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I dusted off the leather cased book as I read what it said on the cover. "Journal, Property of Stevenson Mojang" It said, in an old worn font. I had found this in an old house, with a few broken windows, a fireplace in bad condtion, and a few chests, worn away by age. Out of curiosity, i opened the journal, and dived into the man's story...

September 4th, 1564,
My name is Steveson Mojang. I had gotten this journal recently from my mother as a birthday gift. I thanked her, and continued on with my day. My father sent me and my sister, Alex, to go trade some of the lumber he chopped for gold coins, or " gold nuggets" as my father referred as them to. My sister and I were following the trail of gravel and cobble to the village, where we found a path that lead off into the woods. There was a darkened, spine-tingling atmosphere coming off of that trail, so by natural instinct, I just continued on the normal trail, but my sister Alex insisted we go down the path through the woods. We argued for a good 5 minutes before I finally gave in. As we walked down the trail, I listened for every little noise. The sound of light, blood-curdling footsteps slowly crept closer toward us, and I soon became more worried. What if they were wolves? What about the wicked creatures of the tales I had been told as a child were true? What would we do then? Soon, i felt like i was being watched, and my sister clung closer to me the farther we walked down the trail. Soon enough, i saw eyes glowing from the shadowed over forest. I soon grabbed my sister's hand, and we began running like a mad men. We ran and ran until we could't see anymore gleaming eyes. Soon we came back close to light, but we were lost. The trail had started to deplete more and more while we were running, but my attention to detail was foiled by my fear. Soon my sister started crying, out of fear that we not might make it back home, since the trail had been lost. I tried to reassure her, but I wasn't sure myself if we would make it back. Soon, as the blackened night rose from the shadows and glimmering stars had fell upon the sky, we had wandered deeper into the forest. Doubting we would find our way back, I soon built a fire with some of the lumber our father had sent with us to trade. I had learn to start fire from my father whenever we went camping in the woods. My sister sat close to the fire, with a look of dispair. I sat close to her, and comforted her, knowing she realized we wouldn't be finding are way back anytime soon. We feared the darkness, because of the tales of monsters roaming the forest that our mother told us about. I tried to tell myself they were only stories, but it didn't help. We did not get much sleep that night.

September 5th, 1564,
The next morning, after me and my sister had become lost, I soon started thinking about what we would need to survive. We would need to soon build a shelter, find food and water, make tools. It would be a struggle for my sister especially, since shes only about 10, while me being 19. I wandered with my sister, when we came across a stream. I said we would set up camp here, so we can collect fresh water. My sister agreed with me, knowing I had a better grasp on our situation. Soon, i tried using some of the lumber we hadn't used last night for the fire to try and carve tools, with an old knife i had received from my father. After hour and hours, I managed to make a pole , which I could use to make a fishing rod or use to spear fish, if i sharpened one of the ends. My sister stayed with me, collecting any berries she knew were safe, and stuffing them in her apron pockets. For lunch, we dined upon many berries. There were blue berries, raspberries, black berries, huckleberries, and other kinds i couldn't name. After that, I found small cave. It had many types of rock formed inside, molded and crafted by mother-nature. Some of the rock I knew I could easily shape by eroding them away with sand. I took a few of these stones back to our small camp, and took some of the sand from the stream and started shaping some of the rocks. It took many, many hours just to shape one of the rocks. After the sun began to lower below the horizon, I started a fire with some twigs and branches, realizing the large chunks of lumber we had should be preserved better until I can begin to chop trees down myself. The stars glimmered brightly. I lay there, in the green grass and flowers, staring up at the sky. I thought about everything. "What are we gonna do? Will we ever find our way back? What are parents doing? Are they searching for us?" I thought all these questions to myself. I soon fell asleep, in the soft grass and greenary.

September 12, 1564,
After a few days of being stranded in the woods with my sister, we made some progress. I spent most of my time in the mornings working on developing tools, and sanding the rocks down so i could use them for the end of tools, like picks and axes. My sister would always try to help, yet she couldn't do much since she was still young, and she could get lost easily. I just let her play near the stream, which luckily never flowed rapidly. My hands were raw most nights, from rubbing the rocks down with the sand. Even though we had only been away for about a week, I soon began to miss my parents. I missed my mother's delicous cooking, and the fun days we would spend with our father. I know it may sound like whining, but thats how i felt. I soon grew closer to my sister, since she was the only other person I had now. That night, I finished shaping the end for an axe, and an end for a pick-axe. My hands were raw and sore, from being rubbed down by the sand and from all the work. I slept peacefully that night, feeling some-what accomplished so far.

