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27thcolt's Avatar 27thcolt
Level 35 : Artisan Pokemon
Hi,27thColt with another blog!Right now,I'm thinking of making a story on PMC so yeah.Maybe a series or something.Maybe a story of Steve....Please tell me in the comments for ideas and stuff.My World Of Pokemon is going great!I just finished Route 5 and I am starting Saffron City but it is so hard so this next Pokemon Update will take a while.I am looking for a texture pack that I can use for Minecraft.I want it to be realistic and NOT HD.Please PM or comment me about a texture pack...Also put a link.The Texture Pack doesn't have to be from PMC,it can be from the Minecraft Forums.

Also,1.4.2 is out!Hooray!
It is a nice update with many new features!
-added anvils for repairing and renaming
-added beacons for abilities
-added carrots,potatoes,pumpkin pies,and golden carrots
-added carrots on a stick for controlling pigs
-added pots for a placeholder of flowers and mushrooms
-added cobblestone and moss stone walls
-slimes now spawn in swamps
-Witches spawn in witch huts in swamps;they attack with potions and heal with potions
-added a passive mobs;bats
-added wither skeletons;spawn in the Nether,have a stone sword,3 blocks tall,and have a wither effect
-added a new boos;Wither Boss
-Skeletons,Zombie Pigmen,and Zombies have a chance of spawning with armor and weapons
-added heads for decoration

There were so many things in this update,and many more to come!
See you guys next time!

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