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My Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer Motherboard and the beginning of its S-Video Mod Instillation

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Level 12 : Journeyman Crafter
Last night Sean and I began work on a very difficult but very fun CTF map by the name of "Tarot Troubles". We spent over two hours in one room, but left our computers satisfied because of the brain power and team work we put into the whole ordeal. It's a fun map and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a challenge. "But Jackson, where would I find such a map as this?" Why, right here on Planet Minecraft!
In other gaming news. My Atari 2600 S-Video mod board came in the mail yesterday, and I'm currently in the process of installing it. If everything goes well (and I'm able to find a drill) my Atari should be up to 2005 HD standards by the weekend. I'll post a fallow up on whether it works out or not soon...
I also recently got a NES (forgive me if I've already mentioned this) and am looking for suggestions on games since I'm new too the NES market. That's it from JAZIGaming today. Thanks for reading. Leave your game suggestions below!

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