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Your (Minecraft) skin looks nice. 🙃
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    Transparent spongebob squarepants GIF on GIFER - by Windworm
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  • About Creative_Kylee

    You can just call me Kylee
    If you don't know how to pronounce it, here is a nifty little link:
    How to Pronounce "Creative_Kylee"
    by Domolas

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    Sexuality: Lesbian

    Age: 13 14 15 16 17
    Birthday: October 10th
    Nationality: American
    Favorite Color: Red
    Alts: Your Female Dad and -No-But-Yes-
    Siblings and Stuff:
    Twin IRL: dennnysresturante
    Younger Sister: Booposis

    Cousin: Aizawaintranimg2
    PMC Sister: Spongie


    Fun Facts About Me
    - I can sing the alphabet backwards

    - I've memorized the entirety of the Cuss Word Song by Rusty Cage
    - I enjoy writing poems
    - Snapchat is the only social media I've never used or downloaded


    My Persona Skin
    [​Collection of persona skins/fanskins made for me]
    Persona in art form:

    Event Persona Outfits
    Valentine's Day 💕


    St. Patrick's Day 🍀

    Halloween 🎃
    [​In Progress]

    Dia de Los Muertos 🌼

    Thanksgiving 🦃
    [​In Progress]

    Previous Persona

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    I Support Creative_Kylee
    by ZappyGru
    (Support Stamp Museum)
    [ August 2023 ]

    Creative_Kylee As A Cat
    by -Wolfix-
    (-Wolfix-'s Art Blog)
    [ May 2023 ]

    Creative_Kylee Roblox Man Face
    by Spongie
    (Guest Book Post)
    [ November 2022 ]

    creative_kylee || fanart
    by shelleyduvall
    (Blog Post)
    [ July 2021 ]

    Suited Creative_Kylee (Picrew)
    by Crois
    (L社ブランドのお肉メーカー Picrew by 556(kokoro))
    [ July 2021 ]

    Cute Creative_Kylee Fanart!
    by @zanderflugule
    (Instagram Post)
    [ June 2021 ]

    Creative_Kylee Request
    by CactiFern
    (Forum Thread)
    [ February 2021 ]

    Creative_Kylee Birthday Fanart!
    by RystaButAteASock
    Creative_Kylee Birthday Fanart
    (No Image Location)
    [ October 2020 ]

    PMC Memes (2)

    Wait. It's all Planet Minecraft?
    by Creative_Kylee
    (Wall Post)
    [ August 2020 ]

    *Le Me waiting for a Planet Minecraft notification
    by Creative_Kylee
    (No Image Location)
    [ July 2020 ]

    (Feel free to submit some PMC memes if you have any)

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    Discord: Creative_Kylee#8632

    Comrades Over at PMC
    Poem by Creative_Kylee

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue.
    I am a skinner,
    It's just what I do.

    But some people forget,
    The world is rotating.
    This doesn't make me upset,
    It's just a little frustrating.

    I have an idea!
    Follow me if you will.
    Look at that skin shading!
    Oh, what a thrill.

    We'll go on an exciting journey,
    followed with love and support.
    But if you are not worthy,
    I shall take you to court!

    The judge will tell us,
    that I may be wrong.
    But that could mean,
    We'll keep this going all year long!

    After court, I shall be excited.
    We will clap our hands in joy,
    for our friendship has been re-ignited.
    Wait, was this just a ploy?

    I think not,
    for our friendship has no end!
    This boat is out in the sea
    where we may never be seen again.

    But don't you fret,
    for our journey is not over just yet.
    Our friends on Planet Minecraft,
    have come back to save us once again.

    Don't feel lost while we head back to shore.
    4 million members,
    and we're planning on even more!

    Just one last thing,
    before you go.
    I just want you to rethink,
    the decision to stay.

    I know it's a lot to ask,
    But please just listen.
    You have one last task,
    Only one last mission.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I gave PMC a chance,
    And so should you.

    We'll stay together,
    and meet new friends.
    Just you and me,
    and our Comrades Over at PMC.

