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Shading tutorial for hair and clothes!

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LadyAzshara's Avatar LadyAzshara
Level 27 : Expert Nerd
Hello guys! Today I'm gonna be teaching y'all how I shade my hair in my skins. I will take you step by step and show you how to shade hair! Everyone is free to use this shading, since it's just a shading ^_-. I hope y'all like it, please give a diamond or a favorite if you do!

Okay, let's get started!

Step One:
First, you want to choose the hair color you want. I'll be choosing a purple color for this tutorial. I use MCSkin3D for making skins. First, you want to cover all the area with hair in the color you want to use. 

Step Two:
Next, you want to click the Darken/Lighten tool. This is the part that gets a bit tricky..
You want to choose a lighter color and make the lines you want.

Step Three:
Now go to the Darken/Lighten tool. Click the Darken option. For Exposure, type in "20". Then go on top of the lines you just made and make another line next to it.(Sorry if it's confusing, lol)

Step Four:
You want to keep covering and always add 20 to the exposure when you get done with a layer. You should finish when it gets to around 80.

40 Exposure:

60 Exposure:

Once you get to 80 Exposure, cover the rest of it in the 80 Exposure, and the color that was in the backround, replace it with the bright lines.

The hair should look something like this once complete.

Now, onto the clothes and the rest of the skin!

Shirt and arms of shirt:
For the shirt, I'm going to use a redish color. Cover where you want the shirt in the main color. I'm also showing how to shade the arms for this one.

Step Two:
Like the hair shading, take a lighter color and make lines like this on the shirt and legs:

Step Three:
Now start shading just like the hair. Keep covering and add 20 Exposure in the Darken/Lighten tool until you get to around 80.

Now the shirt is done. Time for the pants!
Pant shading:

Part One:
First you want to choose the color you want to use for your pants. I'm going to use a light blueish gray for this skin.

Step Two:
You want to make lines to cover. Choose a lighter color and make the lines like this:

Step Three:
You want to start covering it, adding 20 Exposure to it after each cover.

It should look something like this once you're done:

Now, for the shoes. I'm going to do sneakers since they're real simple. 

We're almost done!
We just have to add eyes, bangs and hair on the body. Like so:

And the skin is done!
Thank you for viewing, I hope this tutorial helped some of you out. Bye!!


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06/11/2014 10:30 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Prince
Vantas's Avatar
How helpful this will be to me, thank you for uploading such a tutorial.
I was wondering, if it wasn't any type of bother, could you possibly upload a tutorial on skin shading as well? That is if you don't mind and you have the time.
06/11/2014 11:37 pm
Level 27 : Expert Nerd
LadyAzshara's Avatar
You're welcome :)
I actually didn't create my skin base, someone else did. All I do to the skin base is lighten it. 
Skin base: www.planetminecraft.com/skin/base-human-skin/
Planet Minecraft


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