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The Disease that Proves Love is Pain 🌸🌸Hanahaki Disease🌸🌸 {✪ Popular Reel}

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Creative_Kylee avatar Creative_Kylee
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   Please read. I need people to criticise it. I don't want to beg you to read..But...

Before we start I would just like to show the four main characters so that you understand. These are literally the only characters in the story.

         Harley                 Phoenix
The Disease that Proves Love is Pain 🌸🌸Hanahaki Disease🌸🌸 {✪ Popular Reel}The Disease that Proves Love is Pain 🌸🌸Hanahaki Disease🌸🌸 {✪ Popular Reel}
        Yolanda            Christopher Coleman I
The Disease that Proves Love is Pain 🌸🌸Hanahaki Disease🌸🌸 {✪ Popular Reel}
Btw I made this story at like 3 am. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. You will be left with many questions,.

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

      The Disease that Proves Love is Pain

                                          - Creative_Kylee

*Epic Narrator Voice*
There once was a young boy named Harley. He lived in quite a peaceful town, filled with shops and all sorts of glorious things to behold! Everything was normal until one day something changed him forever. This is how our story will begin...

  I was walking through town going to some little stalls and the sorts. But today was different than it normally is. It was much more…
Busy… I didn’t pay much mind to it though because I had to get somewhere to meet up with my friend Yolanda. We are going to the newly built statue to honor our former mayor, Grey Coleman II. He was a good man, but sadly passed at age 69( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Not to mention, Mayor Coleman was a great mayor! He built nature reserves and he always made sure every citizen had running water and a good supply of food. We will all miss him dearly. Now it’s all up to his son… Christopher Coleman I. The worst part? Christopher is by far the most DREADFUL guy anyone could choose to be mayor of this town. He absolutely hates my guts and therefore I hate his! I can’t stand this guy. To begin with, he was the reason that the town had lost all of its power because he wanted to light 10 thousand fireworks for his 21st birthday! How can anyone be this dumb?? That would never work! Oh yeah! Another time he brought the town a giant cake made for the whole town, but he just “happened” to get it from a witch. Like, who does that? He is such an IDIOT! Everyone was sick for like an entire month.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn’t even notice Yolanda calling my name. She tapped me on the shoulder and it scared the living hell heck out of me. I jumped a little, but brushed it off like nothing happened. I am shooketh.

“Hey Harley! Ready to go to the statue ceremony?”

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“Alright! Let's head off then!”

When arriving I sat down in my seat. I felt really tired all of a sudden. Eh. Whatever. I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye. They wore a blue jacket and had red hair. The most memorable thing about them was that they had a light blue bandana keeping the hair out of their face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. I didn’t even notice that I was staring until I heard loud “BANG”. Whiping my head around I saw someone walk up to the stage. They started a speech:

“We are all gathered here today to honor our former mayor Gray Coleman II. This statue was built in his memory as one of the greatest mayors this town has ever had. Passing at age 69, he was th-

I woke up with the strangest headache. My head was pounding. For some reason my eyes excruciatingly hurt and my memory was fuzzy, but I thought I would be fine. I don’t remember what exactly happened yesterday. Did anything happen yesterday? I’m not sure.

Wait. I am starting to remember. There was this guy. Bandana, heterochromatic eyes, red hair…

Oh right! The ceremony! I blacked out. Then how did I-


I jumped at the sudden loud noise.

“Yolanda? Is that you? What happened yesterday?”

“Why the hell are you asking me? I need some answers right now! Why did you create such a scene? You embarrassed the both of us. And I HATE getting embarrassed. You just gave Christopher another reason to make fun of us…”


“Oh. You don’t remember all of a sudden?!?! Yeah that’s bullsh!t!”

“Okay, first of all watch your language. You know I don’t like swearing. And secondly, I actually don’t remember what happened yesterday. I thought I kinda just blacked out. Could you please explain?”

“Okay. Fine. Yesterday you. You. Y-You tore down the statue…


“Yeah. I don’t know how you managed to do it, but you did.”

“B-but I-I couldn’t have done something like THAT! It’s disrespecting the mayor!”

“You made us both look like absolute fools. I cannot forgive you for that. Now I am receiving horrible messages and threats from people and it’s all because of YOU!”