    Here is the transparent PMC logo for my own future reference, but you can use it if you want.

    You scrolled this far. Now go back up


    ⣿ ⣿⣿⣿⣿⠗⠄⠄⠄⠄⣿⣿

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  • Forum Thread


    This is a forum about all the news on PMC! Welcome back to the Press once again!

    You can go back to the old ≗∴THE PMC PRESS∴≗ if you want to see how this all started....

    on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    Reporters and Crew Members
    You can also join, but imma need to see a résumé and which of these categories you want to be apart of. You have to choose any below "Top Reporters" because you can only work your way up to that one.

    Head Executive

    Top Reporters

    Assistant Reporters


    Unreliable Informants

    Pigman Defense Attorney

    Moral Support


    Secret Eyewitness's

    The Janitor

    The Guy with the Best Suit

    I just don't want this to get to long :)

    The Unpaid Intern Who Keeps Stealing the Coffee Maker

    The Dragon that Makes Theories Every Saturday

    The Legendary Pokemon Spy

    The Spicy Tiger Detective with Deodorant

    The Comedic Relief

    The Unpaid Low Life who Lives Under RystaButAteASock's Desk
    Pixelgon (Bootleg Shrek)

    If you have any questions, please contact some of our members, or the head executive. You could also just ask them in the comments.

    ꧁Ongoing Contests꧂
    Hurry and join before it's to late!

    Mob Contests

    Reshade Contests
    Lemilas's HD Skin Remake ContestLemilasWednesday, August 30th
    StrawberryMelon Re-ShadekappuccinoSaturday, September 5th
    Core Knights Reshade ContestStaticNCogsWednesday, September 16th

    Art Contests

    Themed Contests
    🎡Wheel Contest🎡- Themed Skin ContestcandayWednesday, August 26th

    Building Contests
    Earthpack Build ContestWackyEarth¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Writing Contests

    If you know of any contests, please tell us. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you would like to see more of the contests on PMC you can go to the Community Event Calendar!
    That one is way better arranged than this little one.

    Vol. 1
    The Press Has Returned?!
    That's right folks! The PMC PRESS has risen once again! We will be better than ever before. With new reporters and this wonderful art piece, we will uncover the secrets and mysteries that lie deep beneath the surface just waiting to be revealed to the world! You will get all the latest information about contests, people, blogs, events, and much more! Long live the PRESS!

    Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    Vol. 2
    Is chickenpants93 the PMCGrandma?
    This is something that many people have discussed with one another, but that may not be the case. One of our top reporters have the answer for you! RystaButAteASock has dove deep into Planet Minecraft and she may have just uncovered the answers we were looking for!

    Here is all of our evidence
    Our first bit of evidence:

    As you can see here. They have quite a difference in shading styles.
    Purple = PMCGrandma --- Yellow = chickenpants

    Evidence 2:

    The red circles represent Steve Models and the ones without circles are Alex Models. This shows that chickenpants only uses Steve Models, but the PMCGrandma has only used one Steve Model.

    Our final bit of evidence:

    The PMCGrandma has many decorations and chickenpants doesn't. On his alt accounts, there is indeed a little bit, but they're all Undertale related. It does not match the style of the PMCGrandma at all.

    It looks like this case has been PMC PRESSED! Thank you for this evidence RystaButAteASock!

    Most of this article was written by RystaButAteASock
    Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

    Vol. 3
    The PMCGrandma's True Identity?!
    That's right folks! You heard it here! chickenpants93 may have just uncovered the mystery! He describes all the details and info that truely unlocks the secret to who the PMCGrandma really is!
    The Information Gathered
    Grandparents, often considered to be the kindest of humanity.

    As any member of PMC knows, one of the kindest grandparents in the world are known simply as PMCGrandma. Yet recently, this sweet old lady revealed a secret this reporter has suspected for months now, that PMCGrandma is the alt account of another fellow PMC member!

    Today we hope to get closer to discovering the identity of PMC’s most beloved boomer, once and for all.

