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Spring Poetry

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avatar Kwanatla
Level 17 : Journeyman Archer
Hi everyone,
This is my contribution to the Spring Fling Community Event. Essentially, it's a bunch of self-self made poems, because I really like poetry. It's a weird mix of Haikus, rhyming stuff and random non-rhyming poetry. I have been inspired by LemilasTheElf, who came up with the poetry idea for this event. I will probably add more soon, but this is all I have for the moment:

Spring Haiku:
The snow blankets melt
The crisp green grass emerges
Spring is underway



A gentle breeze
A pasture green
A harvest rich
A golden sheen

A leaf of gold
A forest red
A season cold
A lake like lead

A cloak of white
A blanket cold
A chance so slight
A hungry hold

A babbling brook
A sliver stream
A mountain white
A meadow green

More Spring:

The new spring has begun
The grass now glows with green
The winter is now done
The forests have a sheen

The bees are swarming out
The rabbits dig new holes
The birds are singing loud
The trees grow at their boles

The foxes raise their cubs
The young birds learn to fly
The bears' den is in shrubs
The hawks let go their cry

The spring comes to an end
The summer shall now rule
The branches of trees bend
While waves ripple the pool

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