“I-I’m s-sorry. I-”

“Don’t just say you’re sorry f*ckboy! I can’t believe you did this! You’re an absolute disgrace! You have ruined my life and my reputation! I HATE YOU!”

“Y-You can’t r-really mean-”


I ran as fast as I could back to my house. The tears swelling up my eyes and I felt ready to puke. My chest burned and my heart rate started to speed up. I finally reached my house. It was relieving. As I got inside I heard a noise. A footstep…

Someone was in my house…

I live alone…

As an idiot, I said “Hello? Is anyone there?”. Then I heard the footsteps way closer than they were before. They were right behind me. I quickly turned around and for a split second I saw it..The light blue bandana… Then everything went black.

I woke up on the floor. What time is it? How long was I out for? Damn. Two blackouts in one story. That’s a lot. I could definitely feel the bump on my head. It hurt like heck. But I do remember the person from before. Was it really them? In my mind I can see their gorgeous face and their cute red hair. But their eyes. Those magnificent heterochromatic blue and gray eyes. They shine like a galaxy in the night sky.

What am I even talking about?? I have never even met this person. I’m not in love am I? No. Of course not. No one can fall in love at first sight! It doesn’t work like that!

But. Just thinking of them sent chills up my spine and it made my heart race like a whirlpool. All of a sudden, I felt a little burning in my throat. Ah! It hurt like hell. Then I felt like I was about to puke. I rushed to the toilet as quickly as possible. Then it all came out. It was scratching the inside of my neck, but when I looked at what came out, I was horrified.

Thorns and flowers…

What does this mean? Is it dangerous? Maybe it will go away in due time..

I was wrong. Everyday this flower and thorn thing keeps coming out of my throat. It stings like no other, and I've started puking blood as well. This isn’t good. I should go find out what is happening to me. Maybe I should have done that from the start.

So, I headed off to the library. While searching through the books I noticed one that said “Hanahaki Disease”. It had a bunch of flowers on the front that looked a lot like the ones that I kept throwing up. I sat down and started to read.

Hanahaki Disease is a disease in which a victim coughs up flowers and in most cases thorns. It’s very rare and not many people will get it in their lifetime. It’s caused when a person suffers from a one-sided love. The thorns and flowers will slowly increase in size and it may start to bloom flowers and vines that will suffocate the victim. No one has found a cure yet. If you have Hanahaki Disease, say your last goodbyes.

I slammed the book shut and realisation struck me like a wedge hammer to a wall.

I’m going to die…

Maybe I should go to Yolanda and tel-

You know what? Nevermind. She probably wouldn’t care if I died. No one would. I ruined the statue and disrespected the mayor. Maybe if I died, everything would be better. I was lost in my thoughts while walking to put the book back. I hadn’t even noticed the person in front of me-


“I am so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention and-”

It was him...The one who caused me this “disease”.

“Hello? You there?”

“Oh! Sorry.. I was..Thinking…”

“Right.... Have I seen you somewhere before?”

My throat started burning.. I knew what was about to happen. I have to get out of here fast.

“Me?? No! I don’t think we have ever seen each other before! If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be on my wa-”

“But I’m positive I’ve seen you somewhere! I just know it!”

“I have to g-”

“WAIT! Aren't you the guy who tore down the statue?”

“Yes. But I really must be going-”

“Nice to meet you! I’m Phoenix! What’s your name?”

“I-I’m H-Harley.”

“Nice to meet you Harley! :)”

Phoenix looked so happy. Their eyes shone like happy stars twinkling in the night sky. I could feel my face start to heat up and my throat started to burn even more. I started to feel little pricks.

“I’m sorry to end our conversation here Phoenix! But I really have to be somewhere right now!”

I bolted out of there. I didn’t want Phoenix to see that I’m blushing. What if they don’t feel the same way for me? I could get rejected. What would happen? I don’t want to know.

I quickly hid behind some bushes and it all came out. I was coughing and gagging flowers and thorns. I could see the bright red blood that coated it all. My hands covered my mouth, but that didn’t help. I did learn something from this though. Blood tastes NASTY.

For the next day and a half I tried to ignore the disease by doing my day to day activities. I kept on meeting up with Phoenix and we had some good laughs and I met a couple of their friends. I avoided all eye contact with Phoenix because I knew I would start to blush or worse..The thorns and flowers. The next day Phoenix invited me over to a party at their house. I blindly agreed to go. But I did ask who would be there and Phoenix started mentioning a couple people. The one that caught me by surprise was “Yolanda and Christopher”. I wondered.