    We here at the PMC press have seen many names floating around as to who the PMCGrandma really is, but this is a list of the 5 main suspects: (Not necessarily in order)

    - chickenpants93
    - Brick
    - anonpmc2713049
    - Vezriya
    - Whiteout-

    A few of these names can be knocked off right away by one clue that PMCGrandma has admitted to herself,

    1. PMCGrandma attended JadeFire170's PMCProm

    This removes a few suspects due to the fact that not only did anonpmc2713049 not attend (although we hear there was a scale replica of him built) but Vezriya does not own the Java Edition of Minecraft, which the Prom was hosted on.

    The second fact we know for sure is that

    2. chickenpants93 is not PMCgrandma

    We know this because while he is extremely capable of fulfilling the role, and probably could do it much better, thank you very much, but he has been confirmed not only by a former PMC Press article written by our top reporter RystaButAteASock, but by the lad himself to be innocent of being a sweet old lady.

    So this leaves two suspects!

    - Brick
    - Whiteout-

    Lets start with Whiteout- shall we?

    Whiteout- has a remarkably similar shading style and aesthetic to our beloved PMCGrandma, as well as a similar type of speech. (Type? Text?)

    However there is one flaw in this, Whiteout- was reported by eye witnesses to be in a different room at the time PMCGrandma left her note claiming to have been there. In fact, the person who received the note confirms this fact.

    This leaves one suspect, Brick!. Does he fit the facts?

    Well believe it or not loyal reader, he does! Not only was he at the prom, he was also there at the time both notes were left! He is commonly known as a bit of a jokester and everyone agrees he is the type to pull such a hoax, for example, he once convinced his followers to spam Cyprezz with the phrase “Cool, but haven’t you heard?” a phrase Cyprezz adopted in his latest wall post.

    The PMCGrandma also did not subscribe to Brick until later on, which is odd, when you consider the first comment on her introduction forum was a comment encouraging her to sub to him. And Brick subbed to her around that same time.

    So what do you think reader? Do you know of someone who better fits the facts? Let us know! I'm Sans Undertale and this has been another edition of the PMC Press!

    Article Written by chickenpants93
    Published on Thursday, June 11, 2020

    Vol. 4
    No More Suspects?
    The suspect list has been crossed of by none other than WaffleBear. The last person we had was Brick, but recent events tell us that Brick is in fact NOT the PMCGrandma!
    Here is why
    I have evidence proving that Brick isn't PMCGrandma.
    First of all, you may know that Brick has a Scratch account, several Scratch accounts that is, and all under the same email.
    We know that they are all under the same email because Brick once made a wall post saying and I quote "I want my main Scratch account for games and stuff and a second account for top 10's and stories and stuff like that".

    But I've actually made so many troll accounts that have gotten banned. I think my email is banned from being used on Scratch.

    Seriously, if I had kept count, I could be the creator of over 100 troll/hidden alt accounts. No exaggeration.

    Yeah I have no life...

    Now focus in on "I think my email is banned from being used on Scratch." For those of you who don't know: on Scratch you can use the same email address to make as many accounts as you want. This I believe proves that Brick has only one email address.

    However if you try making another account with the same email on PMC it will tell you that the email is already in use.
    I think this shows that our prime suspect is indeed NOT PMCGrandma.

    First of all personality: PMCGrandma as we all know is our wholesome grandma that everyone loves. All of their wall posts include nice, kind messages like "hello sweeties" or "welcome dears" Whereas Brick's wall posts all include random memes and links to random youtube videos. And yes I know, PMCGrandma did post a meme in a wall post but that was only once and it still had that wholesome grandma talk.

    Second: Let's take a quick look at the style of their skins: PMCGrandma's shading style is a pretty and detailed one. One that Brick has never used. In fact, if you take a look at Brick's submissions you'll notice that out of the 52 of them only a few have shading. And still, in those very few the shading style is COMPLETELY different.

    So in conclusion I think it's safe to cross Brick off the list of suspects.