September 22, 1564,
After many days of being out in the wilderness with my sisters, I had managed to make a few tools. Two axes, a pick, a shovel (Which was an excruciating process, and took quite a long time to get the rock to have a bit of a curve inwards) , and a small sword of stone for hunting and gutting animals (Also, a small spear). Soon enough, I began chopping down some thinner, tall trees. I used the logs and made 4 pillars with them, making a space about 16 ft x 16 ft. I Chopped wood all day, and tried fashioning planks. My sister tryed helping me, by drawing measurements for the wood, using the pencil i brought with me in my satchel, which is also the way i brought my journal, and drew lines on the roughly cut wood to show how long each plank should be. Even though it didn't seem like it, my sister had the eye for detail to be a carpendor. It was alot of work just cutting a few of the planks, and it would take a whole lot more time to do so. A few hours before sunset, i decided to test out my stone blade/sword. I found a sheep, and i was going to use it for food and linen and such, but i didn't have the heart to kill it. Instead, I took the spear I had made and collected fish for food, and the sheep followed me around, because of a small bag of grain i had tooken with me to trade for something at the village before we got into this whole situation. I grew a little close to the sheepafter a few days. Over the course of a couple of days, i had managed to make enough wooden planks to finish one wall on our soon-to-be home. I learned how to make a certain sticky, sturdy mix from my father. We would used it to repair broken things like the table if one of the legs broken or attach the bottom of our shoes back. I miss my time with my father, and i miss how he would teach me a new thing almost every day. I missed home. After I snapped back to reality, I went hunting so I could prepare a meal for us (Also for food to preserve) and one of the ingredients it takes to make the sticky mixture. I found a few cows, which i was a bit suprised by, since most of them have been tooken into cattle ranches. I managed to kill one of them, and soon gutted it. It was a gruesome expierence, but i had to do it. I soon had a nice bit of leather from the cow, a good ammount of meat, and the ingredient needed for the tar-ish, sticky substance i was going to create; cow fat. When i returned to camp, my sister confessed that she wandered off without my permisson. I grew angry at her for doing so, but quickly forgave her. She said she had come across a sea shore,(which gave me some realization to where we were, since our old home was quite far from the sea shore) and had found some crystal-y looking things on the rocks. It was salt! I was over filled with joy, because now we could salt and dry the meat I collected, and it could be preserved for longer. We feasted upon part of a thigh i had collected from the cow. I fell asleep, with my stomach full and my mind at temporary peace.

October, 1564,
Its been about a month since me and my sister have gotten lost. I have lost track of the days, but i can guess what month it is. We had made a nice ammount of progress so far. We had finally finished the walls on our soon-to-be home, and there was still alot of work to be done. I still needed to fashion a door, and carve many, many shingles. Me and my sister Alex often thought of home. We missed our mother and father immensley, but we still had eachother. I soon used the sticky mixture I had stored in an old glass bottle, which used to be full of whiskey. I used the mixture and some clay to create a furnace. It wasn't beautifull looking at-all, but it would work when or if i found a proper cave, so i could begin mining and smelting ores. I soon collected clay from the river, and formed a bowl. It looked rough, and was not ver beautifull at all, but it still worked. i soon stuck it in the furnace to fire it. My sister sniggered at my clay-shaping skills, and i laughed a bit, because truth be told, i don't think i was ever ment to try and mold clay. I soon carved many, many shingles. It took hours and hours of work, but i managed to make enougt cover about 1/4 of the roof in about 7 days. Every morning i would make shingles, or try and make new bowls and such to hold things like soup when we got around to making things like that. My sister missed painting and dying, so she started collecting flowers of all sorts, and used water and oil from the pollen to make an oil-y like paint substance. She would decorate my horribly formed bowls, but my skills were improving. I smiled at the fact that she always enjoyed painting them, despite whether the pots looked like deformed creations or not. I soon improved very much in my pottery skills over time. I soon decided I would teach my sister how to do it. She took some time to teach, but she was much better than me when i started. I soon made supports from parts of long logs , so I could hold up the roof. I collected many wild grasses and bunches them up and dried them. Then, i used them on the roof to keep the rain out. Soon, in about two weeks, i had caved enough shingles for the roof. I used the sticky pixture i had made to get them to stick to the roof. When Alex saw that the roof and the walls were both done, she was over joyed. For the flooring, I just collected many many stones, and used some tar that my sister had found in a little pit near a the beach shore to stick the stones on the floor together. I left two holes in the front so I could place windows. I collected sand, poured it into a clay pot, and started smelting it. I soon made a hollow space in the dirt/sand to use as mold for the windows. I poured the hot, liquified glass into the molds and let them harden and cool. After a few hours, i took the cooled, hardened glass windows and used the tar to get them to stick in the window holes. They had formed in rougher condition than I hoped, but what can you do? Regardless, we had done it! We had somehow managed to create a house! And it only took about a month and 1/2's work, Huh~

