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Minecraft Updates: How Veterans Feel, and What Happened.

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Minecraft Updates: How the Veterans Feel.

Recently PMC has been plagued with posts on the forums and blogs about how everyone disagrees with the Minecraft Updates. Save the rose and all that. An equal amount, if not more, of just as horrid posts have plagued PMC along with this: The posts in forums and blogs about how stupid Veterans are, its just a rose, right?
Well, for the most part, no.I have spoken with many players about this topic, and I feel that they all have one misunderstanding that is the same:They do not fully understand the feelings that Veterans are feeling.

This is the aim of my blog. I hope to describe to all of you minecrafters how I, and most other Veterans of Minecraft feel.

How the Veterans Feel:

Minecraft has existed for an extremely long time. Survival Test came out ~2009. In game browser version, and the original 'Cave Game' came out before even that. I was sadly not among those people, I had purchased the game in the first stage of Alpha. I have a good friend who has played since Survival Test (Minecraftftwlol, aka MedievalHeroes).
Minecraft, originally, was this unknown beast of a game, completely different from other games. At this time, 2009, we had games like CoD: MW2 and Battlefield 1943 coming out, amazing first player shooters that had great graphics (At the time), and then we had minecraft. Blocks on blocks on blocks. At this time Minecraft didnt have anything that made it beautiful: No smooth lighting, no block shading, it was just the bare minimums. The fun part about minecraft at this time is the Community.
Minecraft presented the gamer with a community like none other. Minecraft's community was a friendly, not concentrating on personal skill but rather about raising the skill of everyone. Everyone worked with the people around them, giving only constructive criticism and tips to help them become an amazing player. The feelings felt back then are immensely hard to describe, but a strong feeling of loyalty to your friends and a care for your friends was felt.

Of course the next logical question is why make such a big fuss about roses? It is because it is something the Veterans can use to their advantage in an argument. Roses have been in the game for practically as long as everything else. Survival Test was either grass or stone, and then after that we get sand and logs and leaves and roses. Quite honestly, the updates over the years have been thoroughly embraced by minecrafters. "Oh, they added fishing?" "Thats great!!" And quite honestly I always get a little thrill of excitement when a update comes out. I absolutely love this 1.7 update, and with a few discussions with other veterans, so do they.
So, if Veterans love the game and love the updates, and truly dont just hate because they removed roses, what is wrong? It is because of the modern day community change. Minecraft used to be filled with knowledgeable characters that always made it their personal goal to help further the knowledge of others. But now our community has fallen. Instead of all the new players screaming questions of how to play the game, we now have minecrafters who run around screaming the following stupid obscenities:
And several other stupid phrases deserving of a 5 year old. This is the problem Veteran's have. They hate, and I mean HATE, the new community. It is filled with pre-teens and swag-fags. Minecraft has changed; not just in game but in community. The game now-a-days is amazing, beautiful yet blocky, advanced yet simple, loved and cherished. But the community blows, everyone is concerned with themselves and not with the bettering of others.
This is why we hate the community, why we complain and argue and fight for the old minecraft.
This is the answer to you question: Why, Veterans?
Now you know.

Nepew0_new asked a good question, and I believed that it should of been added to my blog.
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This is his original post in the comments below:

Oh,guess that "mini-blog" was just a teaser for the real thing, nice! I still don't understand what happened to the community though....I mean sure, more people are playing, more people are doing youtube and blah blah blah, but how did it....Just broke?I'm still a little confuse about the updates BEFORE the community just went to....Well you know......I'm confused about 1.8 BETA and some other updates before the crash of the community, why the hate?So far I've been able to know that most people hate 1.8 BETA because they changed the world generation code and they hate 1.0.0 because the End?

So what happened?

First off, thank you nepew0_new for the great question. I hope you all comment your thoughts below.
What happened is not Minecraft's fault entirely. I think part of the problem was other games that came out. We get a lot of first person shooter games that definitely promote this behaviour. If you have played Call of Duty or a similar game, you know what I am talking about. Little kids raging on there, extremely good players insulting the newer players, sometimes even players are crying (wtf lol). As minecraft evolved more and more into supporting the idea of PvP (Minecraft used to be just building, no health or anything), it supported more people from CoD and other games to share their worthless game-behaviour.
Minecraft originated as pure creative (In game Browser version), where there was no health, no food bar, worlds weren't even infinite (OMG!!! Not even infinite?! Yes, worlds were infinite after InfDev came out). Eventually it evolved more, into a nicer and easier game to build in and the community was great. At that point, that is when I believed that community was the best. Then it added zombies and mobs and fall damage and health and all these scary things - the player could die! (Minecraft Survival). At the beginning (This was the time to play minecraft) everyone banded together to fight against this new, scary environment. Killing others was considered wrong (At the time) and only happened when a rogue player betrayed the community. (This was always fun). Then more stuff was added... bows were more lethal and accurate, traveled farther distances, redstoners started to really design horrible traps, tnt was brought into effect (No one really used it at the beginning) and then enchantments and potions. Look at all the recent major updates, they all affected PvP in some way.