Why did Phoenix put those two names after one another? It seems like a big coincidence so I just shrug it off and try not to think about it.

I was at home getting ready for the party that starts in two hours, when I all of a sudden noticed a purple flower on my head. It was odd. I tried pulling it off to no avail. It hurt with every tug. But I didn’t want people to question it, so I just put on a hoodie and called it a day. The only hoodie color I had was light pink. I will definitely be made fun of for this, but at least it’s better than everyone seeing a flower sticking out of your head.

I was on my way to the party when I see a car start to pass by. It slows down as it gets closer to me. I stop. Then the car comes to a complete halt. As the window rolls down I see it.

Yolanda and Christopher...They got together? What a joke! My best friend with HIM?! That Bastard!

“What do you want Chris?”

“We thought you might want a ride to the party.”

I looked at them with a puzzled expression.

“Wot m8?”

“Do you need a ride to the party Harley?”

Did he just call me Harley? He always calls me things like Hootin’ Tootin' Harkey, Hailey, Havana, ect. Something feels off about this.


“Great! Hop in! :D”

I climb in the car and it just feels so awkward. I stay silent for most of the ride, but then he takes a strange turn.

“Hey. Uhm. C-Chris. A-Are you sure this is the right way?”

“Of course! I’m Christopher Coleman I! I’m never wrong.”

Yeah. Okay. Boost your egotistical ass up higher will ya?

It was really late and almost pitch black outside. Then Yolanda chimes in.

“Sooooo. Uhhhh. Hey Chris. Where the frick are we?!”



Christopher! F*cking answer me c*nt!”

Then the car stopped suddenly. I started to hear whispers. Uh oh…

They were gone…

Fear overwhelmed me and I just sat there. Alone. Just like I did on Valentines’ Day.

It was so quiet.

I got out of the car and all I could see was fog. No civilization in sight. Nothing. Just an empty wasteland. I heard footsteps running towards me. I can’t move! My feet are stuck to the ground! Everything started spinning out of control! Then….


I screamed at the top of my lungs like a little girl on her birthday.

I woke up to someone shaking me violently. It was Phoenix.

“Oh my goodness! Harley! Are you okay? I heard you screaming”

“Yeah. Just a bad dream. Uggghhhh. What happened last night?”

“We all got drunk and passed out..”


I started to feel a familiar feeling in my throat.

“Phoenix. Where is the bathroom here?”

“Upstairs, second door on the left. Are you good man? You have been needing to use the bathroom a lot lately”

“Yeah. I’m good. But I gotta go!”

“Okay then. But if you’re having any issues you can tell me. Alright?”

“Yup…. I will…”


Upstairs I could feel a more violent shaking and sharper thorns in the back of my neck. Blood is going everywhere. What do I do? I can’t let Phoenix see the blood and flowers everywhere! So, I call out to them.

“Hey uhh. Phoenix?”

“Yeah Harley?”

“Do you have any towels?”

“Sure. Why do you need them?”

Bathroom troubles

“Ohhhh! Okay! Okay! I gotchu.”


While cleaning up the blood I remember the purple flower on my head. I decided to look in the mirror to see if it’s still there. Yup. It is-

Wait. What’s that?!

There’s now a flower blooming on my chest too. It’s a light blue flower. Greattttttt. More pain for me I guess.

Right when I finish cleaning up the blood and flowers, I feel that stupid feeling in my throat again. No! I don’t want to clean it up again! I notice that there’s a window and I decided that I would stick my head out to get rid of the thorns and flowers there. It starts up as a little coughing fit, but it gets to full on vomiting in no time at all. It hurts. I don’t think I’m going to make it much longer if this keeps up. I couldn’t breathe. My lungs felt like they were tearing apart. I just want it to end.

I decided that if I want it to end I’ll just have to let it happen. I stay at home for the next two days barfing up blood, flowers, and thorns. I can’t let anyone see me like this. I have to stay distant. More and more flowers start to bloom on my body. There’s now 8 flowers blooming. Each one has thorns. It hurts to move anywhere.

And to think this was all caused by love. I guess everyone was right. Love is pain.

It was later in the day and I heard a knock at my door.

“Sorry, I’m busy right now!”

“It’s me Phoenix.”

