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Simple Redstone Techniques 2#

Just Main Picture.

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avatar MCcrafterY
Level 27 : Expert Crafter
Simple Redstone Techniques. Redstone and redstone.. Redstone is really good to make maps. (I know you

may allready know.) Redstone may be a little bit of hard to understand for some People. You do not need to be Advanced redstoner to make epic maps. Well let's get to the point: Some simple redstone techniques may not be

hard to understand so that People do them easy.. Some simple redstone techniques are for example:

Redstone Clock (Spam activates Things.) BurnOut (When a redstone torch gets turned off, may spam.)

redstone clock is built by one redstone torch, one Block (or more incase if not at ground,) two redstone repeaters

and two redstone (Dusts.) Burnout is built by two Blocks, one redstone torch and one redstone (dust.)

(Update:) Command Blocks, thoose Blocks are amazing and used to mostly anything in 1.7.2. I the New update

Mojang added the /setblock , /summon , /achievement , and all that stuff. well I like the commands.

But let's get to the point : How to use the /summon , and /setblock : /setblock [cords] or ~ ~ ~ [Block] you can also

do minecraft:[Block name] If you do this With chat and id, you will get a Message about that the id will not be supported.. The same With /summon but you use for example : /summon [Mob] [cords] or ~ ~ ~ .

I am going to explain better later.

Thank you for reading =)


1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 12/01/2013 8:14:29 amDec 1st, 2013

Since 1.7.2 added some awesome New commands, I explain them a little.

+Added some explaining for /summon and /setblock.

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