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Snapshot Version For The Prr628's Awesome Texture Pack!

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Snapshot Version!

Snapshot Version? Yes! A snapshot version of the Prr628's Awesome Texture Pack is going to come out soon! It is going to be EXACTLY the same as the original Texture Pack but will have the textures of the new blocks and items in the snapshots, and it will be for those who like to experiment with snapshots, but also want the pack.

Where is the original version?
You can find it right here in this link!

How did I get the idea to start this?

I just decided that it would be cool to texture interesting blocks, and have a version for people who like playing in the snapshots. I saw this texture pack posted by ShinyDragon96, after they gave a diamond to my texture pack. The texture pack also had a snapshot version as well. I had wanted to make a snapshot version for my pack too, but I wasn't sure. So after seeing that texture pack, that had a snapshot version, I decided that I would make a snapshot version for my pack as well.

What even are snapshots!?

In case you didn't know, snapshots are versions of the game that are not official releases, but are available to the public and can be used for testing. Players can report bugs and give feedback to improve the development of the update. You can get the snapshots on the installations page in the launcher and you can see patch notes with extra info on the snapshots.

When is this awesome texture pack coming out?

I’m not entirely sure, but I will update the blog when it comes out, and you can access it!

Extra Info:
You can find extra info on the original texture pack page! Or you can find more simple textures and the texture pack in the PRR628’s Collection! Also, I will update the blog anytime there is anything extra you need to know. When I update the texture pack after it comes out, it will have updates alongside the original pack. Just wait for the awesome texture pack to come out!


Prr628’s Awesome Texture Pack!
Snapshot Version For The Prr628's Awesome Texture Pack!

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