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Minedeas- Star Trek mod

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The purpose of this mod, would be to experience Star Trek in Minecraft. You would be able to choose the different shows at the title screen when you started a new game. You could have the adventure of a life time and boldly go where no Steve has ever gone before.

The story would be the main episodes of all the series. But for the sake of the game starting to get boring there would just be the really adventurous one with many different types of aliens to fight or take the suttle approach and try to speak to them. some of the crafting recipes would include Phasers, Space helmets, (Those would have the vision of the pumpkin on head just with a different field of vision) and communicators (when a message is received it would say who its from and what they ay would be in the chat bar)
Crafting Recipes:
Phaser: The Phaser would have two modes, stun and kill, the default control to switch would be the F key
INI I=Iron N=Nadion particle
Space Helmet: The Space Helmet allows you to breathe for a certain amount of time outside of the spaceship in non-breathable environments and protect you from dangerous fumes.
IGI I=Iron G=Glass
Communicator: the communicator allows you to communicate with your crew on the space craft or just with other people that have it.
ABA A=Antenna B=Button F=Frequency Generator I=Iron

The first mission of the game will be from the very beginning of the 2009 movie when the little James T. Kirk Steals a car and almost drives off a cliff while being chased by a cop. Then it will progress throughout the first season on the original series and then go on until you win the game. Before you can do that there will be a cut-scene of James's father dying while flying a crashing ship and James being born in the escape pod. The first mission is a Story mission. there are two types of missions, Story missions and Side missions. Story missions are missions that relate to the story of Star Trek. Side missions are mostly for achievements and getting new items.

The multiplayer for the mod would be a different button on the title screen. This new button would say Star Trek Multiplayer, this mode would allow you to play with friends on a server and play the game, but instead of there only being a single person mission it would change the mission so that two, three, or four people could also play.

I think that this mod would improve upon Minecraft would be because there are so many fans of Star Trek and of Minecraft why not combine both of them into one awesome game. This mod would have all the high-tech items from Star Trek mixed with the simplicity of playing Minecraft, i think that if you are a Sci-Fi fan or a big Minecraft player this mod would be great for you.

I hope you like the idea and if I'm lucky someone will make it into a real mod.

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