    Article Written by WaffleBear
    Published on Saturday, June 13, 2020

    Vol. 5
    The PMC Family Reunion
    Drama is starting to heave ho as the PMC family continues to grow! Now there are more members to this "PMC family". It all started with the PMCGrandma, but soon after our articles that were trying to uncover this sweet old ladies identity, new people appeared to join in this drama! Next to join the party was the BIWS_ALT, then the PMC_Auntie. Now there's also a anonpmc3105035 and a doubles_alt-72. Who's next?! Will there be more, or is this the end?! Why are there more people anyways?? So many questions, but they'll have to wait! Join us in the next volume of THE PMC PRESS!

    Published on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

    Vol. 6
    The Boy and the Shard
    Yes dear reader, today we see something to guide us away from the chaos for a little bit of time. Here is a story made by Fqsh, who is one of our assistant reporters. This is the story about the Boy and the Shard. Let's get on to reading. Shall we?

    The Boy and the Shard
    It was a rainy night at the small plant city of Greendo. There were only four people in Greendo, wearing black coats and darting around Greendos’ streets like mice, searching for the Green Temple which held the Green Shard. “Sir, I think I’ve found the Green temple,” a man said, pointing at a small, green temple with a Green Shard in the center of it. “Ah yes. That is the Green temple. Go steal that Green Shard and hand it to me.” Another man said. One of the men quickly ran toward the temple and grabbed the shard. He gave the shard to the man that gave the orders. Together, the four men ran to the port of Greendo, where a red airship awaited them. The four men scrambled up the airship, with one of the men clutching the Green Shard in his hands.

    Jak woke up in the morning, feeling like something bad had happened to his city that he lived in yesterday night, Greendo. It must have been a dream. Jak thought. He went out of his bedroom, where he saw his pet robot dog, Dog, waiting for him. “Good dog, Dog.” Jak said, as he poured some batteries into dog’s food bowl. Dog chewed the batteries with his razor sharp teeth, and barked after he was done eating. “I’ll be gone for a little while okay Dog.” Jak told Dog. Without saying another word, Jak opened the door of his house and headed outside.

    However, when Jak got outside, Jak noticed that Greendo was darker than before. Trees had burnt down, grass had turned into ash, and there were also a few buildings torn up. I wonder what caused this. Jak thought, looking at this eerie city, which had once been where he lived. Jak decided to walk around Greendo, looking for clues that caused Greendo to turn darker. After walking by shops, houses, and markets, Jak came upon a Green temple. Hmmm…. I wonder why this temple is looking different. Jak thought. Jak started to investigate the Green Temple, until he noticed that the box which held the Green shard was empty! That’s why Greendo turned darker! Greendo was green since it was powered by this shard! Jak thought. I must retrieve the Green shard from the evil person who stole it! Jak thought of a plan, which was to team up with his three friends, and retrieve the Green Shard from the person who stole it.

    After thinking of this plan, Jak walked down the streets of Greendo, until he saw a rusty warehouse that had two large doors. Jak opened the doors of the warehouse, and went inside it. Inside the warehouse was a vast, yellow hot air balloon that had golden letters printed on it, and said Lighting King. On the side of the hot air balloon were two boys, each carrying a bucket of yellow paint to paint the Lighting King. “Hello Mek and Bill.” said Jak. “Hello Jak. Why are you here?” asked Mek. “I was thinking if we could fly the Lighting King and try to search for the Green Shard, so Greendo could stop being dark. You know what I mean?” said Jak. “Yeah. That sounds like a great idea! I really wish Greendo could be green again.” answered Bill, holding a paintbrush while painting the hot air balloon. “How about let’s take off now?” asked Jak. “Okay Jak! Jump inside the hot air balloon!” exclaimed Mek. Jak went inside the Lighting King with Bill and Mek. Mek turned on the burners, and the Lighting King took off into the sky, flying higher and higher from Greendo, until Greendo was the size of a dot.

    A few hours later, after they took off, night started to fall. “Hey Mek, what are we eating for dinner? I’m very famished.” said Jak, looking at the sky. “Oh yeah! I almost forgot about dinner. Here. Have some ham sandwiches.” said Mek, opening a weaved box and grabbing out three sandwiches. “Thanks for the food!” said Jak, eating very fast until he finished his sandwich. “Goodnight Bill and Mek.” said Jak, as he lay down on the floor of the Lighting King.

