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SU Theory: The Secrets of Gem Weapons [Part 1]

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Hey everyone, welcome back to another Steven Universe theory. Today I want to go into gem weapons, specifically what they really are (Extended theme reference), and the different types. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this theory.

Before we can get into the lore of gem weapons, we have to categorize them. There are three types of weapons, first being the normal gem weapons. These weapons are Steven's/Rose's shield, Pearl's spear, Amethyst's whip, and Garnet's Gauntlets. These are the main group; they're normal weapons. Something that connects them, is the fact that all of these weapons have a gem of some sort on them. For example, in the middle of Steven's shield is a gem, that's much different then Steven's gem. And on the end of Pearl's spear, is two objects that could be a gem. One is a circular yellow gem, and another is a white, top like gem.

The second group is the Homeworld group. We have little to work with, because only two gem weapons fall under this category, so lets analyze what we have closely. The only two weapons that fall under the group is Jasper's crash helmet, and Eyeball's hand knife. These two weapons are unlike any other, because of what they seem to be made of. Look at them, and you'll see that they are made of big, giant gems that have been carved. More into this later.

The third one is kind of tricky, because the real weapon of these two gems are up to debate. The gems that are here, are Bismuth and Lapis Lazuli. Both these gem's weapon is based off of a separate power that they have. Say what you want, but Lapis' gem weapon is clearly her water wings. Unlike her water manipulation, her wings come out of her gem, which is a common trait with gem weapons. And she couldn't make her wings when her gem was cracked, which is what normally happens with gems when they are cracked (For example, Eyeball didn't summon her weapon until Steven healed her). It's even harder to find out Bismuth's gem weapon, but there's a pretty convincing answer. She can change parts of her body to any shape, and the one she does the most is a two sided hammer. The reason I think this is her gem weapon, is because all the members (Except Steven) have a star on their weapon. So it'd make sense for Bismuth to have a star on hers.

These groups most likely can't interact with each other, meaning that they can't fuse to make different weapons, like when Opal had her bow. This is why Malachite, a gem who used Jasper's crash helmet and Lapis' wings, couldn't fuse the weapons and become something else. Which really sucks, because I was looking forwards to Pearl and Jasper fusing, to make an awesome unicorn hat D':

So we've separated them, but what are they really? Well, you'll notice that two of these groups are made up of gems. Look closely, and they're there. Not on the elemental powered gems, duh, but on every other one, it fits. This makes sense and all, except for one thing. The homeworld gem weapons. If you look at Eyeball's gem weapon, you can obviously tell that it's a wacky shape. Sure, it could have been cut to go in that shape, but the gem texture and appearance fit perfectly with the hand knife. And same for Jasper's crash helmet too!

Jasper's crash helmet is the most powerful gem weapon we've seen, and that's no surprise. I mean, look at the size of it! It's so big! Too big, in fact. The gem that the gem weapon was really big, even bigger then the Diamond's gem, which isn't supposed to be possible! Having a gem bigger then the Diamonds would mean you're greater then them, which definitely it's true for Jasper. So, what does this mean?

Well, in "Message Received," which was a huge Peridot character development episode btw, had Yellow Diamond talking to Peridot about the Earth. Yellow Diamond asked, "How is the Earth?" And Peridot responded with, "It's, full of life!" Then, Yellow Diamond says in a slightly annoyed tone, "Organic life." This means that Yellow Diamond is familiar with artificial life. Does this ring a bell? The Homeworld gem weapons are artificial! That explains the odd shape, the size, the power, pretty much everything! But, why?

Why doesn't Homeworld have access to normal gem weapons? Does this have anything to do with the gem war? Found out next time on SU Theory!
CreditSome of the theory is based off of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDuckzeOGi4 Credit to AJUniverse

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