November, 1564,
I finally traveled into the caves. I brought torches, a pick, a small, portable crafting bench in case my pick broke, and a sword of stone in case i encountered anything on my mining expedition. I came across some coal, which I thought would be good for fuel and torches, since I had been using characoal I created, and i was almost out.  I came across a strange, unidentifable creature. It was green, with white an black patches of skin (or hair, I really couldn't tell because of the lighting) and had 4 legs, and worst of all, these soul-less, void-like black eyes. It approached me, and I started backing away. I backed into a corner, so i had no way of escape. When it got to close to me, I noticed a noise come out of nowhere, that sounding almost like a wick burning. I had a slim chance of escape, but before I even knew it-  KABOOM! It sent me flying into the wall of the cave. It had exploded! I was baffled at these destructive creatures, and I made sure to avoid them. As I began wandering more cautiously, a shiny material in the rock caught my eye. My father was a lumberjack, not a miner, it was hard for me to determine what or it could be. I guessed iron. As i was mining it, I heard a moaning sound. I turned around, and saw a human with green skin, torn flesh, and black, cold eyes. Shaking, I tried speaking to it at first, but when that didn't work, I just tried pushing him- or it-- away with my pick, but it kept coming, relentless it was. It tried to over take me, but I stuck my sword through its skull soon enough. I stood there, in horror, looking down at what I had killed. Covered with darkened blood, from what i could determine, was once a breathing, living human being. I vommited and couldn't help but cry a little from that traumatizing moment. When I regained my focus, I kept moving on. I found many, many minerals, which I could barely determine the names of. When i was about to leave the cave, a sleek arrow suddenly was lodged in my shoulder. I was panicking, and shouted from the pain, shedding tears from the pain. It was horrible. I saw a dark siloutte against the light from the torch. I approached slowly, terrified the next arrow would be fatal. Then I saw it. A man of bone and nothing else. I wanted to run, but i needed to go. I need to get back, I thought. Reckless as a bull, I ran towards it, swinging my sword like a incompetant fool, and (Lord knows somehow) knocked its head clean off with my sword. My shoulder was bleeding badly, and I needed to get home. It was dark. I had been there since this morning. My sight began to become blurry from the loss of blood. I started running, with fear in my eyes, and blood drenching my shirt. When arrived back, my sister panicked. She had me sit down in the floor of our little house. She could'nt pull it out herself. Reluctantly, I pulled the arrow out. I gasped in pain and agony. She immedietley applied pressure to it with and old piece of cloth, and wrapped it with a piece of her apron she had ripped off. I yelled from the pain, clenching my fists so hard I thought my fingernails would cut into the palms of my hands. Everything went spiraling and dizzy, then black.
The next morning when I awoke, my sister was gone. I ran everywhere, looking for he, whincing at my shoulder with each step. Then I finally came across her. There she was, standing there, silent. Fresh blood trickled down her neck, and her pockets stuffed with plants, rocks, ect. She had been collecting herbs, and whatever we thought we could use. Her eyes were not black, and her skin not green, but her face emotionless, and without life. That wasn't my sister. All it was was an empty shell. Dropping to my knees, I cried more than I ever had before. I lost the only human being I had with me. I cried, and cried, and cried until I could cry no more. She..It approached me, almost falling with each step. Twisted ankle, I thought. Thats how she got caught. I wasn't there to help her. She was gone. It was all my fault. As I stood, she fell. I wanted to end it. Though, Alex, that beautiful, joyful little girl is gone, she still deserves a proper buriel. I picked up my sword with my good arm. As I was about to swing, it looked up at me. Tears rushing down my grimy face, I turned my head away, and swinged. All was silent. Slowly, suffering every moment, I dug a hole with my hands, gnoring the pain in my shoulder completely, forgetting I had a shovel enitrely. after hours, it was done. I stood there, looking at it... looking at my sister. Picking up the body, with no physical pain, no emotion, I gently set her down in the hole. I found some flowers growing near by, plucked them, and set them in the grave with my sister. Silently saying goodbye, I set a flat slab of rock upright in front of the grave. I turned away, moving slowly and silently back towards the house. Minutes began to feel like days. Days began to feel like years. I slowly moved into a deep state of depression. I kept going, even though it was a miserable, pointless existance. I looked at the clay bowls my sister had painted everyday, sobbing to myself. I hated everything. Nothing made me happy anymore. That was, until I found Kipper. I had been walking around the woods, looking for some fruit or wild herbs, when I came across him. He had gray, silky fur, and sleek, brown eyes. He eyed me down as if i was a peasant among a king. I slowly backed away, fearing this mighty wolf, and his intimidating aura. He got close to me, as I stumbled to the ground and backed up to a tree. This was it. This was the end. As it got closer to me, it sniffed me, and soon was so close it was face to face with me. I gulped, and prepared for the worst. soon, the animal sniffed something else. He digged his face into my satchel and ate part of the dried-meat I had brought with me. I didn't mind, because it was either that or my life. After wishing for it all to end, today I didn't want to die. I slowly hovered my hand towards his head, and he growled. Soon, he allowed me to very, very slowly pet him. He followed me back to my home, because he may had thought I had more food. I fed the wolf, and he gulped up the food in only a few bites. I opened the make-shift door to let it out, but it refused to leave at first. eventually, it did though. He contined to come back each day for more food. Soon enough, over the course of 2 weeks, I grew very close to him. I named him Kipper, because when he wasn't being fierce, he was a very kipper, happy dog. I was a bit happy again.

