands but it was pain copying the commands over and over and over. I did some armor stand stuff but that was out of my league. This was taking almost a year and I completely stopped and just uploaded this in PMC like "screw this im posting this NOW.".

World Download = Themed Parkour

🏔 || Experimental Features (Android) || 📱

Insane Mountain Generation
Village / Sunset
Meadows Biome
Huge Cave
Epic Underwater CreviceAquafer OpeningTallest Birch Tree
Mountain Cabin

Messing around in Minecraft Andriod. Btw the controls was very sensitive.

🖥 || Older Versions (Alpha/1.8) || 💾

RLCraft Main Menu
You Died Baka!
Alpha Menu Screen
"Generating Level"
Old World Generation
Scary Fog
Mob Fight
Mob Fight 2
Sugarcane Glitch
Sugarcane Glitch 2

This few screenshots are old except for RLCraft that I played few months ago.

🏡 || My Brother's Survival World || 📷

Base Screenshot
Villager Hole
Potato and Nether Warts Farm
More Crop Farms
"Watch Out! Lava Bin!"
Separate Rooms
"The Mine"
Skeleton Farm
Skeleton Farm 2
Broken Mob Grinder
Fishing Dock
Unorganized Chest
Enderman.exe stope working
Drunk Lads

Me and my lil brother's survival world. This lasted half a year every weekend we join in this survival world and do something. We were about to defeat the dragon but suddenly my friend went active then we just stopped it like "I dont want to play with you anymore.".

I didn't made the back up and lost the world file. What a waste, really.

📼 || Yui's Adventure World || 📔

We were on the Minecraft discord server and she said she was making a new survival world because she never did survival. Well she doesn't know anything about survival all she did is ask everything in the discord server. Also she asked names for her villagers idk why but I think she doesn't want to loose her villagers.

World download was denied.

⚔ || Bedrock Servers || 🛡

3, 2, 1, Go!
1v3 and I win!
Game Over! Team 3 Wins
Ignited TNT+Diamond Block = Useless Ashes
Expert Sniper
The Cavern Server
My Other Server

I really like lucky blocks. Its such a great idea its really based on your luck and skills.
After my SMP was inactive I looked for survival servers because I was getting bored back then.

I was wondering what I would do on a new world on December and I immediately thought of a literal wasteland. Its super interesting because its a wasteland and you freeze to death and its interesting. I still can't confirm if villages don't generate and passive mobs doesn't spawn. Well its up to you then.

The world itself got corrupted and there's no way to get it back.

📷 || Video Timelines || 🎞

[img=After Meals Project][/img]
[img=Beating Dragon Project][/img]
[img=Beat Boop Project][/img]
[img=Unlucky Days No.2 Project][/img]
[img=Mineplex Abomination Project][/img]
[img=Never Ending River Project][/img]
[img=DaBaby House Project][/img]
[img=Christmas Corner Project][/img]

CreditMy MC Friends

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