    Jak woke up first in the morning, unaware that he was inside a hot air balloon. Whoa! I’m in the sky! Jak thought, standing up and looking at the clouds. Oh yeah. I’m on a hot air balloon. I wonder what’s that red dot over there. Jak thought again, looking at a small red dot flying in the sky. “Wait! That’s the shard robber’s airship! We’ve found it! Yay!” Jak exclaimed, waking up Bill and Mek. “The what?” said Bill and Mek in awe. “The Shard robber’s airship! We’ve found it! Now let’s get inside that airship and retrieve the Green Shard!” said Jak, pointing at the red dot. “Quick! Bill! Turn on the burners at full blast!” said Mek. “Okay.” said Bill, turning the burn level to ten. A few hours later, Jak could see that the red airship was very close to their hot air balloon. Jak could also see that the airship had k.t.b.r.i.h Kizer the best robber in history printed on it. “Okay. I think it’s time to sneak inside the airship.” said Jak, pointing at a rope ladder. “Okay Jak!” said Mek, grabbing the rope ladder. “Now let’s toss this rope ladder to that hatch on the bottom of the airship.” said Mek again, tossing the rope ladder to a small, metal hatch on the bottom of Kizer’s airship. The rope ladder stuck onto the hatch, as though it was glue onto the hatch. “Yes! The rope ladder stuck onto the airship! Now let’s sneak inside the airship and retrieve the Green Shard!” exclaimed Bill. The three boys climbed on the rope ladder at once, not making a single sound, like three ninjas. Jak pulled open the metal hatch, and the three boys climbed inside Kizer’s airship.

    Inside the red airship, there stood an evil man wearing a red coat, with a large, golden K on it. The man was also holding the Green Shard in his hands, looking at the three boys suspiciously. “Well well well. Looks like there’s three robbers aboard my ship, trying to steal the Green Shard.” said Kizer in an evil voice. “Get them Jen and Jeb! Now!” shouted Kizer. Two other kids charged at the three boys head first, at a fast speed like two bulls in a rodeo. “Quick! Jump over those kids!” Jak shouted at the boys as he jumped over Jen and Jeb when they were about to hit them with their heads, causing Jen and Jeb to hit the wall behind the three boys. “Ouch! Ouch! My head! Sorry master! These kids are too good for us!” Jeb said, rubbing his broken head. Meanwhile, Bill and Mek ran towards Kizer, aiming at grabbing the Green Shard. “How dare you rob me robber!” Kizer said furiously, tucking the Green Shard under his pocket. “Look, Kizer! There’s a bird in the sky!” shouted Bill, pointing at the roof of the airship. “Huh? What bird? I don’t see any birds in the sky.” said Kizer, staring up at the sky. Just about then, Jak plunged toward Kizer’s pocket, and grabbed the Green Shard. “Bill and Mek! Quick! We have to get back into the hot air balloon!” shouted Jak. “Okay Jak!” Bill and Mek said back, running towards the hatch of the airship. “Wait what?! Why am I turning into green powder?” Jak said in awe, as his body and the Green shard started to turn into green powder. “Same here! Nooo! I’m turning into green powder!” Mek shouted back. A few seconds later, the whole airship and everything inside it started to designagrated into green powder, like sand. “Ahh! My body is green powder!” said Kizer, looking at what used to be his body. “At least we got the shard!” said Jak, when all that was left of his body was his head. “Yeah! Thanks Jak for making this plan! Goodbye Jak!” said Bill, as his whole body turned into powder.

    However, the green powder drifted along the sky, like a magical carpet, passing along mountains and forests. Soon, the Green powder drifted down to Greendo, coating Greendo with green powder. A few minutes later, plants and trees started to grow back at Greendo, at where the powder was, making Greendo to thrive with more greenery ever than before, thanks to the boy Jak, and the Shard.

