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    call me blues
    - about me -
    pronouns: she/her
    Minecraft user: morningblues
    Skinseed user: morningblues

    games: Minecraft (Java)
    servers: Hypixel, Manacube parkour
    music: my music taste is a train wreck… i listen to anything from electronic music to alternative. some favorites include: The 1975 (my current obsession), Said the Sky, Boy in Space, Nightly, Loote, Doja Cat, Illenium, Clinton Kane, Sara Kays, and SHY Martin

    hobbies: playing Minecraft (since 2011... lol), making skins, the occasional drawing session, watching Twitch/Youtube, shopping
    sports: track and field (pole vault specialist), gymnastics (formal)
    colors: sage green, neutrals, muted tones
    food: pizza, parmesan noodles, chinese food, nectarines, plums, dried mangoes (allergic to mangoes but you can't stop me from eating these), goldfish, ice cream sandwiches, brownies, cookies
    careers: lol that's a funny question

    Skin-making Experience
    I made my first skin in June of 2016... yes, 6 years ago now. It was atrociously bad. How bad, you may ask? Well, let's just say I used the noise tool to "shade" and placed the eyes a pixel too high... I wish I still had the file, but unfortunately I deleted all of those monstrosities a few years ago. I started my "career" of making skins on Skinseed and joined PMC in August of 2017, but I didn't start posting until 2018. Fast forward to today, and I've somehow gained 2.6k Skinseed followers and 760+ pmc subs. But who cares about those numbers? The most important aspect this hobby has brought me is so many lovely creators that I get to call friends. :)

    - important! -

    Hey you. Yes you, the person reading this right now. I just wanted to make sure you're aware of a few things.

    However you identify, you're welcome here.
    Whoever you love, you're welcome here.
    Wherever you are on this journey of life, you're welcome here.

    Need someone to talk to? My PMs are always open.

    I believe in being a good human. That means I support whatever I believe is making this world a better, more accepting, and diverse world of beautiful people. Let's all be good humans to each other, ok? :)

    Alright, now that you know you're valid for just being YOU, you can go ahead and move along with your day. <3

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    I support you too
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    follow asap <3

    ziggy like stardust
    (if any of you want to be removed just let me know!)

    definitely forgetting like 20 people ahh this gives me anxiety tbh

    - inactive lovelies -
    some cool people i wish were still here </3


    love you guys <3

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      December 20, 2023, 3:30 pm to Public
      hey everyone, i am back from the dead ... i think i am at a point in my life where i am happy to officially announce my retirement from skin-making. i loved making skins as a hobby for so many years but now it has been over a year since making my last skin, and i don't see myself making any more with college and everything else going on in my life. HOWEVER! i just wanted to hop on here and let you all know i am doing well and i want to check in here more often to see how everyone is doing :) i just finished my first semester of college and i am about to start my first collegiate track and field season! happy holidays everyone and i hope all is well <3
      morningblues replied to CaelChan's comment below 2023-12-21 15:22:39
      morningblues's Avatar
      thank you!! i hope you’re doing well yourself :)
      morningblues replied to PersonWhoPlaysMinecraft's comment below 2023-12-21 15:21:15
      morningblues's Avatar
      ahh thank you!! i’m so excited!
      morningblues replied to aquarine's comment below 2023-12-21 15:21:02
      morningblues's Avatar
      thank you, you too :) and i’ll check in every once in a while !
      morningblues replied to PsioPsia001's comment below 2023-12-21 15:20:32
      morningblues's Avatar
      thank you for the kind words :) making skins was one of my top hobbies for so long so it will always hold a special place in my heart but yes, it’s all good to move on!
      morningblues replied to Angelonasher's comment below 2023-12-21 15:19:30
      morningblues's Avatar
      aww thank you! i am incredibly happy i was able to share my skins with so many people for so many years :)
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    Do you do requests/skintrades/commissions?

    open to friends (PM me!)
    commissions: i don't do those atm sorry!

    Do you have a support stamp?
    not anymore, but I will be making one in the near future!
    (if you have my old one from way back when I was still Inspirinq, thank you for supporting me for so long!)

    Are your PMs open?

    feel free to ask more questions!

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    make a new persona
    make pfp/banner
    make new support stamp

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