The Dimension of The Unknown

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Level 35 : Artisan Toast
The Dimension of The Unknown -

A dimension with no bounds, endless trails, paths, forests, and all that. People see it as a chrome color... creatures roam around the fields of the dead, and the Forest of Insanity, there’s a Facility there, from ACE Industries, though that is not the main part of it and it never will be. Magic is unusable here, as it does not exist. And neither should you.

The Entrance Point -

If your unlucky enough you can slip through the seams of reality and fall into a room, a tattoo with numbers on your neck, as you where a straight jacket… hours in you will be knocked out, rendered as a failed subject, and dropped down a tube into a pool of decomposed bodies. This is the easiest section of the world. If you can call it a world.

The First Room -

A small boxed-in room, with a concrete floor, white walls, ceiling lights, the ceiling having water and mold stains, the room having a single door, a camera, and a drain. Do not scream or cry, else you will be executed.

The Fields -

The fields consist of dead grass, skeletons, and bodies strewn everywhere. Sometimes you can see color, but it’s only the gasses and smell of plague and death getting to you. Ghost-like figures roam around, stripping the happiness and joy from your very soul. The flowers are shriveled, frozen cold as the area is foggy and damp, puddles of goo like substance everywhere, do you want to know what it is? What remains of the souls lost in the labyrinth

The Forest of Insanity -

The trees are black with no leaves, nothing but the framework, their branches strong with spikes, if you stay for too long, vines cover your body as your absorbed into the soil. The area is damp and foggy, flesh like structures sprout around the area, if you touch one, disturb it… know you are doomed. (inspired by AICO Incarnation). There’s a sense of misdirection everywhere inside the forest as you can easily get lost for days, weeks, months. You won’t die, all you will feel is hunger and the want for food and water.

The Deserts of Demise -

Dark red sand is here, there are sinkholes, that lead to nothing but black holes, though they do not have a gravitational pull. There is a shelter here, a collapsed satellite embedded… to access it you need to find it, set your mind straight. And maybe it will appear. A man, “The Loner” roams these lands in search of hope, driven mad by isolation. Just don’t get in his way...

The ACE Laboratory -

The Laboratory’s entrances have been torn open, you will find a badge of a “Adam Jones” with the ID Number 0006, you can use it to gain access to the facility, on which you will enter. The doors will seal shut. You can roam and search for anybody, but all you will find at most is bloodies clothes of researchers.
Later you will experience a wall of matter (seek the AICO Incarnation Wiki for more information on the Matter) it will stretch and try to kill any organisms in its vicinity, you will need to escape. But theres only one. Did you bring the key card? Good. if you successfully get out, you are left to a hangar bay covered in vines. The only thing operable is a single motorcycle.
- Breach Detected, Please Evacuate Immediately. - there is a breach as aforementioned creatures break through the vents and drop down around you… you need to use the motorcycle to escape, on which you will reach the cliff...

The Inevitable Cliff - This Cliff has structures near it, crumbled as they fall. There is nothing to do here except jump. If you come from the laboratory, the creatures have surrounded you, cornered you to the edge. On which you will fall… leading into the dark void you will feel nothing but numbness as you can feel the air of your lungs be stripped away as your mind goes into a state of nothingness… you can feel the color draining from your body as all you can see are memories of the past, sadness envelops you, you think your going to die but you dont cry, no struggle to leave the place.

The Beaches of Despair -

The beach has gray sand, a skull or two somewhere, as a house lays on higher ground. Looking all warm, cozy, in this place of terror. Theres a blanket with folded clothes on a couch with a fireplace lit. warm food on a table. It’s only until you start thinking, that the truth shines through… the food on the table is a rotten corpse, the clothes you are wearing are torn, filled with maggots and worms, the house abandoned as the floor is torn apart. The ground is sinking, the basement filled with these figures, clawing up the stairs. If you get out, the house burns. If you don’t. Your mauled to death by creatures with the sharpest of teeth and claws.

The Ocean -

The ocean is blackish in color, toxic to even be by, the mist and vapor comes off of it which creates the fog. Down in the ocean is an endless void hand outstretching to you to drag you down deep as you suffocate and die. Your soul is absorbed into the abyss.

The Abyss -

The abyss, its what it says, pitch black, no hope, no air, nothing to grip on as you fall and fall forever until you reach the bottom. Of which you will suffer for eternity gasping for air as you try to get out of a tar like substance, you will fail and be absorbed into the abyss… if your lucky you will wake up on a beach in the overworld… of which reality sets in.

10/21/2020 10:32 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Toast
this is a plotline concept ive been putting together over the past couple of days, I'm deciding to put it here so people can take a look and I can get feeback.
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