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Steve's Journey

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Hey guys, IPlayMCLikeABoss here, and I have a story I wanted to upload for a long time, and I think now is a good time to do so.

Steve's Journey:Part One

Loading... the screen said as a little boy was first to play this wonderous game called: Minecraft. He could barely sit down in his seat, thinking of all the cool things he could discover in this game. Welcome to the World of Minecraft! the screen said next, showing a character that the nararator called: 'Steve'. He wore a green shirt, ripped a little at the bottom, with blue jeans, black shoes, blue eyes, brown hair, and was... blocky. The little boy, who's name was Robert, stared confused, but with wonder at Steve, because he thought the game was supposed to be realistic. He didn't look realistic. He was blocky! But Robert continued the game. The nararator talked about Steve, while Robert half-listened wondering what to do first. When the nararator finally let Robert start the game, he made Steve walk immediatly to what looked like a village. Little did he know that Steve could actually feel things, not his hearts that showed on his GUI, but he could actually get tired and act like a normal person like Robert was. So when Robert had to go to school the next day, with Steve left with heavy iron armor, Steve immediatly acted like his normal self. He threw off his iron armor to avoid the heat, and rushed back to the village Robert had made him explore before. He interacted with the villagers, who too could actually act normal, and set off for a new journey, one Robert wouldn't have to make him do.
CreditMinecraft and it's creators, and other stories that inspired me.

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My Life As Herobrine : by IPlayMCLikeABoss 08/21/2015 12:32:34 pmAug 21st, 2015

Hey guys, IPlayMCLikeABoss here, and wanted to see if you would want another story of Minecraft, but in BETA. Because the last story was in Alpha, I wanted to go through the different time periods, and from Steve's Journey:Part Three, it looked like it was going into a new story.... So I was thinking of making a book called:My Life As Herobrine, where it is Herobrine having to fight through the sorrow of the incident when they were making Minecraft, and him having to save himself from Mojang and the Minecraft fans who plan to kill him if they do happen to encounter him! So comment if you want this story, and give ideas if you want of new books I could write, and ideas for this story if you want it written! Just PLEASE don't keep posting and posting about something other than Minecraft. I want to finish some Minecraft books before I start FNAF or MLP or whatever you ask for. And if it is something I don't know about, I might ignore you so sorry if I do(I don't know what anime is btw).

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