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Tekkit Beginners Tutorial

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Hi, if you're reading this it is because you are either interested in getting tekkit but don't know how, or trying to learn its ways >:)

Installing Tekkit: Tekkit is a mod pack for Survival Multi Player (SMP). It adds machines and items, tools and weapons to the game. I may go as far as to say that the Technic Pack is the most popular pack ever.
Downloading the Launcher: Go to www.technicpack.net/. Scroll down a little bit (If you don't scroll down at all you see the top of the box to get it in the bottom right. it says 'Get it Now!'.)
On the right of the website, look for the Green box that says 'Download the Tekkit Launcher'. Click that, and save it to your desktop.
Installation: Just run what you just downloaded and it's done!

Running Tekkit: Just open the launcher and fill in your minecraft username and password. Also, in the top left there should be a pull down box. Click that, and look for tekkit. Then select Tekkit.
Tekkit automatically installs itself.

Playing: Start off how you normally would. I prefer cutting down 5 trees and then mining a small hole or finding a cave to live my first night in.
Mining: Tekkit adds several ores to the game.
Copper Ore: Used for a lot of basic tech. I.E: Copper Cables.
Tin Ore: Used in components for advanced tech. I.E: 'Cells'
Sapphire Ore: Gives you sapphires. They used in tools which do as much damage as a diamond tool/weapon, but breaks faster.
Emerald Ore: Same as sapphire, but green.
Ruby Ore: Same as sapphire, but red.
Uranium Ore: You get uranium. Gratz, go make a nuke.
Silver Ore: Like iron.
Plus most of these in 'Nether Ores' which you have to macerate.
First Machines: All machines need some sort of power. There are four main types of power sources, some machines need two or more different types. Types of power include:
High Voltage
Medium Voltage
Low Voltage (Most used)
Redstone Power.
Low Voltage Machines
Almost all machines are low voltage. Machines like the Macerator, Electric Furnace, Extractor, Compresser, Recycler, and a couple others use Low Voltage. Putting in a higher voltage then it uses will make the machine go boom. Literally.
Macerator: its a grinder. If you put ores into it, it will give you two of that ores dust (Double what you would get in a furnace) These are extremely useful but slow. I love using nether diamond in these, because you get two diamonds instead of one.
Electric Furnace: A coal-free cooker? :O
Compresser: This compresses items... Duh? Such as Carbon Mesh into Carbon Plates (For nano armor)
Recycler: Recycles any block for scrap, which can be used to speed up your Mass Fabricator (HV)
Extractor: It extracts stuff, like rubber from rubberwood (in jungles), or fuels.
Singularity Compresser: advanced compresser
Rotary Macerator: Advanced Macerator
Centrifuge Extractor: Advanced Extractor.
Canning Machine: efficient food compresser.
Pump: Pumps liquids.
Magnetizer: Wearing anything metal (Iron armor) will pull you to it.

Medium Voltage Machines
Medium Voltage is the voltage that is pretty much the most useless one. Most machines are either HV or LV, so this one isn't as important.
Really the only use I found for these is hooking them up to Solar Panels and LV/HV Converters. More on that further on.
Induction Furnace: A furnace...

High Voltage Machines
High Voltage machines are tough to make but super useful. Most of them are needed to be paired together to work
Forcefield: This requires alot of blocks put together. My next tutorial will include how to operate and craft one.
Electrolyzer: Electrifies things (Water cells)
Mass Fabricator: Makes UU-Matter

Cool... I know how to use these machines...
You need to know how to store power and use cables and wires!
Ultra Low Current Cable
Glass Fiber.
This list is from Low voltage to high.
A BatBox is a battery box that stores 40,000 EU/t in LV (Standard Energy Unit)
A MFE Stores 600,000 EU in MV.
A MFSU Stores 10,000,000 EU in HV.
Using a transformer would let you use HV for LV, etc.
How to use transformers:
To make a transformer 'up' a charge (eg: LV to MV) the MV transformer needs to be powered by redstone.
Always make the three holes point to where the highest amount of energy would be.

I don't need to tell you. Tekkit comes with NEI (Not enough Items) which has a recipe mode. Go to Options (In yout inventory bottom left) and then go to (Recipe Mode/Cheat Mode/Utility Mode) and select which one by clicking box.

I hope all of you brand new tekkit newbs will be better off with this very basic explanation of how to use electricity and simple machines. My next tutorial will be good and useful setups for machines, then the one after that will be HV machines.

How to help me :)
Since this is just a tut nothing really but subscribe, diamond, and favorite :)

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