This is where the fall of the minecraft community started. Players thought it would be better to live on their own, and steal and plunder others to thrive. No longer were they interested in farming together, mining and splitting the profits, living together, helping each other. If you died in a community, it was no longer an instance of "Oh here is your stuff back." Now its like this:
"Ha... I always hated him."
"Good riddance."
It is horrible. I am quite sure other veterans can relate to this.
This is the fall of the minecraft community.
This is why the game is how it is.

Nepew asks why the hate to the main updates, mainly Beta 1.8 and Minecraft 1.0.0:
It is because Veterans have noticed that at this time, this is when the worst of the changes to the communities happened. It has nothing to do with in game content (Except for the PvP part, spoken about above) but just how the community changed generally after these updates. Thanks.

Please ask any questions or post any thoughts in the comments below.

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My blog was posted today (11/9/2013 @9:50) On the popular reel. Thank you all for reading my blog and commenting!

CreditTo MedievalHeroes (aka minecraftftwlol) for letting me use his skin, for giving me ideas about this blog, and of course being a great friend.

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Nepew! : by CGBrothers 11/15/2013 11:45:53 amNov 15th, 2013

His actual name is Nepew0_new, and i thought it was nephew0_new. Terribly sorry, mate. Fixed it.

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12/26/2014 8:59 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
OhMaiKuma's Avatar
It's really funny to think that the reason I came to the person I am now is mostly because of Minecraft. (Almost a sad thought)... I was 9 years old when I started playing Minecraft, mostly Classic, then Alpha... Around Alpha 1.0 ._. So in 5th grade, I was the only girl, obviously, and only girl at my age who played Minecraft. The reason I still play is simlpy for nostalgic reasons.. But, I've honestly been through so much since I started playing XD. I remember when I was literally addicted to it, I decorated my folders for elementary with screenshots of me mining, and all the boys were like, "What is that? O.O". Explaining it was the best. I'm 15 years old now. o.o I It's been 6 years.
03/12/2015 10:24 pm
Level 20 : Expert Engineer
wedstone's Avatar
What I remember was from 6th grade to 7th grade, watching everyone in my (single-gender program) class start discovering Minecraft and being so excited about it, and all the xbox players and the few pc players just constantly talking about the game. Sophmore now and I don't play that much because I just can't get used to the new Minecraft. ideal period for me was 1.2.5 (not the alpha, the really long standing uppdate) when I knew everything, but there was still that sense of everything to be explored! I was still exploring my building and map-making career and it all felt so hopeful. Went semi-pro in building and I just sorta didn't like the game anymore. I only ever play now if I think I can get that nostalgic feeling back, but alas, it never happens.
06/10/2014 8:43 am
Level 34 : Artisan Ninja
AkirAssasin's Avatar
Love this post. Even I'm only a year in Minecraft and 14 in real life, I support the Veterans. What happened on most of my Minecraft vanilla experiences all ended in every player who fought each other banding up together and terraforming the land. I admit that I am usually the rogue player; even then I give back valuable items and make peace with them. I was shocked when someone told me GTFO even when I gave him every single thing that he dropped. The reason? I accidentally shot his butt with an arrow when we were surrounded by hostile mobs.
Gamecool 10
01/28/2014 12:09 am
Level 23 : Expert Archer
Gamecool 10's Avatar
I remember joining minecraft at 1.5.2 and getting griefed.... 6 times on one server. Of course, this means I deal with griefing like any other thing, but it wasn't a great start after spending almost $25 of my fathers money.
01/28/2014 8:54 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
CGBrothers's Avatar
Lol, that sucks bro. Griefing is a scary part of minecraft :S
11/24/2013 6:32 am
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf's Avatar
Well were you expecting all twelve million Minecraft players to be friendly, easygoing and nice? That's not how the world works!
11/24/2013 6:13 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
CGBrothers's Avatar
But it used to. And that is the whole point. It used to be that 9/10 players you met were kind, smart, and good people. Now its more like 0.5/10.
11/24/2013 11:59 pm
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf's Avatar
Big things get crazy
11/25/2013 11:17 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Lego Builder
CGBrothers's Avatar
Doesn't mean this isnt true.
11/22/2013 12:12 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Princess
SpongyBacon's Avatar
Great blog, definately deserves pop reel :D
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