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The Exploration of the City

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avatar LemilasTheElf
Level 40 : Master Archer
  This is a sequel to The Submerged City. If you haven't read that yet, you should in order to be able to understand this.

  Arhalas stood by the shore of the ocean. Below him, he could see the vast ruins of Kyrnos, submerged beneath the water's edge. He signaled to the other adventurers with him. It was time to begin exploring.
  Each adventurer drank a potion of water breathing, and they started to search the ancient ruins. They all had weapons with them as well, knowing that underwater enemies were always a possibility. The twelve explorers divided into groups of three and went to different parts of the city.

  Arhalas went with Trethan and another guild member named Selroth. They began to search the northeast section of the city. They explored several buildings and found an ample amount of treasure, as well as some useful everyday items. As they examined the buildings, it became clear that this was the part of the city that once had the market, as well as docks for ships to use. That way, the resources and supplies brought by trade ships could be easily brought to where they could be sold.

  Every so often, the group would run out of water breathing potions. When this happened, they would return to the shore, where plenty of potions were left for resupplying. They would also deposit whatever items they had collected so they could collect more when they went back. Sometimes they would encounter another group from a different part of the city, and they would discuss their findings.

  Kyrnos was a large city, so the adventurers took two days to explore it. On the afternoon of the second day, Arhalas and his two companions were exploring a large storehouse by the docks when they began to hear noises. They stopped and listened. The noises sounded like drowneds! The three adventurers drew their swords. Then, they carefully swam out of the building.

  As they looked around, they saw a group of five drowneds swimming nearby. The explorers took note of their location and came up with a plan. Using the city's buildings as cover, they came as close to the enemies as they could. Then, when the time was right, they suddenly darted out from behind a building and attacked the drowneds. Caught unaware, the enemies struggled to fight back. Arhalas quickly defeated one and turned to another. This second one had a trident, which it quickly threw towards him. Arhalas tried to dodge out of the way, but the trident caught him on the arm. But he still managed to swim forward and defeat the drowned. He looked around, but there were no enemies left. Trethan had slain two, and Selroth managed to kill one as well.

  "Are you wounded?" Trethan asked.

  "Not severely," Arhalas replied. "Besides, I came prepared." He took out a potion of healing that he had and drank it. "Are you two uninjured?"

  "Yes, we're unhurt," Selroth answered. "Looks like our plan worked well."

  "It certainly did," Arhalas said. "Well, it looks like it's about time we went ashore for the day. We'd best be getting back. This will be an interesting tale to share with the others."

  The twelve adventurers gathered that evening to eat and discuss their findings and plans for the next day. Arhalas told about their encounter with the drowneds and found out that another group had fought with three of them that day as well. Arhalas wondered if there were more. Were the enemies seeking them, or did they just happen to be in the same place?

  After the adventures of that day, there still was more of the city to explore, but the guild had run out of water breathing potions. They returned to Sylnos with the items they found, prepared more potions, and got ready to return to the underwater city.

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