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Survival Island Seed Hints! (and maybe Cheats!)

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mugen2099's Avatar mugen2099
Level 24 : Expert Archer
I made another Blog about Hints and maybe cheats!

1. They are a few cave enterances, you can see 3 different ones in the picture with all of the seeds on it.

2. Diamonds are in Lava in the video I saw of it.

3. When You spawn, look to the left and you see a desert that (With Render Distance Far Sometimes) leads to a Marshland, and the Marshland connects to a 1.4 realeased (I think, maybe 1.8) Dark Forest and the Original MineCraft Forest! (I got lost a few times so remember where you are going and where the Island is, I made it back Luckly!)

4. This Survival Island Seed is Awesome!

That is all of the Hints and maybe Cheats I can think of right now! Peace!

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