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Spooktober Watch List Day 2

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TheCrypteral avatar TheCrypteral
Level 41 : Master Blacksmith
Welcome back to the spookiest watch list in this corner of PMC!

But anyways, let's get right to it!

For the second installment of SWL, we have The Walten Files!

Spooktober Watch List Day 2
Type : Youtube Film
Availability : Free on Youtube
Genre : Horror, VHS, 2d Animation, Uncanny Valley, ARG
Age Rating : 16+ (Mild Swearing, Various Blood, Extremely Spoopy Jumpscares, Very Dark Themes, Horrific Imagery)
Summary : Welcome to your new job at Bon's Burgers™️! We have some training tapes for you to learn about our fine establishment! Learn about our m̵̳͊u̵̱̓r̴͚̈d̷̨͗e̴̩͛ŕ̴͚ò̵͙ư̶͙ś̷͓ spectacular history and explore the newly found VHS tapes that will help introduce you to your d̴̤̍ȯ̶̧o̸̳͒ḿ̴̲ new job cleaning iconic animatronics like Bon the Bunny, Sha the Sheep, Boozoo the Ringmaster, Banny the Bunny, Billy the Clown, and the §̶͇͎͌̏̕ͅh̸̖̝̼͗̒̾å̷̙̥͎͆͌̓Ð̸̮̠̙͋͌̇ð̸̪͈̞̓̏͊w̵̠̞̩̔͂̒
Personal Notes : The Walten files really started up the 'VHS lost tapes' genre, and although it is quite small compared to others in the genre, it is still iconic in it's own right. If you're aware of the FNAF series, you can tell it is heavily inspired by it, with the main theme being a series of murders including the murderer hiding bodies inside of a chuck-e-cheese style restaurant's animatronics. It uses many styles to show events, including 2d animation, live action recordings, documentary, and arcade game. It leans hard onto a horror element, without hardly any comedy. It has an ARG element so that viewers can go through codes to solve the full story and increase engagement. There's also a Game Theorist series on it that I'll list so that all ya'll can easily find out the story without too much effort.

Here's the analyses by The Game Theorists :

See you tomorrow!


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10/02/2022 10:04 pm
Level 37 : Artisan System
Literal_Garbage_Robin avatar
I saw the picture and already knew, I say 100% go watch Walten Files!
10/02/2022 6:49 pm
Level 48 : Master Magical Boy
SeriousCraft avatar
I mean Year of Blood is an minecraft map, not movie im sorry
10/02/2022 6:57 pm
Level 41 : Master Blacksmith
TheCrypteral avatar
Well hey, it still fits the theme!
10/02/2022 1:35 pm
Level 25 : Expert Warrior
Firestar2477278 avatar
Omg, I love the Game Theorist's theory videos on The Walten Files! :D X3
10/02/2022 1:36 pm
Level 41 : Master Blacksmith
TheCrypteral avatar
A fellow theorist I see-
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