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Spooktober Watch List Day 4

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TheCrypteral avatar TheCrypteral
Level 42 : Master Blacksmith
Sorry for the late upload, but anyways here it is!

We'll have classic Halloween movie this time, Frankenstein!

Spooktober Watch List Day 4
Type : Streamable Movie
Availability : Seems to be on Amazon Video
Genre : Horror, Zombies, Drama, Action
Age Rating : 10+ (Minor and Cheesy Violence, Somewhat Dark Themes)
Summary : A mad and broken scientist, Doctor Frankenstein, creates his greatest project yet- Artificial life! It was Frankenstein's Monster, a violent creature that can only be subdued with fire, but it escapes the assistant Igor's control! What will the townspeople do against this monstrous beast?
Personal Notes : It is NOTING like the original book, which I do genuinely like, yet still provides a decent look into the movie that really iconisised the horror movie and zombie trope.

See ya'll next time!

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10/04/2022 4:45 pm
Level 24 : Expert Artist
MerBatPhan89 avatar
Oooh! The original Frankenstein! Good choice! My dad bought me up on all the classic horror monster movies, and I have a real appreciation for those old films.
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