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The Chronicles of Eduardo The Taco

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8:11 A.M.

It was a sunny, bright Saturday morning at, Buffet of Nationality and Jonathan Loops was just about to create a taco to store in the fridge for the customers. He had bought all the ingredients and was ready to form them into a taco. Only the ingredients weren't what Johnathan was expecting. Oh no, they were something else. They were magical.

What makes them magical you say? Everything.

Johnathan had no clue that the ingredients he had bought at, Ye Olde Super-Market were enchanted so he decided to use them for the taco.

First thing was first, he picked up the shell for the taco and placed it on a desk. He then took magical shreds of lettuce and placed it all over the shell. After that was done he took magical meat shreds and placed them all over the taco. Then after that, Johnathan splattered melted cheese all over the taco and added many various spices to keep it tangy and fresh. Finally, he closed up the shell and put the taco in the fridge.

The fridge was the last component added to the magic and with all these powers combined, they could make inanimate objects come to life! That's exactly what they did to the taco, soon to be named, Eduardo.

12:02 P.M.

Johnathan was just about to go back into the kitchen and check on his taco that he had made earlier. As he got into the kitchen and opened the fridge door, he realized that that his taco wasn't there! That's when he got the sick idea that someone had taken it! Johnathan went to go search for his Sherlock Holmes costume he had worn earlier that year for Halloween because he realized this case wasn't going to be anything easy.

12:06 P.M.

Eduardo the Taco had just learned how to walk in a matter of 3 seconds of coming to life. He was already making his way toward the front entrance of the buffet to make a hasty escape of where he was born to start a brand new life as a taco. However he didn't realize the obstacles he had to get through to make it beyond the door. The buffet would open in precisely 24 minutes so Eduardo needed to speed up and reach the door before hungry customers smash him to pieces. Sadly that wasn't the only obstacle that Eduardo had to get through. There was also... Johnathan.

12:11 P.M.

Johnathan had just gotten his costume on and was ready to go searching for his long lost taco. Little did he realize that his taco was already making his way towards the door. Johnathan searched all the employees working at the buffet but all of them were clean. About five minutes before the buffet opened, Johnathan decided to give up, until he saw something move in the corner of his eye. He looked up, confused and saw his taco walking! He was really walking! At first Johnathan couldn't believe his eyes but then he realized he needed his taco back before the anyone harms him or... eats him.

12:27 P.M

Eduardo started hearing footsteps in the background, he realized that Johnathan was coming for him and he had to do something quickly. Just as Eduardo was about to come up with a plan, he felt a hand squeeze around him...

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Hope you enjoyed.
Credits15c for the idea

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07/11/2012 2:25 pm
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12/03/2011 2:49 am
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dunkeykong's Avatar
shouldn't moderators stop people from doing stuff like this the site is called planetminecraft not planet tacos or planet right about whatever shit you want?
06/14/2013 12:48 am
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Aether_Angel's Avatar
Shouldn't you just enjoy the story? Not everything has to be affiliated with Minecraft.
12/02/2011 3:14 pm
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"Johnathan went to go search for his Sherlock Holmes costume he had worn earlier that year for Halloween." Funny. I'm favoriting. And +iGsMapng
12/02/2011 10:01 am
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Hero
Sneeze7's Avatar
i love tacos :3
12/01/2011 10:50 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
Targnil's Avatar
...What is wrong with this site?
12/02/2011 7:19 am
Level 45 : Master Blob
SourC00kie's Avatar
I love how you just joined yesterday and already judging the site. (sigh)
12/01/2011 10:47 pm
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delet_this's Avatar
12/01/2011 10:30 pm
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Happybandaid's Avatar
Too bad we can't use Eduardo for the inanimate objects contest now...
12/01/2011 10:33 pm
Level 45 : Master Blob
SourC00kie's Avatar
Pshhh, who said? Just be sure to thank s15c and C00kie for giving yah the idea.
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