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Shading Tutorial - Paint.NET - Free Program

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BitBox's Avatar BitBox
Level 42 : Master Modder
Hello there! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to shade your skins, really well!

Firstly in this tutorial, I am using paint.net although any other image editor that has layer setting should work eg. Photoshop, gimp.

From this :imagepng

To this:Yapng

Firstly, make a texture using simple colors and no shading. Easy!

Next download this shading file :www.mediafire.com/?97kv38u6v390jnc

Then add a new layer, and add that shading image and if you need to, line it up with your skin. Like this :Picpng

Next click that layer properties in your shading layer window:

Then select a mode. You can use any, although these are what I recommend :

Multiply - Opacity 150
Reflect - Opacity 255
Glow - Opacity 190
Overlay -Opacity255
Darken -Opacity125


These modes and numbers are just what I recommend. You can change the opacity levels to get different variations. Use one to suit your skin theme.

There you go! You have learned how to easily shade your skin!

Keep updated for more tutorials, skins, blogs and mods!

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08/29/2013 4:42 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Baconator
coolkevin867's Avatar
This looks very similar to Kefka's Instant Shading Tutorial...
08/30/2013 3:16 am
Level 42 : Master Modder
BitBox's Avatar
It is similar, but this shows you how to do it in paint.net, not in gimp or photoshop.

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