January, 1565,
From what I could estimate, three months have passed since my sister's death, and even though I do have Kipper, I feel more alone then I ever have before. I always took Kipper mining with me, he defended me with almost a ferocious loyalty. One day, while I was mining, there was a sudden shaking in the ground, and I soon found myself falling. When I landed, I was in a mossy cave, blood-curdling noise from all around, with dark silhouttes hanging in the small ammount of light. My heart was racing. I bashed through the enemies, finding a few riches in chests that had been left in the cave. Once I had found my way out, I was beaten and battered. I had multiples cuts, arrows in multiple places, and bruises anywhere you could think of. My forehead burned with sweat, and I passed out from exhaustion. Hours later when I woke up, my clothing was partially dripping with blood. Kipper was sitting there, by my side. I pulled out the arrows with one hand, clenching the grass with my other. I dug through my satchel, wincing, and found some bandage (made out of some thin hide), a plant i had come to discover that acts as a disinfectant, and some cotton to soak up the blood. Having treated and wrapped my wounds, I continued on my way. Walking, deeper, and deeper into the forest. I soon came across a village, and at the sight, I weeped with joy. Except, these were not normal people. They were all hairless, with green eyes, and enourmous foreheads. They also had large, sloped noses. These people looked at me with curious, some-what fearfull eyes. Some came close to me, looking me up and down. They did not speak English, most of the words they spat out sounded like grunts, verying in pitches as well. I stayed in the village for a few days, and the people were kind to me for the most part, but they're trading skills were terrible. Shortly after I left the village and returned home, I felt happier. I spoke to people for the first time in months. Maybe not the same race, maybe not even the same species, but regardless, adleast I got to talk to someone, even if i couldn't understand them.

I've lost all track of time, except for your year, thats all I've been able to keep track of. I haven't written in this journal supposedly since sometime last January. I have made much progress so far. I've sewn myself new clothing, reinforced my house, ground powers for color dye, and even paint, if the powder is mixed with plant oil. I've melted down amany ores, and much more. Soon I'm planning on traveling farther, to discover more land. I haven't seen another human being since that faithfull day I became lost, besides the humble people of the village I had the fortune to meet. I also discovered, when I think it is the end, I suddenly wake up back in my bed. It's a strange occurance, but it saves me for every mistake I make. I'm thinking of studying into it when I get the chance. Well, I'm off to find new land, goodbye journal, you helped me keep it together in the long run.

That was it. I skimmed through more of the pages, and found nothing. Except on the last page, was a rough sketch of a man and a young girl. They were both together, smiling brightly. I kept this journal with me through my travels, looking back on the story of this man, and to see that some of the things I've done, and what I've lost. This was the journal entries of Steve Mojang, may he rest in peace, or keep adventuring, where ever he is now.
CreditSoooo long, Prussia don't care, Ehuheheh, Stevieee~, Alexieeee~

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