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avatar Billybleedsnine
Level 21 : Expert Toast
So, out of all minecraft's hostile mos who is the strongest of them all? now if you're wondering why there is no Enderman he teleported away somewhere. i have no idea where but he is somewhere and if You want me to be more specific, Creeper vs. Ghast, Skeleton vs. Slime, Zombie vs. Magma Cube, Spider Jockey vs. Enderman, Skeleton vs. witch, Silverfish vs. blaze, Cave spider vs. Wither Skeleton (if you want me to add boss fights like the wither and ender dragon then i will and you decide who you think is stronger from those 2) now message in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe, diamond, and share with your friends :) and "remember me"

10/19/2013 2:19 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Spider jockey is two mobs so scratch that out.

Slimes jump in a straight line and are easy to kill despite their spliting abilities.
Same Goes for magma cubes.
Silverfish can be tricky to hit due to their size, but are easy to avoid since their blocks take longer to break.
Spiders can climb walls. Thats it.
Creepers can explode you into the air and can destroy buildings. If you are smart enough to use arrows though, they are nothing.
Skeletons have a good range of attack and if there are enough, can push you back indefinitely and are almost impossible to get to in water.
Cave spiders can poison you but only spawn by a mob spawner.
Blazes are the same as cave spiders, except they can fly.
Zombie pigmen become hostile when you attack one. Its a quicker version of the zombie, but doesn't last nearly as long.
Witches can heal themselves, poison you, and have a variety of potions to use.
Zombies will call more zombies when provoked or killed. You could be attacked all night for trying to kill one.
Wither Skeletons can poison you, but that poison can kill you.
Endermen can teleport and become aggressive by looking at them. Not to mention, they can avoid almost all projectile attacks. Their teleportation can be very hard to deal with sometimes.
Ghasts are the flying creepers that don't kill themselves. A deadly force.
The wither is a ghast with much more health.
The enderdragon literally flies at you and kills you. Nothing except end stone, obsidian, and bedrock will stop it.
10/27/2013 11:10 am
Level 21 : Expert Toast
But if spider jockey was against the enderman we all know what would happen right? the skeleton part of the spider jockey would try to shoot the enderman and the enderman would teleport away. the spider part of the spider jockey would try to hit the enderman before it teleported away from the enderman but in the end we all know the enderman would win because he would kill the spider part of the spider jockey first and then the skeleton would be left behind and by itself and later either die in fire, or a adventurer in a multiplayer world, or creeper would blow it up.
10/27/2013 7:02 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Doesn't matter. It's two separate mobs. It's disqualified.
07/25/2014 2:50 pm
Level 21 : Expert Toast
no dude, it's 2 mobs combined into one. get over it.
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