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this is unfortunately late due to being busy + stress piling on top.
this is for the Pass It On event, and it isn't edited.

Shadows sprinted past her left and right, bringing her to a pause. Her heart slammed against her chest again and again, begging to break loose from its cage and keep running. The cold mountains loomed above her, taunting her.

A shadow ran into her from behind, knocking the breath out of her. It shoved her forward, forward, forward and not stopping until they were falling, down, down, down a bottomless pit.

The dark, hollow trees echoed her screams back to her.

Her alarm blared.

“Nadia! Up! We leave without you!” her mother knocked on her door. Nadia blinked. She must’ve misheard her mother’s sentence.

Ms. Stephanov worked at Ridgefield High as a language arts teacher. Although born in Russia and her second language being English, she excelled at the language more than any of Nadia’s classmates.

“Leave where?” Nadia reached up to her light switch, flicking on the bright ceiling light. The yellow burned her eyes. She ducked underneath her covers, squeezing her eyes shut and wishing away tears. The worst part about waking up; the headache from the artificial lighting.

“The airport. I already pack your bags.”

“But it’s Monday.”

“Yes, and?”

Nadia carefully poked her head out from the safety of her blankets, holding her arm out to block the light. Oh, it must be a holiday week she forgot about.

Nadia stood up and stretched, leaning backwards and placing her hands on her hips. Her clock stopped screaming. 6:30 AM.

She opened her closet to find a red tee, blue jeans, and a pair of rundown shoes from Wal-mart.

The bustling mess of an airport teemed over with people running back and forth to make it through security and catch their early flights.

Ms. Stephanov pushed Nadia through the security line and made sure all documents and whatever adults do was signed.

“Check to see no liquids are in your luggage,” one of the guards called repeatedly.

Nadia leaned over to her mother and whispered, “What about the no weapons policy? Mom, what’s going on?”

“What do you mean?”

Nadia bit her lip. “Where’s Dad? Since when is there not a weapon policy? Why are you speaking so weird?”

“What on this planet are you talking about? Nadia, is everything alright? Let’s just get through security, okay?”

Nadia nodded, blinking away her worries. Maybe she simply wasn’t hearing right, which excused the grammatical errors and odd security. Maybe her father had a surprise meeting. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

+ notes

I'm ashamed of this because it was mostly written when I was sleep deprived or my brain was fried from school. I hope this is good enough.

09/04/2019 6:03 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Lovely beginning to this story! I’m excited to see where we go with it :))
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