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avatar NeonMoons
Level 20 : Expert Princess
Hey! Jumping around on servers again in the last week, and I've seen my share of 'newbs' and pros.

First server I tried was just plain awesome. It was a Faction server, but it was a very good one. Everyone understood and played by the rules, and everyone knew each other. Even enemies could have friendly conversations. The admins were friendly and stuck to their rules, their minds couldn't be changed from the action that would happen when breaking a rule. Plenty of big Factions are already on it, including wars and fantastic bases. This server's link will be displayed at the end.

I tried a server after that, and yes it was another Faction server, but not as hardcore as the last one. I built a home and went to bed, only to find that in the morning the server was reset. But no biggie, I enjoy building, and the new server was better, as the land was clear and untouched, making it better for new Factions. The only downside is that when one of the admins are away, they all seem to be away. I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence (that happened 5 times), but it was annoying when a hacker came on and killed everyone.

Last server review for this week, played on a server that really had potential, but lacked the ability to run lag free. The lag wasn't that bad, for the most part it was bearable, but Pvp was so annoying and unfair, and building got on your nerves when you wanted to place one glass, and ended up placing 5. I had a talk to the owner, and he shut the server down as he wasn't sure that his computer could take it.

If you ever go on a server and starting trolling like, "This server really sucks!", "Fix the lag man!", "u adminz fail!1" then you really do suck. I used to host my own server (from home, so it was free) and it was soo difficult to do everything. All the players expect you to be everywhere, be able to do everything and do it whenever they want. And if the server just has that tiny few minutes of lag, then in their mind, the server owner is automatically a 'fag'. And I know you would think that, because to all you people that read these blogs, everyone out there is either a 'Noob' or a 'Fag'. But just take it easy on server owners. They are trying to do it as best they can, and they really don't need you bringing them down. Remember, the server is for your entertainment, not theirs.

Anyway, thanks for listening through my second server rant. I might not be able to do one next week, as I'm on holiday and might not have internet. And if you own or play on a server that you really enjoy, post the link in the comments below and I'll come see you ingame :D


Server 1: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/wxmc_hardcore-survivalpvpfactionstntfire-spreadnocheat-90233/
Server 2: http://www.planetminecraft.com/server/factioncraft-survivalpvp/
Server 3: As I mentioned, this server is closed now, so there is no link.

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