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(Contest Blog) Sword Art Online RPG Mod

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SkinnerTheHaymitch's Avatar SkinnerTheHaymitch
Level 16 : Journeyman Taco
OK well I've been searching for a while now and still haven't found it so what i want is a small replica of
the sword art online anime first of all it will come with a texture pack which contains 16x,32x,64x,and up resolution of a kind of replica of the anime's textures like the Elucidator, the Dark Repulsor,guilty thorn and some other swords I've been asking a lot of pro modders but none of them want to make it, the mod should also come with a skills menu like any other RPG skills like double blade, you could also have jobs like one of Kirito's best friends he's a swordsman he has a skill that could pinpoint every single detail of the weapon like the ones on Herobrine mansion, it listed how much damage, it listed a name and some other enchantments it has, and for some more fun to come with the mod it would be awesome if it came with a map not an exact replica of the anime but at least bits of it like dungeon bosses its possible to do the dungeon bosses without a mod since you have command blocks as a friend to arm the mobs but if you want you can add better bosses like that demon bull or that death skull which is a large serpent but made with skulls also coming back with the double blade skill you could choose classes you could pick swordsman,smith,blade master,rune slayer,magic knight, rune knight,sword knight,and each class has a special ability one of the blade related classes could get double blade skill so that you could wield 2 blades so its like kirito's skill and well that's what I want I want a lot more but I think that would be TOO much LOL I hope this does get made it would be SO cool thx for reading this BYE! PS:i also want 2 skins kirito and his friend Asuna
CreditSAO, Sword Art Online,Youtube,texture pack,pukes

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Zero Of Britannia
02/08/2013 9:42 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zero Of Britannia's Avatar
i actually have a custom sword art online texture pack. i changed item names too. iron ore is now crystallite ore . iron ingots are crystallite ingots. gold=titanium diamonds=Onyx gemstones. i retextured the diamond sword to look like the elucidator. iron sword is dark repulser. gold sword is lambient light. I used the ocd normal block textures. i dont know how to uploud it....but i can try if you want it. i might post a video on youtube later but i don't know. you can emaiil me at if you want to talk. I hope that this helps.
12/13/2012 9:26 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Narwhal
xX11Ben11Xx's Avatar
Yesh. SAO and ALO ftw
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