    Story Written by Fqsh
    Published on Thursday, June 18, 2020

    Vol. 7
    Interview with PMC_Auntie

    CreeperKid_ has had the chance of a lifetime! He has had an interview with none other than the PMC_Auntie! Here is how it went...
    The Interview
    ( PMC_Auntie = Gray --- CreeperKid_ = Green )

    Question 1: Who are you?

    Your auntie of course! Also, just a high leveled PMCer

    Question 2: What are your feelings about the PMCFamily?

    Don't like them. It was funny with just 2, but now there's too many.

    Question 3: Is this a secret Canadian army?

    I'll only let canadians in if they buy me cigs.

    Question 4: Do you like waffles (to eat)?

    Only with cigs.

    Question 5: Feelings about pancakes?

    I like them with cigs.

    Question 6: Who is your best friend on PMC?

    Myself (But Kirigiri is quite nice)

    Question 7: What is your favorite fishing company?

    I don't have one. To focused on cigs.

    Question 8: Thoughts on technology?

    I like it. Roombas sure are handy for cig ash.

    Question 9: Am I a good reporter/solo press/eyewitness/waffle that can go boom and is green?


    Question 10: I will not be talking to you again. Thoughts?

    I honestly don't care, but thanks for the questions hun. (:

    Thank you for the inside report CreeperKid_!

    Questions Written by CreeperKid_
    Published on Sunday, June 20, 2020

    Vol. 8
    Are the PMCFamily One Person?!

    We have got some very interesting intel from one of our spies reporters! Here is the information LugiaGal- has brought to our attention!

    The Information

    If some of you have been wondering if the whole PMC family is one person? it is possible, because one person can have more than one email at a time. I will show some evidence that might show it can be one person.

    For starters, most family members have close times on being active for separate people.

    And if you look closely you can see PMC_Auntie and BIWS_ALT have similar typing and talking southern.
    And most of them are only lvl one, and the ones that aren't are offering to make things for people's Minecraft skins, like Grandma and Auntie.

    I have questioned them and will report the answers when they come!
    Also I will try to find more evidence!

    - LugiaGal-

    Article Written by LugiaGal-
    Published on Saturday, June 21, 2020

    Vol. 9
    The PMCFamily's True Identities!
    Ladies an gentlemen we here at the PMC Press have covered the PMCFamily for most of our run, but today we are here to end it all.
    That’s right everyone! We've done the research and this case has been cracked.
    Unfortunately, the person who got us this information has chosen to remain anonymous, but I'm sure you’ll find our gatherings are correct, and you can be sure this is a very reliable source.
    so once and for all,
    PMCGrandma is……
    But that’s not all folks, PMC_Auntie is also Marma!
    And for one more little fun fact, the copycat PMC_Dog is GoggleD0GG. Don’t give them any subs for this, please.
    But congratulations PMCFamily! You had a good run, so tell us, were we right? Do you readers agree with our findings? Let us know! I'm chickenpants93 and this has been another issue of PMC Press!

    Article Written by chickenpants93
    Published on Tuesday, June 23, 2020

    Vol. 10
    Interview with Kevintales
    I have had the chance to have an interview with the one and only Kevintales! You will get to see more information about why our beloved friend Pixelstories had to leave PMC. Most of us know that it was because of his age, but read it anyways. I promise you will not be dissapointed!
    The Interview
    ( Kevintales = Blue --- Creative_Kylee = Red )

    Question 1: Who was Pixelstories?

    Pixelstories was a semi-famous skinner and member of top notch. He was also the owner of the minecraft times. He had his account locked a few days ago and is moving to Skindex to continue his skinning journey. Also, he is my brother.

    Question 2: Will he ever come back to PMC?

    Yes, his account is locked until he turns 13. Which will be around 1 year and 9 months, he's currently calls the 2 years, "A time for practice." So there's no doubt that he will come back better than ever!

    Question 3: Does he still get to visit PMC? Or will he stay out for the next year?

    He still gets to visit PMC without an account from time to time. They didn't lock everything for him. So, can still watch the daily actions of Planet Minecraft!

    Question 4: What will Pixelstories do when he comes back?

    I'm not completely sure, but chances are he will keep doing skins as usual. Though that's only a guess.