Phoenix? No no no no! Not now! This is a bad time! In fact, it’s the WORST time!

“Like I said, I’m busy right now.”

“Please let me in. I’m worried about you Harley. You’ve been very distant and I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

No. I don’t want to worry them! Please don’t be sad!

“I-I’m *Cough* f-f-fine *Cough* *INTENSE COUGHING NOISES*”

“Okay that’s it. I’m coming in.”




“No! Don’t look at me!”

Then my eyesight got worse suddenly. A red flower bloomed out of my eye.

“Harley! What the hell?”

“I’m sorry I can’t- Gah!”

I felt the flowers coming up to my throat. My body told me this is where it ends.

“Harley! You have Hanahaki Disease?! Why didn’t you tell me? No! Please don’t go!”

I fell to my knees and started coughing. I couldn’t breathe.


Phoenix started to cry and so did I. It hurt so much. The pain was overwhelming. My body couldn’t take much more.


“Ph-Phoenix. I *Cough* just wanted *Cough* to tell y-you-”


“I’ve h-had a *Cough* crush on y-you since we *Cough* m-m-met”

“I’ve also had a crush on you to Harley. But please don’t leave me! Without you my life is meaningless! Please….”

I didn’t get rejected? That’s a first.

“Wait. Y-You-”

I felt the pain subside. My eyesight started to come back to me and my throat stopped stinging.

“Harley. Y-You’re okay..”

Phoenix’s eyes started to cry tears of joy. They hugged me until I could no longer breathe.

“Oh! Sorry Harley!”

“No no. It’s fine.”

“Don’t you EVER scare me like that again!”

“I’m sorry”

“Wha- no! Don’t be sorry. Do you know what we just did?”


“We just found out one way to save people who get Hanahaki Disease.”

“*le gasp :O”



“Do you promise to tell me if you have any issues in the future? Even on your deathbed?”



*Epic Narrator Voice 2: Electric Boogaloo* So that is where this story ends. For now... You actually got this far? hOw? Not even I have the guts to read this story. And I’m the one who wrote it. The start of it sucks. That’s all I have to say for this.

             The End


Want to see more art? Head over to this story on Wattpad! I will try and upload frequently. :)

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Update Log 3 : 07/15/2020 2:30:11 pmJul 15th, 2020

Put a link to this book on Wattpad. It's also a link to the artbook for this story...

It's at the bottom of this page btw.

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12/10/2020 3:27 pm
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It would be..so incredible...if...you...MADE THIS INTO AN ANIMATION! :OOOOO
12/11/2020 6:35 pm
Level 48 : Master Creeper Hugger
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07/11/2020 8:40 am
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But like. What happened to the book? Did he just drop it or did he steal it and run away?
07/11/2020 3:59 pm
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Maybe he stole the book, then went to the airport with it and put it into someone's luggage for a flight to Vietnam.
08/05/2020 6:26 am
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07/11/2020 8:43 am
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Like I said. You will be left with many questions. ;)
07/11/2020 7:00 am
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StuntPlayZYT avatar
Bruh wth is hanika disease
07/11/2020 8:20 am
Level 48 : Master Creeper Hugger
Creative_Kylee avatar
Hanahaki Disease is a fictional disease where the victim of unrequited or one-sided love begins to vomit or cough up the petals and flowers of a flowering plant growing in their lungs, which will eventually grow large enough to render breathing impossible if left untreated. There is no set time for how long this disease lasts but it may last from 2 weeks to 3 months until the victim dies unless the feelings are returned or the plants are surgically removed. There is also no set flower that blooms in the lungs but it may be the enamoured favourite flower or favourite colour. Hanahaki can be cured through surgical removal of the plants' roots, but this excision also has the effect of removing the patient's capacity for romantic love. It may also erase the patient’s feelings for and memories of the enamoured. It can also be cured by the reciprocation of the victim's feelings. These feelings cannot be feelings of friendship but must be feelings of genuine love. The victim may also develop Hanahaki Disease if they believe the love to be one-sided but once the enamoured returns the feelings, they will be cured.

There is also a part in the story where it explains it a little bit. Or you can learn it in simple words by clicking here :)

Information gathered from here
07/11/2020 9:58 am
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thats the most reliable source on the internet lol
07/11/2020 8:18 am
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fictional disease about vomiting flowers if you
read an article I dont want to explain it
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