    Question 5: How did Pixelstories get into skin making?

    Well, It was from three YouTubers: ElvenJedi (elfie_), Zombeanie (Beanie), and Lxnacorn (Lxnacorn). Their timelapses inspired Pixelstories onto PMC, where he started his skinning journey!

    Question 6: Was Pixelstories surprised when he got banned?

    At first he was surprised and scared. He wanted to know if his levels were going to be gone, his skins, and all of his PMC progress! Pixel was relieved to hear that it will all stay.

    Okay. Last question. This is the most important one of all.

    If you were transported 400 years into the past with no clothes or anything else, how would you prove that you were from the future?

    I would try to do things that people haven't done yet. Like making food from today and give it to the people there. If that doesn't work, I'll try to build (Or try to make a basic example) of a new invention, like a computer. If that still doesn't work, I would try my last option. I would show them tricks that were non-existent then; Tricks for cooking, building and etc.

    Questions Written by Creative_Kylee
    Published on Friday, June 26, 2020

    Vol. 11
    The PMCTale!
    Here is some information we have received about something called the "PMCTale". It was created by chickenpants93 and the reporter RystaButAteASock has had an interview with him about it.
    Here is the interview
    ( chickenpants93 = Yellow --- RystaButAteASock = #69ccad)

    Question 1: What is PMCTale?

    PMCTale is a comic lightly based on the video game UnderTale, except it has people from PMC and a slightly different plot!

    Question 2: Why did you make PMCtale and what plan do you have for the direction its going?

    Well I decided to create PMCTale because I thought it would be cool to have an AU(Alternate Universe) with folks around here!

    Question 3: At the moment, who are the people in PMCtale and what should we expect from them that is different from UnderTale?

    So far in the story there is

    BlueoDoesStuffas Frisk

    Myself as Flowey

    Whiteout-as Toriel

    and coming soon is

    soulblqdeas Napstablook

    Sinus Productionsas Papyrus

    and-Evieas Sans!

    as far as differences go right off the bat Whiteout- is a lot less motherly than her undertale counterpart, (sorry Whiteout- XD)

    Question 4: Do you still need more people for PMCTale to work, or do you have everyone you need?

    Well I can list a few names! And if anyone reading this wants in just @ me!

    We still need (in order of importance):

      1. Alphys (scientist!)

      2. Monster Kid (just a lad!)

      3. Grillby (greasy food!)

      4. Burgerpants (wasted his entire life at 19!)

      5. Bob (bob!)

    and that's all I can think of for now.

    Question 5: When should we expect another comic?


    I plead the fifth.

    Question 6: If you could put PMCTale into a category (AU, RP, ect.) what would it be in? Does it even have a category?

    Its kinda an AU

    It's more of my way of fitting the lore of PMC into something that makes actual sense lol

    Question 7. How long do you expect PMCtale to go on for?

    I don't plan on stopping till it's over!

    So yeah I'm gonna be doing this a while.

    Probably several years...

    Question 8: How did you come up with PMCtale?

    Well once I had the idea, it was simple! When I wanted to figure out who was who, I just asked the wonderful PMC community!

    And they got right on it!

    Question 9: How much like Undertale will PMCtale be?

    It is very loosely based off of it, so while a few plot points are similar, (mostly part of the ending) it is different enough to feel completely fresh!

    Last but not least…

     Are you gonna make sourdough?

    My answer is...

    Published on Saturday, July 11, 2020

    The Music Club!
    There is now something called ♫ The Music Club ♫! It's a place to celebrate the love of music and culture! It was created by the lovely dandelionss. You can join as a singer, DJ, any instrument player, and much more! So head on down to the music club to express your love of music to the world! Join ♫ The Music Club ♫ today!
    Posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2020

    Five Nights at PMC Pizza
    Welcome to Five Nights at PMC Pizza! Created by CreeperKid_. The story will be interesting to see. It has adventure and excitement, but what makes it stand out is that it will have people from PMC as the roles! More roles will be added in the future as the story goes on. Chapter one is done and it should definitely be checked out! Head on down to the PMC pizza!
    Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2020

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